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What are the Facts Every Indian Want to Know about the Republic Day of India?

What are the Facts every Indian want to Know about the Republic Day of India?
26th January, 2050 was a red-letter day in the Indian history. That was the day when India got its own Constitution, a must for any law-abiding country. Constitution is the very axis around which the whole law and order of a country. It is the basic necessity that separates a country of law from the rogue state.
Though for most of us, 26 January is not more than the marching brigade and the sober presentation of different schools and colleges, but digging into deep, this day is much more than it seems to be. In fact, there are so many important things associated with this big day, that work knowing.

Here are some of these facts related to 26 January:

Ø January 26, 1930 was celebrated as India's Independence Day or Purna Swaraj Day, in the Congress Conclave near river Ravi
Ø  In that Conclave, the people in Congress declared Purna Swaraj - complete freedom from the British Raj.

Ø However, in 1947, since August 15 became the official Independence Day, the Indian Constitution was adopted on this day in 1950, in order to mark and respect the 1930 declaration.

Ø President Sukarno of Indonesia was the first chief guest at the R-Day celebrations held on January 26th, 1950.

Ø On January 26, 1950, the first President of India, Dr Rajendra Prasad took oath at Durbar Hall of government house.

Ø Republic Day is not just a one-day celebration. The celebrations are spread over 3-days and end with the Beating Retreat on January 29.

Ø Rajpath wasn't always where the R-Day parade was held. During 1950–1954, the celebrations were organised at different venues including Irwin Stadium, Kingsway, Red Fort and Ramlila Ground.

Ø  It was only after the parade was held at Rajpath in 1955 that the venue became the permanent location for holding the celebrations.

Ø In 1955, Pakistan's Governor General Malik Ghulam Muhammad was the first chief guest for the parade held at Rajpath.

Ø The first Republic Day was celebrated in 1950, three years after we attained independence.


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