Thursday, 27 July 2017

Narendra Jha: The Indomitable Actor of Bollywood

Narendra Jha is an Indian actor. It has acted in many serials and films. It is Hari Om Bapji in the Havan, we have taken the oath in ACP Karanvir, the title character in the Draft of Baghdad, and besides this he has worked in the serial of Captain House, Jai Hanuman Amrapali Ravan. He is known for his memorable rolein Haider.

• Havan - Hari Om Bapji
• We have taken oath - ACP Karanveer
• Captain House
•          Jai Hanuman
• Amrapali (Television)
• Ravan (2006) (Zee TV)

• Haider (King Hamlet)
• Raeess (Moses brother)
• KABIL (Choubey Jee Police Inspector)
• Ghayal Once Again (Raj Bansal Negative Roll)
• Narendra Jha is a full-length film actor and TV artist. Narendra Jha is recognized by the name of Hari Om Om Bapji on the small screen.

• Narendra Jha was born in Koilakh of Madhubani district of Bihar.

• Narendra Jha completed his studies from Patna After this, he trained Barikiyoon acting from the National School of Drama of Delhi.

• Narendra Jai ​​started his career in the beginning of 2002 in Doordarshan's show Amrapali. After that he worked in the finest of small screen.

In his recent films like Ghayal Once Again, Raees, Kabil, etc. he has shown his mettle.

All that you may want to know about the Bigg Boss Tamil

Big Boss Tamil has come into troubled water as the ring-wing Hindu Makkal Katchi group, that called for Kamal Haasan’s arrest for tarnishing Tamil culture.

Until now 4 contestants have been evicted with Bharani being latest to be ousted. Ganesh Venkatram is the new captain. The remaining candidates are Vaiyapuri, Gayathri, Raiza, Snehan, Oviya, Harathi, Aarar, Juliana, Ganesh, Sakthi, Namitha. Out of the remaining - Julie, Harathi, Vaiyapuri and Oviya are up for elimination this week.

Star Vijay’s Bigg Boss Tamil is one of the most famous reality shows that is being aired these days. The show is being aired from 9 pm to 10:30 on weekdays and from 8:30 pm onwards on Weekends. This is the show that makes the Tamil-speaking audience remain glued to the idiot box. There are a number of facts and newsworthy events related to this show that help it be in the limelight. The watchers of this show always seem to be inquisitive to remain updated with the latest happenings of the Big Boss House. Given below are some of the must-know this about this mega event:

Ø Participation of more than a dozen celebrities: As many as 15 Celebrities have participated in the Season 1 of Bigg Boss Tamil. Importantly, their personality traits are to be uncovered because there is a common perception that nothing remains secret to a personality that enters in Big Boss.

Ø More than 2 dozens cameras and mikes:There are around 30 cameras and mikes installed everywhere (except washrooms) in the Bigg Boss House. And hence what is guaranteed is some never-seen-before unadulterated drama.

Ø 3.4 million impressions: If the statistics of the Broadcast Audience Research Council (BARC) is to be believed, Bigg Boss Tamil garnered 3.4 million impressions on its first day of launch and the current viewership is 3.6 million impressions on an average.

Ø Perfect platform for Kamal Haasan’s small screen debut: Bigg Boss Tamil has provided the perfect platform for superstar Kamal Haasan’s debut on the small screen. Kamal had gleefully accepted to host the reality show when  Star Vijay had approached him.

Ø Landed in Controversy: with ring-wing Hindu Makkal Katchi group, that called for Kamal Haasan’s arrest for tarnishing Tamil Image, the show has landed in troubled waters.

Ø The Bigg Boss house equipped to survive for 100 days:

The houses of the Big Boss are well-equipped to stay for 100 days. It has a beautiful living room, two bedrooms, kitchen, store room, 4 washrooms, smoking area, activity area and the confession room. But, importantly, there is no TV, Telephone, Internet, Clock, Pen or Paper, etc. there. Therefore, the inmates here remain totally disconnected to the outside world.

Ø Tamil, Tamil and only Tamil: The inmates are not supposed to talk in any other language except (தமிழ்). And this is of course one of the most important reasons why this show is in the heart of all Tamils.

Wednesday, 26 July 2017

The Story about Naag Panchami

Nag Pooja is prevalent in our country since ancient times. While highlighting the history of this festival in Varah Puran, it has been said that Brahma, on the day of Naag Panchami, had sanctified Sheshnag with his offerings. Shivaji wears the snake charmers, Lord Vishnu sleeps on Lord Sheshnag, therefore, the Naag Panchami festival is celebrated for Shukran Panchami of Shravan month every year for their worship.

