Saturday, 21 January 2017

How to Deal with Examination Stress?

Summary: It is the exam time for the undergraduates. Once the schedule of their examination gets announced, they study like there will be no sun rise tomorrow. In a quest to compete and get an edge over their classmates, their health takes a back seat. They tend to procrastinate when it comes to eating healthy and exercise. But, what they need to understand is their health is indispensable for their preparation and hence they should prioritize it equally with preparation.

If you are in good health, you can make good preparation strategy, strive to understand the concept of your chapters, instead of mugging up, take help from your seniors and alumni group of your college, so on and so forth. But, if your health is compromised for not being able to take it seriously, the whole plan or strategy of preparation may turn into fiasco.
Given below are some tips that you should follow in the exam time:

Do not Treat Examination Time as Emergency Situation: Examination time should not be treated as emergency situation. It comes on scheduled time and enough time is given to the students to prepare for it. Hence, you should not focus only on preparation, throwing all health-related cautions to the wind. You need to equally prioritize your health as well.

Know the Importance of Health in Exam Time: Think about a situation: you work round the clock postponing everything that are essential for your health. You avoid food, fruits and neglect your sleep. Now, you have enough preparation. Your examination is going to start from tomorrow. But, you fall ill today as your body did not react favourably after you neglected it for so many days. Now, what will you do with your enough preparation, if you need to get hospitalized on the day of exam? Mind, health is your most formidable weapon in your exam time.

Include Some Nutritional Supplements: In the days of preparation, mere eating foods will not suffice. You will need some nutritional supplements to keep your mind active all the time. Contrary to popular belief, our daily intake of food does not provide us with adequate vitamins and minerals, thanks to the modern methods of food production and cooking. These methods lower the nutritive value of the food that we have in the plate. The use of food preservatives, freezing, boiling, etc. make it even worse. Therefore, taking nutritional supplements is no longer an option. It has rather become a compulsion to replenish the nutritional deficiencies of food. As you need more agility of your mind in the examination time, you must take some good nutritional supplements, especially in the exam time.

The above tips include but not limited to the tips on “how to deal with examination stress”.
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