Tuesday, 31 January 2017

How to choose best Accounting Software for your Small Business?

Getting accounting software for the business is really a great decision that small business owners take. It helps them to get out of the traditional methods of keeping those large piles of paper to manage the finances. But the issue is how to search for the right options and determining that particular accounting software would be great for their business.

Here are some of the requirements to consider and if the accounting software fulfills them, you’re ready to go:
·        Is the accounting software able to calculate all the payroll requirments that I have, including all the annual leave, long service leave, sick leave and all?
·        Will the software be able to handle multiple bank accounts efficiently?
·        What if I need to handle foriegn currency? Will the accounting software be able to do it?
·        Is the software capable of handling separate financial records for each department?
·        Can the accounting software also act as a Customer Relationship Manager to keep records of the customers and the purchase they have made?

If you are still unsure, then here is a little more help for you:
·        Know about the needs of your business from the perspective of financial management. If you feel you’re not very financially literate you can take help and advice from others. May be someone at your home, office or some of your friend or business partner.
·        You can simply take advice from your account or the guy who manages financial accounts of your business. They have better knowledge about which software will suit to the needs of your business. And that is even important too as in the end you’re not going to work too much on the application, it’s your accountant who has to deal with the software.
·        Keep your budget in mind. There are dozens of applications available in the market, the more you offer the better features you get. Therefore it becomes important to find a great solution within your budget.

Hope these suggestions ill help you to make a better decision.

QuickBooks – Accounting Software that runs on your Apple Watch

It is good to know that entrepreneurs and their CFOs no longer have to worry about company accounts. It is because of new software from Sage. Traditional accounting software are consist of batch processes while Sage is real-time and multidimensional. It is good t know that 50 early adopters using this platform while more than 1,000 other customers expressing interest. However, most managers will still use the software on desktop computers to compile the bulk of their financial statements. It is due to whizzy features of this app. But in plenty of situations where execs would want instant access to detailed accounting information. Apart from office, it will be on tablets, phones and now on watches.

Risk buzzes a user’s wrist

In critical cash-flow the watch app can buzz a user’s wrist. When critical cash-flow levels are breached or key invoices fall overdue, it will buzz a risk on user’s wrist. Before it becomes red red-alert for transactions, by approving invoices to extending bank credit lines and even requesting funds from peer-to-peer lenders, this situation can be controlled. It is difficult to preoccupied with both balance sheets and bleeding-edge technology. But it can now be done in just a few minutes.

Quick books on Apple watches

Following are the features of Quick books:
·        It will manage your finances in one place.
·        It will organize your business and financial information in one place.
·        It includes features like invoicing, bookkeeping and billing. Hence help in tracking your expenses and sales year.
·        It supports all your devices like iPad, iPhone or Android and helps you to manage your work from home or office.
·        It will protect data from misuse.
·        It will easily create and manage invoices and automatically schedule deliverable invoices for your regular customers.

·        QuickBooks helps to integrate payroll and gives the ease of managing your payroll from anytime at anytime.
·        It provides access to your chartered accountant or in-house bookkeeper and hence give real time collaboration with your accountant.
Today because of its fantastic features 1.5 million small businesses use QuickBooks and it will increase in future.

Saraswati Puja 2017

The Goddess Saraswati represents purity, peace and signifies knowledge, learning, arts and culture. In scriptures, she is described as a serene Goddess seated on a lotus flower or riding a swan and wearing a crescent moon on her brow. In Vedas, she is referred as the water deity. Even gods and goddesses revere this goddess of knowledge for her boundless purifying and enriching powers. It is said that it was Devi Saraswati who invented Sanskrit, the language which is known as the mother of all languages.

The goddess of all the creative arts, particularly of poetry and music, learning and science, Goddess Saraswati is believed to have discovered ‘amrit’ in the Himalayas and made it available to the Gods clandestinely. A number of great scholars of today regard Saraswati as the instrument of creation for they believe that the goddess is identical withVraj, being created out of the substance of Purusha or Prajapati. As Brahma’s wife she is perceived to provide the power to execute what Brahma conceives with His intellectual fertility.

Why do people Perform Saraswati Puja?

