Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Career in Biology

Modern and independent education is artillery; an intellectual army against the backdrop of India’s censored education widespread in the conventional minds of the population. An idea spanning in our minds for more than 2 decades of contemporary India finally has a silver lining. Whimsical notions of IP meaning Engineering, Commerce meaning CA and Biology meaning Medical can breathe a sigh of relief in the best of transformed India.

The prime concerns of Biology students for the millennia has been the career options hidden in the dark, unable to reach the common populace. In the ever changing society, new-fangled opportunities for Biology students are awaiting at the threshold of colleges in India, which is exactly what I will be informing you about today!

Apart from the clichéd medicine stream, varying career options are now available to pursue albeit with the aid of necessary degrees and experience. The following are the most economical and interesting fields of study one can take up to chase:

1)      Higher education lecturer
2)      Microbiologist
3)      Travel writer (Visiting niches of the uncoiled earthen parts of the world)
4)      Research scientist
5)      Pharmacologist
6)      Magazine/Newspaper correspondent
7)      Soil scientist
8)      Scientific consultant
9)      Genetic engineering
10)   Health promotional scientist
The above lying educational careers are directly linked to a graduate degree with diverging experiences. For example: A travel writer aspirant must first establish his/himself as a renowned writer with at least 2-3 years of experience and thus, can apply for agencies to fund their trips to unique crevices of the Earth.

A pharmacologist is primarily interested in Chemistry courses along with Biology to support and enhance their career. The following is the website containing the list of colleges available for a degree in Graduation and specific courses in India along with places to gain experience:

The perspective of the world is at the brink of absolute refinement, so choose wisely. A career option has much to do with intellect at the major level but we cannot rule out the possibility of our lifestyle, emotional and stable demeanor when we go for a particular job at a whole. 
                                   ---Amita Tewary



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