Sunday, 22 January 2017

Google Slowly Returning to China

US online search provider is planning a return to China. Google is the world's biggest internet market and is ready to explore its giant technology in China. This report was published in media on Thursday. However, Google still directs online search requests to its Hong Kong site from China. The map product is once again available in the market and for users of China. Google Earth software and the browser version of Google Maps are partially accessible in Beijing for users. This is how Google is quietly putting back its services in China. They are looking forward to a return to the world's biggest Internet market by building bridges with the Chinese.

China’s reaction on Google 
Gao Chunhui said on his Weibo account that Google had moved some of its servers to Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. He was the China's first personal website designer in 1997. For making its service available in China, Google was using state-owned carrier China Telecom Corp Ltd. This is according to the Internet protocol addresses of the servers. But, other Google owned products, such as Gmail, news and application downloading platform are still inaccessible in China. The small steps of US online search giant is making in China suggest Google is mulling over a comeback. It will be after five years when Google is in the market of China, as it was abrupt departure because of disagreements with the Chinese regulator.

Google future in China
The chief executive officer of Google, Sundar Pichai addressed earlier that in this year Google is   looking forward to serving Chinese netizens again. These moving steps of Google can allow good market for the company in future. Google addressed to media about reports of its services stating “checked and there's nothing technically wrong on our end”. The details are available on Google's Transparency Report which shows Gmail traffic is slowly resuming. However, it is not same as previous use levels. If we talk about Google market in China, it can be difficult to predict any results so early. It totally depends on how both the parties work on their services and usage availability. It can be said, its brings new hope for Google.

Reviews in Media
China welcomes the Google to do business and it’s because of prerequisite that they obey Chinese law. However, it was seemed that Google values more its reluctance to be restricted by Chinese law. This might cause conflict results as earlier between two parties.
Google terminated its services in China in rye year 2010 due to the disagreements between the Chinese regulators.  Google wants the information to be universally accessible while the China wants to censor and filter the results which does not go well together. Google has always a rocky relationship with the Chinese government. Therefore it would be quite interesting to see how things turn up this time.
The users in China should also have free access to the information like all the other people in the world. It is a basic right which no government should ban.


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