 Saraswati Puja is performed to show allegiance to the Goddess of learning. There has been a long precedence of paying obeisance to Saraswati, universally represented as a personified woman in white. This festival is celebrated in Bihar, UP and some other parts in North India with utmost devotion and reverence. On the day of Saraswati Puja, students and intellectuals worship Goddess Saraswati with boundless devotion and enthusiasm. Young girls, clad in yellow sarees are seen offering flowers to the Goddess with mantras. In some parts of India, offering Palash flowers has been a tradition. The entire day gets spent in religious activities. At night, cultural programmes are performed by the devotees. In these programmes, several singers and musicians participate with utmost devotion showing exceptional skills of their talents on stage.

What is the Auspicious Time to Perform Saraswati Puja?
For good number of astrologers of today, Vasant Panchami isAbujha (अबूझ) day which is auspicious to start all good work. According to this belief, there cannot be any specific time period to perform pooja as they have good reasons to believe that whole Vasant Panchami day is auspicious to perform Saraswati Puja.
But, the devotees on the day of Vasant Panchmi just make sure that Puja is performed when Panchami Tithi is there. And as many a times this tithi does not prevail throughout the day, proper care and precaution is spared to ensure that the ceremony of Puja is performed in the time panchami Tithi is there.
What does the Modern Panchang Suggest?
The modern Panchang suggests Saraswati Puja time during Purvahna Kala while Panchami Tithi is prevailing. Purvahna Kala falls between the sunrise and the midday which is also the time when most people perform Saraswati Puja including schools and colleges in India.

Saraswati Puja Greetings

------Ashish Jha

Monday, 30 January 2017

Capital punishment: Meant for the poorest of poor?

While I'm happy for Rajiv Gandhi killers getting a reprieve, however short it may be, I feel sorry for Dhananjay Chatterjee, the 55th convict to be hanged in independent India on August 14, 2004. If inordinate delay is a valid reason for the commutation of death sentence, why wasn't it applied in the case of poor Dhananjay? As a security guard in Calcutta, he brutally raped and killed a 14-year-old girl Hetal Parikh in 1991. But he'd to wait agonisingly for 13 years to be executed at Alipore gaol. Why? The simple reason being his abject poverty. Here in the case of these three killers, the government of Tamil Nadu is with them bolstered by public and organizational support. 

But no one cared for Dhananjay, who was hanged on circumstantial evidence, not based on DNA tests. It's now almost confirmed that humane President Abdul Kalam hesitated to send him to the gallows, but for the then Attorney General of India, the late Milon Banerjee, who insisted that Dhananjay must be hanged. Dhanjay's painful wait in a condemned cell for 13 years didn't melt anyone's heart but the 'plight' of these three convicts, whose involvement in Rajiv's assassination is beyond doubt, is moving the hearts of all human rights activists and Tamils. This is sheer double standard and blatant discrimination. Why there're different rules for different people? Why only those who're poor have to kiss the ' hampen rope' (the rope used to hang a convict)? 

If you study the documented backgrounds of 19 executed convicts (there're no records of other hanged prisoners) in India since 1949 when Nathuram Godse and N D Apte were hanged at Ambala gaol, one finds that most of them were very poor and illiterate. The legendary Chief Justice of India Muhammad Karim Chhagla admitted in his autobiography, ' Roses in December ' that, ' Capital punishment in India is often meant for the poorest of poor.' Death rap itself is judicial retribution and a flagrant disregard of human dignity and the delayed implementation of it adds to the agony. In the countries, where capital punishment hasn't yet been abolished, the process from trial to execution is very rapid. Waiting's always a psychological torture, whether it's the waiting for one's beloved or for death. It's inhuman to keep someone on the tenterhooks for an indefinite period. Afzal Guru has been cooling his heels waiting to be hanged any day. There're so many on death row, who've been counting their days.

 Why doesn't India abolish capital punishment like most of the advanced and civilised European countries? Why're we still  so collectively hellbent upon punishing a person by eliminating him ? What pervert  pleasure do we all  get by killing a man at the wee hours in the presence of  a few macabre jail officials and a doctor, who confirms that the man's indeed dead by feeling his pulse and removing his hood? The whole thing's seriously disgusting. Isn't it sadistic, barbaric and a reminder of our pre-historic existence? No sane and sensible person can ever approve of capital punishment.         
                                            ----Sumit Paul 

The Festival of Bakrid

Bakrid according to the lunar-based Islamic  calendar,falls on the 10th day of of the month Dhu-a-hijjah,12th month of that calendar.The basis of this celebration is the 196th verse of Al-Baqara,the second sura of the Koran,the Holy Book of Muslims.The festivity associated with this Id begins when the pilgrims perform the ritual of Hajj in Mecca,Southi Arabia.

