Monday, 6 February 2017

Get a Job without Degree

Want to make a career in the IT field? But do not have the right degree? These questions might be running across a number of individuals. Yes having a degree bachelor’s or master degree in computer science or information technology can help you to find a job easily, but that does not mean non-technical graduates cannot make a career in this field.

Jobs in tech are getting stronger than ever. The IT sector is booming and growing at a very rapid pace, and the best thing is that not all of these jobs require having an engineering degree. The competition between the organizations for hiring those who aren’t qualified is increasing day by day, and you won’t believe demand for these positions is greater than the ones which requires having a graduate or masters degree in IT. 

Incredible job opportunities exist for people from non-technical backgrounds. The only thing you require is to find about such positions. If you want to move from you current career of a non-IT domain to a tech world, below mentioned points can be of great help to you.
Learn How the Web Works
Today the internet has become very stronger, and you can make the best out of it. There are numerous examples of people who started learning to code while doing work in their non-it jobs. You can also start with learning some HTML, CSS or Java Script. There are a number of tools provide on internet which could be of great use to you. Codecademy and W3Schools are two great places to kick start your code learning session. Or pick up a newbie book from Amazon.

 Start with a technical Job in Your Current Company
Today almost every company, whether it is technical or non-technical, is looking for a stronger web presence. If you learn some basic website building tools then you can kick start your IT career in  current company.  In this way you’ll can make a real and effective impact on your organization and at the same time polish your IT and technical skills. The experience you get over here will be a great help in finding your first job in a IT company.

 Knock on the Door of a Disrupter
As said experience never goes wasted. So the experience you’ve gained in your non-IT field can be helpful in fetching a job. Search for a disrupter who is interested in offering IT services for the field you have been working for years. The experience you’ve gained will be an added advantage placing you high above all the other candidate applying for that particular job.
Be like a fresher not senior
When planning to start your career in IT field one thing that you must remember is that do not have ego problems of seniority. You might have worked in a very high position in your non—tech organization, but for IT field you’re just a fresher. So be humble and act like a beginner.

Landing up an IT job without having a non-technical background is not so difficult. You just need to have a little patience, confidence on yourself and a zeal to learn something new.
                                                  -----Anu Jha


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