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Preparation for Government Jobs

I.B.P.S                                     S.B.I                                         R.B.I                                        R.R.B
P.O                                          P.O                                        GRADE B OFFICER                   P.O                                         
CLERK                                     CLERK                                     ASSISTANT                             CLERK
(P.T &MAINS)                        (P.T&MAINS)                                                                        (P.T&MAINS)
MATHS                                   MATHS                                   MATHS                                   MATHS
REASONING                           REASONING                           REASONING                            REASONING
ENGLISH                                 ENGLISH                                 ENGLISH                                  ENGLISH/HINDI
COMPUTER                            COMPUTER&MARKETING                                                    COMPUTER


M.T.S                                                                      C.H.S.L                                                                    C.G.L
MATHS                                                                   MATHS                                                                         MATHS            
REASONING                                                           REASONING                                                                 REASONING    
ENGLISH                                                                ENGLISH                                                                         ENGLISH

GENERAL KNOWLEDGE                                        GENERAL KNOWLEDGE                                       GENERAL KNOWLEDGE

How to Crack I.B.P.S Specialist Officer?

I.B.P.S advertised vacancy for specialist officer in various streams. I.B.P.S. notification 2017 announces common written examination (both prelims and mains).

How to Apply for I.B.P.S Specialist Officer?
               MAXIMUM 30
NAME OF THE POST:- Sr. No                                POSTS
01                                      I.T. Officer (Scale-I)
02                                        Agricultural Field Officer (Scale I)
03                                       Rajbhasha Adhikari (Scale I)
04                                       Law Officer (Scale I)
05                                      05 HR/Personnel Officer (Scale I)
06                                       06 Marketing Officer (Scale I).

Educational Qualification for Specialist Officer:-
01   I.T. Officer (Scale-I) (Min- 20 Years Max-30 Years a)             4 year Engineering/ Technology Degree in          Computer Science/ Computer Applications/ Information Technology/ Electronics/ Electronics & 3 Telecommunications/ Electronics & Communication/ Electronics & Instrumentation OR b) Post Graduate Degree in Electronics/ Electronics & Tele Communication/ Electronics & Communication/ Electronics & Instrumentation/ Computer Science/ Information Technology/ Computer Applications OR Graduate having passed DOEACC ‘B’ level .
02     Agricultural Field Officer (Scale I) Min- 20 Years Max-30 Years 4 year Degree (graduation) in Agriculture/ Horticulture/Animal Husbandry/ Veterinary Science/ Dairy Science/ Fishery Science/ Pisciculture/ Agri. Marketing & Cooperation/ Co-operation & Banking/ Agro-Forestry/Forestry/ Agricultural Biotechnology/ Food Science/ Agriculture Business Management/ Food Technology/ Dairy Technology/ Agricultural Engineering .
03 Rajbhasha Adhikari (Scale I) Min- 20 Years Max-30 Years Post Graduate Degree in Hindi with English as a subject at the degree (graduation) level OR Post graduate degree in Sanskrit with English and Hindi as subjects at the degree (graduation) level.
 04 Law Officer (Scale I) Min- 20 Years Max-30 Years A Bachelor Degree in Law (LLB) and enrolled as an advocate with Bar Council.