  Bakrid is actually the celebration of Prophet Ibrahim's devotion and loyalty to Allah,God in Islam,the most kind and merciful.Ibrahim saw in dreams that Allah in order to test his loyalty asked him to sacrifice the person he loved  most.Obviously the person dearest to him was his only son,Ismael. the son was born to him when he was very old.Ibrahim like true believer at once agreed. But he wanted to take the son's consent before making the sacrifice.To his utter surprise,Ismael showed no hesitation asked his father to follow what Allah had commanded.Ibrahim confidently went ahead to make the supreme sacrifice.Allah was pleased with Ibrahim's absolute faith in Him.Allah asked him  to sacrifice the goat that had miraculously appeared.

The sacrifice of goat is the symbol of total submission to the will of Allah and His kind gestures towards the faithfuls.The meaning of Arabic " Islam"is the submission to the will of Allah(i.e. God).

 In Bakrid,the animals like goat or sheep or cow are thus sacrificed according to the rules laid down in Islam. The distribution of meat of sacrificed animals is also defined.The family is supposed to keep only the one third of the meat. The other one third should be offered to the relatives and friends.The remaining one third must be gifted to to the poor who cannot afford any meat. Here the distribution implies inculcating the spirit of charity and camaraderie.

  The Muslims,particularly the children wear new clothes and join the gathering of faithfuls for prayer at a public place. Normally the place is an Idgah or a mosque.Tradionally this festival emphasises the sense of brotherhood among the faithfuls who have unflinching faith in Allah .
                                           ----Sailendra Misra

Happy Birthday Prashant

Heartiest Wishes from

Nani Maa, Mummy,  Mamajee and  Mamijee

Half-hearted Endeavours

There's a beautiful story in Zen Buddhism. Once upon a time, there were two friends. Though they were very close friends, they were just opposite to each other in their belief in god. One was a believer, who OCCASIONALLY remembered god, the other one was a hardcore non-believer, who unfailingly criticised, cursed and condemned god. One day both died in an accident and after death, they appeared before god. God sent the staunch non-believer to a higher level of heaven and the believer to a lower level of heaven.

This surprised the believer no end. He asked god, why He sent him to a lower heaven despite having faith in Him and what made Him send his non-believer friend to a higher heaven? God laughed and said, 'I sent your lifelong atheist friend to a higher heaven because he RELIGIOUSLY cursed me without missing a day. You're being sent to a lower heaven because you OCCASIONALLY believed. Though your friend cursed me throughout his life, he was steadfast in cursing me. You believed, but not all the time. 
The moral of the story is that whatever one does, if he/she does that with unfailing and undiminished sincerity, it's actually a quality. You should therefore be very focussed on whatever you do. God doesn't like anything done in a casual manner. Even if you curse Him, curse with complete conviction. God doesn't like half-hearted endeavours. This is applicable to our lives as well. A well-finished approach helps us scale the heights of success and an unfinished and unsure attitude takes us nowhere.

Half-hearted attempts in life are not just frowned upon by some cosmic power, they are disapproved of by people on earth as well. 'Pour one's heart out' is a beautiful phrase in English that connotes an attitude and approach of complete immersion. 'Doob ja samandar mein 'gar gauhar paane hon tujhe' (Dive into the deep sea, if you are in search of pearls). Anything done with dedication, devotion and dourness, will eventually be fruitful. 'Aadhi koshishein naakaam hoti hain/Poori koshishein kaamyaab hoti hain' (Half attempts often fail but dedicated endeavours yield results). Human life is a saga of endeavours failed or succeeded.

