Sunday, 5 February 2017

IT Jobs in London

Thinking about moving to a new job this year? The IT industry in London is very old and today it is growing at a very rapid pace. IT professionals those who want to earn huge can come to London and can have a very successful career along with earning huge every year.

If you talk about the statistics of the current year, the biggest salary increases for IT professionals in London lie in store for those professionals who have expertise in areas like big data analytics, mobile, e-commerce and security.  Salaries for these tech domains will increased by four percent or more this year while salaries for all other IT professionals would  be the normal 2.5 percent salary increase. These facts and figures came in-front when a popular recruitment company of London, did a detailed survey and research.

The spokesperson of Recruitment Company told about a number of IT jobs where salaries will rise the fastest this year. Some of the top IT jobs in London for this year will include:
Database/business intelligence developer: £40,000 to £63,500 across the UK, £51,500 to £82,000 in London.
Information security officer: £51,500 to £84,250 in London, £40,000 to £65,250 across the UK.
Information security manager: £83,750 to £116,750 in London, £65,000 to £90,500 across the UK.
Mobile applications developers: £43,250 to £80,750 in London, £33,500 to £62,500 across the UK.
Web designer: £50,000 to £67,750 in London, £38,500 - £52,500 across the UK.

The list of some of the best and highly paid IT jobs in London and UK doesn’t just end with the above mentioned areas. There are a number of other jobs which comprises the best paid tech jobs in London and the UK.
If a CIO is in London he/she would earn between £155,000 and £297,000 and between £120,500 and £230,000 a year, if they are in some other part of UK.  The salary margins have increased by a 2.3 percent this year.
Second in this extended list are the CTOs.  They are expected to make earnings of £79,750 to £150,250 across the country and £103,000 to £193,750 in they are present in London.

Next comes, the job profile of a Chief information security. This position is watching the biggest rise in salary which is expected to be around 3.5%. A chief information security officer will earn around £96,750 to £173,500 in London while the earning across the country would be £75,000 to £134,500.
Another IT position in UK which has very good salary prospects is the role of a chief architect. She/he can pocket up to somewhere between £101,500 to £185,000 in the capital while £78,750 to £143,500 in the country.

There is no dearth of jobs in the IT industry for people who are experienced and skilled. Every organization in London is focused to hire the top talent from the industry. And for this they are ready to pay any amount. Therefore skilled and talented IT professionals would have a number of job offers.  Earning money in IT field has become much easier now. 


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