 05 HR/Personn el Officer (Scale I) Min- 20 years Max- 30 years Graduate and Two Years Full time Post Graduate degree or Two Years Full time Post Graduate diploma in Personnel Management / Industrial Relations/ HR / HRD/ Social Work / Labour Law.
06Marketing Officer (Scale I) Min- 20 years Max- 30 years Graduate and Two Years Full time MMS (Marketing)/ Two Years Full time MBA (Marketing)/ Two Years Full time PGDBA / PGDBM/ PGPM/ PGDM with specialization in Marketing .
IMPORTANT DATES:-Online application opening date-7-11-2017
                                                                      Closing date-27-11-2017
                             PRELIMINARY EXAMINATION DATE:-30-12-2017   and 31-12-2017
                                       MAINS EXAMINATION DATE:-28-01-2018.
Fees:- Rs. 100/- for SC/ST/PWD candidates.
 - Rs. 600 /- for all others .
APPLY ONLINE:-go through main website
Examination Pattern of Specialist Officer:-
Examination is conducted in three phases:
A) Preliminary exams
B) Mains exams
c) Interview
a) Preliminary  examination
For law officer and Rajbhasha Adhikari
 Sr. No.          Name of Tests         No. of Questions               Maximum Marks               Medium of Exam             Duration
1          English Language               50                              25                   English                                              2hours
 2         Reasoning                 50                              50                  English and Hindi
3          General Awareness with  50                               50                   English and Hindi
 Special Reference to Banking Industry
Total               150                             125
 For the Post of IT Officer, Agriculture Field Officer, HR/Personnel
Sr. No.           Name of Tests         No. of Questions               Maximum Marks               Medium of Exam             Duration
1          English Language               50                              25                   English                                              2hours
 2         Reasoning                 50                              50                  English and Hindi
3          Quantitative aptitude       50                               50                   English and Hindi
 Total              150                             125
b).mains examination:-
For the Post of Law Officer, IT Officer, Agriculture Field Officer, HR/Personnel Officer and Marketing Officer
 Name of the Test   No. of Questions                Maximum Marks               Medium of Exam     Duration Professional Knowledge                     60                              60                   English & Hindi            45minutes
 For the Post of Rajbhasha Adhikari
 Name of the Test   No. of Questions                  MAXIMUM MARKS          Medium of Exam                Duration Professional Knowledge          45                                         60                  English & Hindi                         30minutes
Professional Knowledge        2                                                                                           English & Hindi               30 minutes

Syllabus for Specialist Officer:-
Reasoning                                         Math                                                  English
Logical Reasoning
Reading Comprehension
Alphanumeric Series
Profit & Loss
Cloze Test
Ranking/Direction/Alphabet Test
Mixtures & Alligations
Para jumbles
Data Sufficiency
Simple Interest & Compound Interest & Surds & Indices
Coded Inequalities
Work & Time
Fill in the blanks
Seating Arrangement
Time & Distance
Multiple Meaning/Error Spotting
Mensuration – Cylinder, Cone, Sphere
Paragraph Completion
Data Interpretation
Ratio & Proportion, Percentage
Blood Relations
Number Systems
Input Output
Sequence & Series
Coding Decoding
Permutation, Combination &Probability

For Banking Awareness:-read daily newspapers, Pratiyogita  Darpan

For professional knowledge:-read concerned subject’s books

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Sunday, 12 November 2017

Waking Call for Parents after Pradyuman Case

CBI has arrested a class 11 student two days back for murdering a class 2 kid Pradyuman in an international school at  Gurgaon. The gory incident took place on September 8. Pradyuman was found dead with his throat slit just 15 minutes after he with his elder sister were dropped off by their father in the morning. Earlier the police arrested the school bus conductor.

Seven hours later, the police declared that the killer was a school bus conductor named Ashok Kumar. He was seen in the security video trying to sexually assault Pradyuman. When the child protested, he murdered him brutally with a sharp knife. The police had claimed that they recovered the knife from him, but CBI sources say a knife could have been planted.

So seeing the delicacy and because of immense pressure by the victim's parents, media attention, public outcry and political interference,  the case was handed over to CBI. Upon investigation, CBI found out that the murder was carried out by a class-11 student, just to postpone the exams and parent teacher meeting. He didn't score as per expectations. Therefore he had apprehension of not scoring even pass marks so he hatched the conspiracy.         

 This is the happening news now and obviously has shocked the entire country as none expected that this crime was carried out by a 16 year old for a very silly reason. Though the father of 16 year-old-boy is pleading innocence of his son, the juvenile court has granted 3 days of remand under CBI custody. So, this indicates that CBI has enough evidence against the accused.

This is really scary. Gone are the days when we used to fight for pencil, pen and rubber. The current generation is very very advanced in fighting; albeit sizeable number resort to criminality, which is not acceptable to a civilized society. Doctors also say that out of every four cases of children being sexually abused, three of the victims were boys. Boys are more vulnerable to sexual abuse than girls as parents do not make boys aware regarding good and bad touches.

