Sunday, 29 January 2017

Civil Services: The Highly Reputed Jobs in India

In spite of the boom in the private sector in the past few years, the Civil Services still maintains its position as one of the most promising and charmed services in the country. From the IITians to AIIMS doctors you can easily find people aspiring to become IAS, IFS and IPS officers.  Such is the charm of these jobs that people are ready to leave their jobs from the top notch private companies and get a position in civil services. Organized by the Union Public Service Commission or popularly known as UPSC, these jobs have remained the most preferred jobs in India.

Out of the various civil service jobs organized by UPSC the most aspiring jobs are of the IAS, IFS, and IPS. These jobs not only provide great salary options but also come along with numerous facilities that personnel enjoy. And the best part is the prestige associated with these jobs. Wherever you go, in which ever part of India, these officers are highly regarded and respected.

Indians are still biased towards government jobs and, therefore, the so called “Sarkari Naukri” is the ultimate goal of the most people over here. And when you talk about the government jobs there is nothing better than the civil services. It is the top level jobs offered by the Government of India. Apart from the IAS, IFS, and IPS it also consists of Indian Audit and Accounts Services, Indian Revenue Services, Indian Economic Services and several others.

If you want to enjoy a job that is prestigious and respected, then there is none better than civil services. Though the success ratio of these jobs is close to 0.1% but it’s worth the effort. If you try hard with a strategic planning, you can easily secure a place.  The basic pattern for the exam is a written test followed by the interview. So it’s not just the knowledge that would be put to test but you have to display your interpersonal and communication skills to your best too.

Find a nice institute in your area that offers civil services coaching and start your preparations soon. The reputation of the civil services will remain ever the same in India and you can enjoy it too with a little hard work. 

                                    ----Rachna Priyadarshini 


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