When Sir Stafford Cripps came to India with his Cripps Mission during the Second World War, he first met Mahatma Gandhi and his spontaneous reaction was, ' Here's a man who does everything wholeheartedly and leaves nothing incomplete.' This is the very essence of life and greatness: Leaving nothing incomplete and doing everything with a consummate sense of commitment. Fractured intentions lead you nowhere. Akbar Ilahabadi poetically said, 'Jo bhi karo dil se karo/ koi shak ho toh na karo' (Whatever you do, do wholeheartedly/If you've any doubt, you had better not do that). An invaluable piece of advice, I must say. 

                                  ----Sumit Paul

How Labor Day is Celebrated in the World?

On the May Day i.e. May 1, the world celebrates the international worker’s day or more popularly known as the Labor Day. The day is celebrated as a remembrance to the international labor movements that have been taken place throughout the world. In various countries, the day is marked as a national holiday and various street gatherings and public events take place on this day.

Here is a look at how the Labor Day is celebrated across the various countries:
·        China: The 1st of May is a statuary holiday in China and some years back the labor Day celebration was marked with three days holidays. Though now it is reduced to one but the celebrations occur with the same pomp and romp.

·        India: In India, the day is marked for the labor movements carried out by the various socialist and economist parties in the history. The country celebrated its first labor day in the year 1923. It is considered as a national holiday and various public meets are organized by the working classes and the laborers throughout the country.

·        Cuba: The labor day or the ‘Dia Del Trabajo ’ is celebrated across the country with marches taking place in all the major cities. The day is marked to show support for the Cuban Revolution and the various social movements that took place in the country. In 2011, an international labor parade was organized in the city of Habana. The parade was attended by representatives from the 73 countries across the world. 

·        Argentina:  The country has been celebrating the day since 1890’s. Like other countries, in Argentina too, public parades are held in all the major cities.  Apart from the public meets, the country has a culture to organize small gatherings with friends and colleagues to celebrate this day.

·        Chile: The country celebrated its first labor day in the year 1930 and since then it is regarded as a national holiday. The celebrations in the country on this day are worth to be experienced. The morning is marked by the rallies like other places in the world. All the stores are closed to mark a respect to the laborers and the working class of the country. While the afternoon and the evening time is for the festivities and the cookout.

This is a list of how labor Day is celebrated across the various nations in the world. So have you decided how to commemorate the Day. Don’t just consider it a day to hang out with your family and friends. It is a very important day therefore you should also try to celebrate it in your own little way.

                                                                                ------Kanupriya Jha

Advantages of Being a Krishna Devotee* (^_^) Devotee of god

1. You will always be sure more confident that Krishna will protect you
2. No matter how much fallen you are, Spiritual master will never leave you
3. Don't worry about depression, Krishna kirtans are immediate reliefs
4. you don't need to get scared of anyone or anything, our superhero is in
always charge to rescue us by just one call in return for love.
5. You are never ever gonna be alone.24/7 365/366days he is in charge of
taking care of us perfectly any time anywhere.Eternal Companion
6. We are servants of the lord, But Krishna treats you as VIPS.He will
never bear an insult against his surrendered souls. He used his sudarshana
(DISC) weapon most powerful just for his devotee who was tested by a sage.

7.The most beautiful part is knowing you have an eternal mother and father.
that's sounds great isn't it?
8.Krishna is your True eternal Husband, Friend, Father, Child. Mother and
Everything you need him to be.
9. He crosses limits just for your love.
10. He has everything still accepts one handful of Flattened rice.
11. You will never be Disappointed.
12. You do a little service he considers it has the greatest of all
13. The one who always want you be happy.
14. You don't need a net, mobile, currency, Satellite, or not even you need
to walk along for a temple .you can speak to him at any instance. He
resides inside of your heart, Before you think he is there within you and
within everyone even The animals bees ants all the species.