Experts say that these cases can be reduced by making the boys aware and sensitive towards the touches that are unacceptable. Be careful of strangers who are overtly friendly and helpful to the children. Experts warned that people who appeared to be overwhelmingly friendly to children often turned out to be psychopaths.

Also keep a close eye on your children and their activities and handle them appropriately as and when the situation of the circumstance necessitates it. We need to consciously avoid situations that would encourage our kids to take the short cuts to escape from failures. We need to make them understand that failures will teach us good lessons and everyone has to undergo that phase but with a positive intent. Rest up to each one of your style and discretion as to how to monitor and keep them away from these thoughts. 

We should make our kids tolerant, provide  them moral values and learn to accept and handle the temporary  failures. These cases are increasing because our society is losing attachment and trust. So don't always spend only money on kids, spend time with  kids, which is equally important.
                                                         ---Rachna Priyadarshini


Monday, 6 November 2017

15 Tips to Be Successful in Examination

After the result of the board examinations, where there is generally a wave of happiness running around students, there are some tragic news on newspapers and TV channels. Those students who do not get good marks in the board examination, commit suicide due to trauma. This is a very serious issue for all of us to address as India has got the dubious distinction of being the country where maximum number of students commit suicide every year.

It is said, "the more sweating in practice, the less blood will be shed in the battle". Well, in today's competitive age, studying and having good numbers is no less than any battle. The point is very simple: if you want to win the Battle of Examinations, then there is no need to create strategy and prepare accordingly.
Generally, due to lack of proper guidance, the students fail to prepare properly. And when the time for the examination nears, anxiety and agony increases. Given below are some formulas for preparing for any exam and succeeding.

                                                                  Success Secret

1     1. Shun the habit of avoiding work

Friends, if you really want to be successful, then you will have to shun the habit of avoiding tasks. Whatever work is necessary, do it at the right time, without procrastinating it. You must have heard "procrastination and indecision confluence together”. The very next moment is not in your hand, but the moment that is at your disposal certainly is, so train your mind to take maximum use of it. Therefore the best time to do any work is now and now only, for future is always uncertain.

2. Select the appropriate place for study

It is very important to choose a suitable and quiet place to study. The place of study should be such where full concentration can be possible with quiet mind that are conducive for study. If the house is small or there is no such suitable place in the house, it would be better to go to a quiet place outside the house, may be to a friend's house or any library.

      3.   Create a time table for studies

Any student who wants to succeed, it is necessary for him/her to create a Time Table of the time set for studies. Assign a certain time for each subject in that time table. Only after making a correct timetable, you will be able to give proper attention to every subject. But, mind, it is not enough just to make time tables, it is also important to follow it.

      4.   Spare Time for sports and entertainment

For a comprehensive development of a student, it is important that he/she should have time to play sports along with entertainment as well. Physical development takes place by playing sports. You can also enjoy the Memory Improvement Games inside the house.

5. Split large tasks into smaller parts

When we start doing any big work, it seems very difficult and impossible at the beginning. But when we divide it into small pieces, then the same thing becomes easier. Similarly, a great chapter or formula can be made easier by dividing it into smaller parts. It becomes easy to read and interesting.

6. Know your energy level

At different times of the day, the level of physical and mental stress of each person can be different. For example, some people feel more fresh and energetic in the morning, while some people feel at their best in the evening or at night. Some people get up in the morning and read more, while some are nocturnal when it comes to study. So when you feel more and more confident about yourself, keep that time for your studies.

7. Take a short break between studies

Your brain gets tired while studying. Whenever you feel tired, take a short break. Usually, after 30 to 40 minutes, you should rest a bit while studying.

8. Highlight the key points

Whenever you sit to study, always have a Highlighter Pen with you. If you see any important name, date, place or sentence, highlight it immediately. In this way, you will get a lot of help while doing revision.

9. Set your goal

Set your goal of study in your life. Which chapter or book you want to finish in, how many subjects need special attention, or what percentage points will be required to go to a favorite college. So it is very important to decide the goals of your studies. If you study every week, setting the goal of the month, then at the end of the year, you will be able to prepare for the exam without any nervousness.

