Friday, 27 January 2017

Must Try Navratri Recipes

Navratri which in English means “Nine Nights” are the days Hindus worship the various incarnations of the Goddess Durga. From Gujrat to Bengal and Madhya Pradesh to Delhi a large part of the India is immersed in the celebration that continues for nine days. Traditionally many people observe fasting too, some for the all nine days while others at the first and the last day. But this doesn’t means fast got to be boring with just eating fruits, aloo and peanuts.

Here are some of the recipes to make your navratri fasting interesting this season:
·        Sabudana Ki Khichdi: Sabudana also known as the Tapioca Pearls along with aloo, peanuts, sendha namak and mild species ends up with a mouth watering dish that is both healthy and fulfilling. Very easy to prepare this khichdi is a must try for not just Navratri but every fast.
·        Rajgira ki Kadhi:  The kadhi is prepared by using Rajgira flour instead of the usual gram flour we use. You just need yougurt, flour and spices that are easily available at your home to enjoy this side dish that can be used with several vrat dishes.
·        Kuttu Ka Dosa: Bored with eating Kutti ki Puris? Try something new with these dosas this season. Made from Kuttu ka ata or the Buckwheat flour along with potatoes filling this dish is quite tasty and fulfilling.
·        Samvat Rice Kheer: Samvat Rice or the Banyard Millet is a great and healthier alternative for rice. They are quite rich in antioxidants too. You just need the millets, milk, sugar and some raisins to prepare this mouth savoring sweet dish.

·        Singhare ke Ate ka Samosa: Now all your time favorite snack samosa can be eaten on the days of fast too. Use the chestnut or the Singhare ka ata for the covering and use the charoli or the chironji seeds for filling. The dish may sound different but it’s as tasty as the usually aloo ka samosa.

·        Kaddu, Palak and Khire ke Pakoras: Replace the gram flour with the chestnut flour and make delicious pakoras by using kaddu, palak, khire or even the Paneer for the filling. Easy to prepare dish that you can even enjoy with your evening tea.
·        Mix fruit Raita: Who doesn’t love fruits dipped in yogurts? So just pick some apples and pomegranates from your kitchen, add yogurt and some spices that are allowed in fast to prepare this healthy and delicious dish.
·        Banana Akhrot Lassi: Charge yourself with this great drink made from bananas yogurt and walnuts. A nourishing drink that keeps you full of energy when you’re devoted yourself to Mata’s bhakti.
·        Chironji Ki Daal: Yes you can make daal from the charoli seeds to get a change for all the usual dishes you have on the fasting days.

These recipes are a great to be tried and the fact that none of them require hours to prepare. So prepare these dishes and become a become a star cook this navratra.  


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