Nagakatha in the Puranas: The stories of the Mahabharata reveal that Nag was a caste of India which used to struggle with the Aryans. The Astik sage tried very hard to create harmony between the Aryans and the serpents. They also succeeded in their work. The two were tied in each other's love threads. Even the marital relations started to happen. Thus the endless struggle ended. The name of the sage is still taken for the liberation of the serpent fear.

Serpent mantras specially use the name of the Astik , often. It also indicates that there is an interpersonal relationship between the Nag caste and the serpent reader Nag. It is also famous that Patanjali was the incarnation of the legendary grammar Patanjali Sheshnag. There is a Nagakup in Varanasi where even now there is a tradition of scholarship in Vaiyanakan scholars on the day of Nag Panchami.

Nag Panchami in the rainy season: There are also solid reasons behind celebrating Nag Panchami in the rainy season. Actually, the snakes come out after water is flooded in bills in the rainy season. They come and hide in residential areas, roads, farms, gardens and clusters in search of shelter. In such a way, we all are frightened by seeing them. However the truth is that as much as humans are afraid of snakes, they are also afraid of humans. They do not attack without being hurt or tarnished. In such a way, they do not cause any harm to us, for this, the practice of pleasing them is natural.

Tradition of Nag Pooja: Nag Pooja is prevalent in our country from ancient times. While highlighting the history of this festival in Varah Puran, it has been said that Brahma, on the day of the present day, had sanctified Sheshnag with his offerings. In addition to doing invaluable service in the form of earth holding by them, there are other important functions of Nag Jatis. Vaasuki Nag's rope was made at the time of sea churning. This is the reason that even the names of the serpents have been greeted in Vedas. Yajurveda has written:

In Agni Purana, 80 clans of Nagas are mentioned. Among them nine are the chief. There is also a reference to the memory of their names:

Nag Pooja: Proof of respect for serpents has been obtained in many places. In South India, Nag is an extremely ancient giant statue. Even in the caves of Ajanta, the pictures of the unprovoked remains. In Malabar, some land has been left out for serpents called 'Nagaan'. Naga people in Nagaland, in the eastern region of India, call themselves children of snakes. In the ancient texts, there is the description of the serpent. Since ancient times, snakes are found in Greek and Egyptian temples. There is also a Nag temple in Beijing's capital Beijing. Snake worship is common in many countries like Norway, Sweden, and Africa.

Doval Reaches China amidst the stalemate with China over Doklam

India's National Security Adviser Ajit Doval is reaching Beijing on Thursday, amidst the stalemate with China over the Doklam. This visit to Doval is for the BRICS NSA meeting, but it is also being added to assuage the ongoing tension between the two countries.

Jinping meets Doval
In fact, the BRICS is headed by China and President Xi Jinping has convened a meeting of security advisors of all five member countries of BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa). Under this, Xi Jinping will meet these security advisers on Friday morning.

The news is that Ajit Doval, other than this BRICS meeting, will meet China's President Xi Jinping. According to Chinese officials, this meeting will be held on Friday afternoon. According to sources, the issue of fresh controversy may be raised during this period.

Discussion will be on Doklam controversy
Before meeting with the Chinese President, it is expected that Doval will meet Chinese State Councilor Yang Jiechi to discuss the deadlock in Dokalmal. Doval and Yang are both special representatives of the Indo-China border system.

In addition to Doval and Yang, the minister in charge of South Africa's security affairs, David Mahlobo, Sergey Ichegion, the institutional security office of Brazil's Presidency, and the Security Council Secretary of the Russian Federation Nikolai Platuschev will also participate in the meeting of the National Security Advisers.

Before this meeting, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Lu Kang said on Monday that China hopes that this meeting will help in conserving the common interests of BRICS countries. With this, it will also help in furthering political and security cooperation and strengthening the unity and influence of the group.

Agitation continues for a month
Let us know that this stalemate took place on Dokalam area when Indian soldiers stopped the Chinese army from constructing a road in the area. After this, the soldiers of both countries are face to face for more than a month.

Here China claims that it is building a road in its area, while India fears that China is making an outrageous road to Bhutan's region in order to facilitate access to the northeastern states, and because of this it interfered is.

