Saturday, 28 January 2017

The legacy of Mahatma

Years ago, Field Marshal Jan Smuts said about Gandhi, ' Gandhi is not just an individual. He's an idea.' So very true! Smuts beautifully encapsulated Gandhi's whole philosophy and persona. Those who killed Gandhi, failed to comprehend that they were not killing a mere individual. They were trying to eliminate an idea whose time had come. And when an idea comes of age, no force can unnerve or dislodge it. The eternal idea of Truth and the concept of non-violence propounded by Gandhi, couldn't be destroyed. In sooth, Gandhi's killers unwittingly elevated his status, which they least bargained for! 

Gandhi became an iconic figure in his lifetime. Such was his greatness!! He became sacrosanct following his martyrdom. At this crucial juncture of human civilization when violence and religious differences are at their worst, Gandhi's irenic philosophy is all the more relevant.

A sanguinary future for the mankind is undesirable to all peace-loving human beings. It's non-violence of Gandhi, Gautam and Jesus that can save the mankind from complete annihilation. Remember, 'a bullet catapulted Gandhian philosophy to the stratosphere of all philosophies.' Gandhi's non-violence didn't go in vain. Gandhi was relevant and will continue to be germane to the world encumbered with bloodshed.

Some ideologies assume greater significance as time glides by. Gandhi's pacifism has drawn greater attention in recent years because somewhere we all have realised that if we're to survive, we need to listen to the voice of our collective conscience and consciousness. Gandhi's universal message is the voice of conscience that can never be suppressed or ignored.

Let's salute the Mahatma and learn from his life to make our own lives worthwhile.          
                        ---Sumit Paul


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