Wednesday, 18 January 2017

One person dies every 4 minutes in road accidents in India

India has the second largest road network in the world and we are proud of containing such a large network. But it is quite pity that road accidents makes this network shameful. In India, one person dies every four minutes in road accidents and this count one life every four minutes. According to reports of NGO working on safer roads, the cost of such accidents is about Rs 3.8 lakh crore or 3 per cent of the GDP and this figure may increase to one death in three minutes by 2020. Driving on Indians roads is a major challenge, reasons might be so many but how to resolve this problem is very important.

Planning Road Safety to Save Life

In India, planning and its implementations on road safety can avoid these accidents. For implementing road safety, safer vehicles are one of the pillars, i.e. international labels given on safety standards. These safety standards should not be compromised and precautions have to be taken while giving safety standard to these vehicles. It is shameful that one million Indians lost their lives to road accidents in the last decade. If we talk about accidents data in India, Uttar Pradesh had maximum number of road accident deaths in 2014. On the other hand, Tamil Nadu stood second with 15,176 deaths. Driving on Indians roads is another major reason on these roads accidents. To drive more than a speed limit is becoming ‘status symbol’ among young generations. It is important to drive vehicles within speed limit to avoid these accidents.

Cause of Road Accidents

Exceeding the set speed limit by four wheelers, car, jeeps and taxis were estimated to be the major reasons of accidents in India. In Rajasthan, national highways proved to be more deadly than state highways as more fatalities were recorded on it in 2013. Accidents caused due to intake of alcohol and drugs are one of the reasons of road accidents. In 2013, alcohol influence has caused 1,451 accidents and its the fifth highest accidents in India. These accidents resulted in 696 fatalities and 1,621 injured people.

 Precautions to Avoid Accidents

Awareness of road safety among people can avoid these road accidents. The country has progressed; more people now have cars, even multiple cars but the roads designed years back. These roads cannot handle so much traffic. So, it is important to maintain these roads and give proper designs to handle so much traffic. Proper training has to be given for the government and private organizations to trained people. Awareness of speed limit, traffic rules and other safety precautions can avoid these accidents. Drinking and driving, may cost your life. By following these precautions can save your life and your loved ones. Always try to spread these awareness among people, so that you can safe once life. Driving fast cannot be your ‘status symbol’ but it can coast your life. So, drive slow and stay safe.


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