Monday, 30 January 2017

How Labor Day is Celebrated in the World?

On the May Day i.e. May 1, the world celebrates the international worker’s day or more popularly known as the Labor Day. The day is celebrated as a remembrance to the international labor movements that have been taken place throughout the world. In various countries, the day is marked as a national holiday and various street gatherings and public events take place on this day.

Here is a look at how the Labor Day is celebrated across the various countries:
·        China: The 1st of May is a statuary holiday in China and some years back the labor Day celebration was marked with three days holidays. Though now it is reduced to one but the celebrations occur with the same pomp and romp.

·        India: In India, the day is marked for the labor movements carried out by the various socialist and economist parties in the history. The country celebrated its first labor day in the year 1923. It is considered as a national holiday and various public meets are organized by the working classes and the laborers throughout the country.

·        Cuba: The labor day or the ‘Dia Del Trabajo ’ is celebrated across the country with marches taking place in all the major cities. The day is marked to show support for the Cuban Revolution and the various social movements that took place in the country. In 2011, an international labor parade was organized in the city of Habana. The parade was attended by representatives from the 73 countries across the world. 

·        Argentina:  The country has been celebrating the day since 1890’s. Like other countries, in Argentina too, public parades are held in all the major cities.  Apart from the public meets, the country has a culture to organize small gatherings with friends and colleagues to celebrate this day.

·        Chile: The country celebrated its first labor day in the year 1930 and since then it is regarded as a national holiday. The celebrations in the country on this day are worth to be experienced. The morning is marked by the rallies like other places in the world. All the stores are closed to mark a respect to the laborers and the working class of the country. While the afternoon and the evening time is for the festivities and the cookout.

This is a list of how labor Day is celebrated across the various nations in the world. So have you decided how to commemorate the Day. Don’t just consider it a day to hang out with your family and friends. It is a very important day therefore you should also try to celebrate it in your own little way.

                                                                                ------Kanupriya Jha


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