Monday, 30 January 2017

Advantages of Being a Krishna Devotee* (^_^) Devotee of god

1. You will always be sure more confident that Krishna will protect you
2. No matter how much fallen you are, Spiritual master will never leave you
3. Don't worry about depression, Krishna kirtans are immediate reliefs
4. you don't need to get scared of anyone or anything, our superhero is in
always charge to rescue us by just one call in return for love.
5. You are never ever gonna be alone.24/7 365/366days he is in charge of
taking care of us perfectly any time anywhere.Eternal Companion
6. We are servants of the lord, But Krishna treats you as VIPS.He will
never bear an insult against his surrendered souls. He used his sudarshana
(DISC) weapon most powerful just for his devotee who was tested by a sage.

7.The most beautiful part is knowing you have an eternal mother and father.
that's sounds great isn't it?
8.Krishna is your True eternal Husband, Friend, Father, Child. Mother and
Everything you need him to be.
9. He crosses limits just for your love.
10. He has everything still accepts one handful of Flattened rice.
11. You will never be Disappointed.
12. You do a little service he considers it has the greatest of all
13. The one who always want you be happy.
14. You don't need a net, mobile, currency, Satellite, or not even you need
to walk along for a temple .you can speak to him at any instance. He
resides inside of your heart, Before you think he is there within you and
within everyone even The animals bees ants all the species.

15. The merciful mother.
16. She keeps supporting no matter how fallen bad child you are.
The best example is When Rama is with sita, Most of the asuras were
forgiven just because of her presence. Even Ravana would have been alive if
sita mother was next to Rama.
17. She is the mother for all the beings.
18. She helps you to grow materially spiritually.
19.Even If Krishna intends to punish you, Mother keeps supporting you, you
can hide behind her ask her forgiveness just realize the mistake she will
fight for your protection even with Krishna.
20. This mom is most beautiful, caring, loving, never let you go out of her
21. You will have best mother all the time, being with her you will be the
favorite of Supreme Lord.
22. We are actually eternal. That's wow, and no one dies no one cries. We
are the part and parcels of the eternal lord
23. You have a magic world, you can fly play with Krishna.
24. You will never lose any of you friends in that magical world
25. All are equally highly intelligent. Even trees grants your wishes
26. Knowing you are a soul, a soul cant be burnt, killed, hurt, No discrimination, no religion, no fights, all are beautiful. The only differentiation you can make out is Knowledge. Whoa!
27. Your Father is the creator, King of scientist. Lord of Brahma, Lord of Shiva, Father of jesus, father of 32crores of demigods. King of Scientist,
he makes no discoveries but creates. Your father has all magical powers.True hero of all the time.
28. You can know the truth behind your birth, Secret behind the death
That's a surprise.
29. All you need to do is chant his names sing, eat delicious prasadham
(food offered to him with love)roam around all the temple Around the globe
enjoy the nature,Dance.
Swim in Rivers. Spend a happy life finally love him more Enter the magical
eternal World called Vaikunta.
30. The one who accepts Leaf, flower, fruits, Pure water, As an offering
filled with true love.

31. You will be never bored.
32. Lord of death will be scared to come near you, Krishna will send his
personal managers to bring you back home
33.Good news is you will be never betrayed, cheated for trusting him loving
him more.
34. You will lose Many things by chanting his name! Anger, ego, lust, bad
habits, Selfishness, Loneliness, Fear Etc etc.
35. He promises to give you Knowledge about him if you just will for it.
36. He is ready to accept you the way you are.
37. You don't need to a hindu, muslim , christian, rich, powerful,
beautiful. All you need is love for him a will to understand Him.
38. Krishna is always thinking about you. Just turn back to Lord
39. He Protected Gajendra an Elephant. So he is merciful accepts devotion
in any case. You dont need human too. He is impartial excepts no money gold
valuables, The one quality is Chant call his name with love!
40. Give him love get back Unlimited.

There is countless happiness. These are Just a trailer. Welcome to our happy world you will be never sad for being a devotee surrendered soul.

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