15. The merciful mother.
16. She keeps supporting no matter how fallen bad child you are.
The best example is When Rama is with sita, Most of the asuras were
forgiven just because of her presence. Even Ravana would have been alive if
sita mother was next to Rama.
17. She is the mother for all the beings.
18. She helps you to grow materially spiritually.
19.Even If Krishna intends to punish you, Mother keeps supporting you, you
can hide behind her ask her forgiveness just realize the mistake she will
fight for your protection even with Krishna.
20. This mom is most beautiful, caring, loving, never let you go out of her
21. You will have best mother all the time, being with her you will be the
favorite of Supreme Lord.
22. We are actually eternal. That's wow, and no one dies no one cries. We
are the part and parcels of the eternal lord
23. You have a magic world, you can fly play with Krishna.
24. You will never lose any of you friends in that magical world
25. All are equally highly intelligent. Even trees grants your wishes
26. Knowing you are a soul, a soul cant be burnt, killed, hurt, No discrimination, no religion, no fights, all are beautiful. The only differentiation you can make out is Knowledge. Whoa!
27. Your Father is the creator, King of scientist. Lord of Brahma, Lord of Shiva, Father of jesus, father of 32crores of demigods. King of Scientist,
he makes no discoveries but creates. Your father has all magical powers.True hero of all the time.
28. You can know the truth behind your birth, Secret behind the death
That's a surprise.
29. All you need to do is chant his names sing, eat delicious prasadham
(food offered to him with love)roam around all the temple Around the globe
enjoy the nature,Dance.
Swim in Rivers. Spend a happy life finally love him more Enter the magical
eternal World called Vaikunta.
30. The one who accepts Leaf, flower, fruits, Pure water, As an offering
filled with true love.

31. You will be never bored.
32. Lord of death will be scared to come near you, Krishna will send his
personal managers to bring you back home
33.Good news is you will be never betrayed, cheated for trusting him loving
him more.
34. You will lose Many things by chanting his name! Anger, ego, lust, bad
habits, Selfishness, Loneliness, Fear Etc etc.
35. He promises to give you Knowledge about him if you just will for it.
36. He is ready to accept you the way you are.
37. You don't need to a hindu, muslim , christian, rich, powerful,
beautiful. All you need is love for him a will to understand Him.
38. Krishna is always thinking about you. Just turn back to Lord
39. He Protected Gajendra an Elephant. So he is merciful accepts devotion
in any case. You dont need human too. He is impartial excepts no money gold
valuables, The one quality is Chant call his name with love!
40. Give him love get back Unlimited.

There is countless happiness. These are Just a trailer. Welcome to our happy world you will be never sad for being a devotee surrendered soul.

                (Excerpt from www.iskcondesiretree.com)

Sunday, 29 January 2017

Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving Day is here and people are ready to cook turkeys and enjoy with their family and friends.  Celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November it is a time in the year where people come together and thanks each other.

Why it is Celebrated?

This day is celebrated for giving thanks for the blessing of the harvest and of the preceding year. Several Places around the world observe the celebration in the same way. This day is celebrated in a secular manner because its historical roots are in religious and tradition culture. According to researchers, there is no complete history of the origins of the Canadian Thanksgiving day. However, in the United States this day is sparsely documented in 1621 and hence becomes a present Thanksgiving Day.

How do People Celebrate it?

Thanksgiving Day is a religious observance for all communities to give thanks to God for a common purpose. If we look on historic reasons, there are so many reasons for celebrating this day and hence this day is now celebrated across the world. There are many different forms in tradition for giving thanks to God. Some people will celebrate this day by attending religious services and saying mealtime prayer before Thanksgiving dinner. In many families, it is a holiday tradition to begin this day by arranging dinner and saying a grace prayer before and after a meal. It is a custom that families will hold hands and prey before the Thanksgiving dinner. Before praying, each person tells the specific reason they're thankful to God that year. Many homes of worship also offer various worship services and events on Thanksgiving themes.

Food Drives for the poor:

In Thanksgiving time, food will be given to poor and needy people. On the occasion of this day, various communities will arrange annual food drives which include non-perishable packaged and canned foods. On the other hand, corporations will sponsor charitable distributions of staple foods along with Thanksgiving dinners. In US Salvation Army will be volunteers to serve Thanksgiving dinners to hundreds of people at various locations.

In US various people will have different opinions of Thanksgiving Day. But this day leave is synonymous of festive occasions. It is a day of festive meals, parades, football, family and friends. According to many people it is a way of spending time together, catching up and enjoying one another's company. It is a holiday to remember and giving thanks for the good things like providential events in our lives.  

How to Plan for the Thanksgiving Day?

Some of the tips for celebrating this day are select the menu in advance, select your recipes, prepare food systematically, make your dining table festive,  arrange traditional Thanksgiving holiday pursuits, spent some time which reflects the meaning of Thanksgiving Day and find some activities after meal to enjoy. If you are planning to participate on Black Friday the following day from the earliest of hours, take a long nap after the meal if you are feeling sleepy. You can also spend some time making use of the Thanksgiving leftovers in the next day. This day is a way of giving thanks to God.