10. Integrate all Senses

Use all your five senses (ears, nose, eyes, tongue and skin) in your studies. Observe the pictures and charts printed in the book. If possible, make a practical in the lab or touch the model related to the subject. The CD comes with books nowadays. These CDs also have a lot of help in understanding the subject.

11. Use the Brainstorming Techniques

If you know about Memory Improvement Techniques or you have learned them from somewhere, then use them in your studies. These techniques are very scientific and the results are oriented.

12. Balanced meals

An old saying is, "Like food, like mind", which means a person's food plays a pivotal role in shaping his/her mind and intellect. It is very important that you eat balanced food. Avoid junk food like cold drinks,  pizza and burgers. The right way is to eat breakfast early in the morning, lighten it with lunch and lighten it further at dinner. If possible, take only salad and liquids in the dinner.

13. Keep the body healthy

Because a healthy mind resides in a healthy body, so go on a walk during the morning and exercise according to your strengths. The more healthy your body becomes, the more you will be active and confident.

14. Find answers to questions

If you have any questions or you do not understand the answer to any question then feel free to ask your teacher for help. Your teacher may scold you for asking more or repeated questions, but believe that the student who really wants to learn, loves all teachers and is always ready to help him.

15. Use All Resources

Use all the resources available for study. Read books carefully, go to the library, get help from your teachers and parents, ask for help from friends and elder siblings, use all the resources available for internet and television, for their studies.

Friday, 3 November 2017

Career in Food Industry

There are some people who not only like to eat a variety of dishes, but they also recognize good taste well. If you are one of them, who have a special attachment to specific types of recipes, then you can make a career in food industry. There are lots of choices in the food industry. Career in food industry is very interesting as well as challenging. Let's learn about the options available in the food industry.

Food Critics

Food Critics have an important task to reach out to people through their writing skills, from which new food products have come up in the market, from which to what delicious dishes are available in the restaurant so on and so forth. Food critics also give full information about the restaurant's service as well as the service of the restaurant. There is no special educational qualification required to become a food critic. But, it is necessary to have a Bachelor’s degree,  provided you have the art of knowing the taste of food, knowing how to make it and writing.


If you know a lot about food scientifically, you can become a nutritionist. You can become outstandingly successful, if you are aware of more and more food and also have the comprehensive understanding about the effects of various foods on taste and health as well. Likwise, what to eat to be fat and what to eat to be thinner or what is beneficial in diabetes, what are the things people should avoid to prevent heart attack. If you have all these information, you can make a career as Nutritionist.
To show a food better or in a more creative way is as essential as taste itself in food. The way food is served, also makes or mars the taste of a food. If you are endowed with the quality of decorating any food in such a way so that it could catch the eyes of the onlookers, you have the potential of becoming a food stylist. Food analysts are in high demand today as the Five Star Hotels and big restaurants of today need them badly. In order to become a food stylist, you have to have a creative to the core.

Culinary Trendologist

Trends are changing not only in the fashion world, but also in the food industry. Culinary trendologists routinely inform customers about the changing likes and dislikes of foods and which items are being served at which restaurant.  The keynote of the restaurant is that the people are more interested in the particular thing, the collection of all these information is of the Culinary trendologist. They also keep an eye on food bloggers to know about the changes in the food industry.

Food Photographers

Those people who like food and want to do some creative, they can also do food photography with these things. Food photography has emerged as a good career option, on which the youth are attracted too. As a food photographer you can work for any restaurant or magazine.

Restaurant Promotor
A restaurant promotor is entrusted with the responsibility of making a restaurant or hotel popular among common people through food bloggers, media houses, magazines, or TV show producers. Their main objective is to attract as many customers as possible to their restaurant.

Degrees Associated with Food Industry 

Bachelor Degree in Catering Technology and Culinary Orts
Craft Certification Course in Food Production
Diploma in Food and Beverage Service
Diploma in Bakery and Confectionary
Diploma in Kitchen Management
Diploma in Guest Service Management
Diploma in Housekeeping Management
Advanced Diploma in Calnary Arts
Post Graduate Diploma in Colinary Arts
MSc in Hospitality Administration
MSc in Dietetics and Food Service Management