Diplomatic efforts to resolve dispute continue
China says that unless India withdraws its soldiers from the controversial Dokalam area without acceptance, there can not be any meaningful dialogue with them. Although he also believes that negotiations are being done through diplomatic channels and in such a way, the visit of Doval is being seen as a link to the ongoing dialogue behind this curtain.

Gharvapasi for Nitish, NDA Government in Bihar

Political developments in Bihar are changing very fast. The BJP Parliamentary Board had earlier announced to form a three-member committee to give stability to the government in Bihar that Bihar BJP leader Sushil Kumar Modi has decided to give unconditional support to BJP. Now Nitish Kumar will take oath at 5 pm on Thursday. A decision has been taken in the joint meeting of BJP and JDU legislators.

After the meeting of the legislative party in Patna, Sushil Kumar Modi made this declaration. Not only this, the BJP has supported Nitish Kumar's name as CM.
Sushil Modi said that he will have full faith in Nitish Kumar's leadership and BJP will support him. Sushil Modi has said that BJP will join the government in collaboration with JDU.

After resigning in Raj Bhavan, as soon as Nitish Kumar came out and addressed the media, in the meantime PM Modi congratulated Nitish Kumar on tweeting about tweeting about joining the fight against corruption. PM Modi wrote in his tweet "A lot of congratulations to Nitish Kumar for joining the fight against corruption. Hundreds of crores of citizens are welcoming and supporting honesty. "After this, PM Modi tweeted another and wrote, Fight, today is the demand of the country and time. "

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Four-storey building collapses in Mumbai, Claims seventeen lives

Under this building, a nursing home of the leader of Shiv Sena leader Sunil Sitaphat also ran and Sunil Sitap's wife also fought the election of BMC. During the accident, some repairs were going on in this nursing home.

Mumbai: The number of people killed in a four-storey building accident in Ghatkopar of Mumbai has risen to 17. Even at night, the team of NDRF and the Fire Brigade was doing relief and rescue work. There are still many people feared trapped in debris. In this case, the owner of the building and the Shiv Sena leader has been taken into custody by the police.

It is being said that this building is of the leader of Shiv Sena Sunil Sitap. He has been detained. Yesterday, Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis had visited the incident site and ordered an inquiry into the incident.

The name of this four-storey building, which was built in the Ghatkopar area, was called Sai Darshan. When the building collapsed at around 10:30 in the morning, there was panic in the whole area. A nursing home was also running under this building. No one had any idea of ​​how many people were buried in this four-storey building.
The work started immediately to remove the buried people and the investigation started. It was found that under the building, a nursing home of a leader named Shiv Sena leader Sunil Sitaphat also ran and Sunil Sitap's wife also fought the BMC election. During the accident, some repairs were going on in this nursing home.

After this incident, a series of leaders and ministers came under the scanner. According to the mayor of Mumbai, who reached the scene of the incident, this building was not reported to be shabby on behalf of the BMC.

Housing minister of Maharashtra, who reached the spot, told that the building was about 35 years old. At present, the work is still going on to remove the wasteland of this building and the Chief Minister of Maharashtra has given the order to the BMW Commissioner to examine the matter.

Nitish Convenes Party's legislatures' Meeting Today, Decion likely on Tainted Tejashvi

Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, who returned to Patna from Delhi on Tuesday, after attending Ramnath Kovind's swearing-in ceremony for the presidential post, has swung into action seemingly. On reaching Patna, Nitish announced to convene a meeting of his party's legislature party on Wednesday. Significantly, this meeting was scheduled to be held on July 28, the day the monsoon session of Bihar assembly was due to start.
Nitish has convened the meeting two days ago i.e, on Wednesday at 5:00 p.m. It is being believed that Nitish can take a decision on the fate of Deputy Chief Minister, Chaswish Yadav in this meeting. It is noteworthy that on July 11, a JDU MLA's party meeting was convened at Nitish's official residence 1, Anna Marg, in which there was a demand that the Tainted Tejashvi, who are accused of corruption, Should resign. While not hasty to take action on such demand during that time, Nitish asked Tejashvi to answer the allegations of corruption against him in the public.
It is believed that in the last 15 days, due to lack of full satisfaction from the coalition party RJD, the meeting of Legislative Party to be held on Wednesday could once again cause demand for strong action against Tejashvi Yadav. There is a possibility that there will be a demand for this matter in the meeting that Nitish Kumar should take a firm decision on his deputy and dismiss him from his Cabinet.
Action in the next two days!

Since the monsoon session of the Bihar Legislative Assembly is commencing from July 28, there is a possibility that Nitish Kumar may take stern action in the next two days.