Tuesday, 31 January 2017

QuickBooks – Accounting Software that runs on your Apple Watch

It is good to know that entrepreneurs and their CFOs no longer have to worry about company accounts. It is because of new software from Sage. Traditional accounting software are consist of batch processes while Sage is real-time and multidimensional. It is good t know that 50 early adopters using this platform while more than 1,000 other customers expressing interest. However, most managers will still use the software on desktop computers to compile the bulk of their financial statements. It is due to whizzy features of this app. But in plenty of situations where execs would want instant access to detailed accounting information. Apart from office, it will be on tablets, phones and now on watches.

Risk buzzes a user’s wrist

In critical cash-flow the watch app can buzz a user’s wrist. When critical cash-flow levels are breached or key invoices fall overdue, it will buzz a risk on user’s wrist. Before it becomes red red-alert for transactions, by approving invoices to extending bank credit lines and even requesting funds from peer-to-peer lenders, this situation can be controlled. It is difficult to preoccupied with both balance sheets and bleeding-edge technology. But it can now be done in just a few minutes.

Quick books on Apple watches

Following are the features of Quick books:
·        It will manage your finances in one place.
·        It will organize your business and financial information in one place.
·        It includes features like invoicing, bookkeeping and billing. Hence help in tracking your expenses and sales year.
·        It supports all your devices like iPad, iPhone or Android and helps you to manage your work from home or office.
·        It will protect data from misuse.
·        It will easily create and manage invoices and automatically schedule deliverable invoices for your regular customers.

·        QuickBooks helps to integrate payroll and gives the ease of managing your payroll from anytime at anytime.
·        It provides access to your chartered accountant or in-house bookkeeper and hence give real time collaboration with your accountant.
Today because of its fantastic features 1.5 million small businesses use QuickBooks and it will increase in future.


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