Monday, 6 February 2017

How to Celebrate Halloween?

Let’s Celebrate Halloween

It’s time to celebrate and enjoy your moments. So, Halloween is back to celebrate your moments. As it comes only once a year, people are excited to celebrate and enjoy life. Halloween is scaring people and if u likes to scare, selects different ways of scaring. So, just don’t give an excuse to party and celebrate! It will be more fun when you decorate your home with lots of stuff to scare those who dare walk up to your door. In nights, a decorated home welcomes all the little Ghosts in a Dirt Graveyard, ghosts and goblins. To make it more scary, one can use some scary music. Kids will giggle with delighted terror and knock on your door, yelling, "Trick or Treat!"

Halloween for Adults

·       Set jack o' lanterns in your windows or sidewalk. You can prepare jack o' lantern by yourself and it will be a great fun. If you want one can buy pre-made, decorative jack o' lanterns. But making them from your own hands will be enjoyable.
·       Always keep candies in a good stock because you are not aware that how many children will be knocking on your front door. You must have spare change with you. In 50's, UNICEF has started a trick or treat program in which children collected pare change to help children in need in over 190 countries all over the world.

·       You can decorate your house with the spirit of Halloween. You can choose different themes like a haunted house or cemetery or else you can just swallow your house in orange, black, cobwebs, and stuffed witches. Make sure to dim lighting inside and outside your home.
·       One can arrange a Halloween pre-party among friends or family members. In your party, keep theme of wearing fake skeletons and dry ice. You can also arrange Halloween games, finger foods, drinks, and music. This party can also include eyeball candies to place on Red Velvet cupcakes with white icing for the blood vessels. If you and your friends really interested then you could stage a blackout or a zombie attack.

Halloween for Children

·       Purchase a new costume each year for you to celebrate this one day. Shop around and buy a costume you're looking for because there are literally hundreds to choose from. If you're preparing the costume by yourself then possibilities can be a costume that no one else will have and it is always better. You can also use more accessories from your home which will make your costumes scarier. But before taking any steps ask your parents for help.
·       You can also use American traditions of Halloween by pumpkin carving. Grab your mom or dad to pick out your pumpkin. You can think of carving as a shadow and it can be possible by illuminating light behind it. You can also use pumpkin seeds for roasting.
·       Halloween does not just have to be trick but celebrating the holiday with friends or family.
·       Put your make up and join the ghosts and witches and ask for Trick or Treat!.

                            -----Ashish Jha


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