Dussehra : A Festival Celetrated For Victory Of Good Over Evils

India is a land of, “UNITY IN DIVERSITY”. We have a very diverse culture and tradition across the nation. Numerous festivals are being celebrated all over the nation.
Festivals play a significant role in developing the unity and integrity of the nation. 
Vijayadashmi, also known as Dussehra is one of the most important Hindu festivals. It falls in the month of September-October as Navratra begins with Pratipada of Ashwin Shukla Paksha and concludes with Navami and Vijayadashmi is celebrated on the following day, according to Hindi calendar. This festival is celebrated not only in India but also in Nepal, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. The name Dussehra is derived from Sanskrit word Dasha-hara literally means Dashanan ravan and Hara (defeat)) referring to Lord Rama's  victory over the ten-headed demon king Ravana. 

some other beliefs are also associated with this festival as it also marks the end of Agyatvas of Pandavas and the victory of Goddess Durga over demon Mahishasur. 
But, in general perception it is the festival that celebrates the victory of good over evils. 
People celebrate the festival in different ways. 
It is celebrated at the end of Navratri. Throughout Navratri, Ramleela is organised in many parts of the country and people enjoy the enactment of the play based on Ramayana.  

On the day of Dussehra huge effigies of Ravana, Kumbhkaran and Meghnad are burned. Huge gatherings can be witnessed during the ceremony.
It represents the end of ten bad qualities, which are represented by 10 heads of Ravana as follows:

1. Kama vasana (Lust)
2. Krodha (Anger)
3. Moha (Attraction )
4. Lobha (Greed)
5. Mada (Over Pride)
6. Matsara (Jealousy)
7. Swartha (Selfishness)
8. Anyaaya (Injustice)
9. Amanavata (Cruelty)
10. Ahankara (Ego).

In West Bengal Dussehra is celebrated as Durga Puja. Deities of the goddess Durga are worshipped for five days, and on the fifth day (Vijaya Dashami) immersed in a river or pond. This is referred as Durga Bisarjan. In Jharkhand, Bengal, Assam and Odisha, the goddess Kali, an appellation of Durga, is also worshipped as a symbol of Shakti (Power).
The festival depicts that no matter how strong the evil is in the end it is good that overpowers the bad.

                                                                          -----Adarsh Ranjan Jha

Civil Services: The Highly Reputed Jobs in India

In spite of the boom in the private sector in the past few years, the Civil Services still maintains its position as one of the most promising and charmed services in the country. From the IITians to AIIMS doctors you can easily find people aspiring to become IAS, IFS and IPS officers.  Such is the charm of these jobs that people are ready to leave their jobs from the top notch private companies and get a position in civil services. Organized by the Union Public Service Commission or popularly known as UPSC, these jobs have remained the most preferred jobs in India.

Out of the various civil service jobs organized by UPSC the most aspiring jobs are of the IAS, IFS, and IPS. These jobs not only provide great salary options but also come along with numerous facilities that personnel enjoy. And the best part is the prestige associated with these jobs. Wherever you go, in which ever part of India, these officers are highly regarded and respected.

Indians are still biased towards government jobs and, therefore, the so called “Sarkari Naukri” is the ultimate goal of the most people over here. And when you talk about the government jobs there is nothing better than the civil services. It is the top level jobs offered by the Government of India. Apart from the IAS, IFS, and IPS it also consists of Indian Audit and Accounts Services, Indian Revenue Services, Indian Economic Services and several others.

If you want to enjoy a job that is prestigious and respected, then there is none better than civil services. Though the success ratio of these jobs is close to 0.1% but it’s worth the effort. If you try hard with a strategic planning, you can easily secure a place.  The basic pattern for the exam is a written test followed by the interview. So it’s not just the knowledge that would be put to test but you have to display your interpersonal and communication skills to your best too.

Find a nice institute in your area that offers civil services coaching and start your preparations soon. The reputation of the civil services will remain ever the same in India and you can enjoy it too with a little hard work. 

                                    ----Rachna Priyadarshini