Monday, 30 January 2017

The Festival of Bakrid

Bakrid according to the lunar-based Islamic  calendar,falls on the 10th day of of the month Dhu-a-hijjah,12th month of that calendar.The basis of this celebration is the 196th verse of Al-Baqara,the second sura of the Koran,the Holy Book of Muslims.The festivity associated with this Id begins when the pilgrims perform the ritual of Hajj in Mecca,Southi Arabia.

  Bakrid is actually the celebration of Prophet Ibrahim's devotion and loyalty to Allah,God in Islam,the most kind and merciful.Ibrahim saw in dreams that Allah in order to test his loyalty asked him to sacrifice the person he loved  most.Obviously the person dearest to him was his only son,Ismael. the son was born to him when he was very old.Ibrahim like true believer at once agreed. But he wanted to take the son's consent before making the sacrifice.To his utter surprise,Ismael showed no hesitation asked his father to follow what Allah had commanded.Ibrahim confidently went ahead to make the supreme sacrifice.Allah was pleased with Ibrahim's absolute faith in Him.Allah asked him  to sacrifice the goat that had miraculously appeared.

The sacrifice of goat is the symbol of total submission to the will of Allah and His kind gestures towards the faithfuls.The meaning of Arabic " Islam"is the submission to the will of Allah(i.e. God).

 In Bakrid,the animals like goat or sheep or cow are thus sacrificed according to the rules laid down in Islam. The distribution of meat of sacrificed animals is also defined.The family is supposed to keep only the one third of the meat. The other one third should be offered to the relatives and friends.The remaining one third must be gifted to to the poor who cannot afford any meat. Here the distribution implies inculcating the spirit of charity and camaraderie.

  The Muslims,particularly the children wear new clothes and join the gathering of faithfuls for prayer at a public place. Normally the place is an Idgah or a mosque.Tradionally this festival emphasises the sense of brotherhood among the faithfuls who have unflinching faith in Allah .
                                           ----Sailendra Misra


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