Saturday, 4 February 2017

JNU---Mockery of Education System

JNU, which was once famous for the role it played in providing the nation, the alumni,  who have occupied  important political and bureaucratic positions, has become a center of discussion in every news media and that too for all the wrong reasons. Be it the agitation by Kanhaiya Kumar, former President of the Jawaharlal Nehru University Students' Union, or the missing case of Najeeb Ahmed , JNU is losing its reputation of being an institute, which every student aspire to become a part of and expand the academic horizon.

JNU is known for  independent thinking and freedom of expressions it provides to the academicians and students. But when this freedom starts becoming a nuisance for the safety and  integrity of a country at the cost of tax payers hard earned money and the cost of the lives of our soldiers , then it becomes imperative to think about who is causing more damage to our country. Is that always the infiltration of terrorists which we would point out as threat to our nation or such incidences in our own country inside the very premier institute?

Recently the registrar of Jai Narain Vyas University in Jodhpur filed a police complaint against professor Nivedita  Menon, a professor at the School of International Studies at JNU,  over her alleged remarks about Kashmir and the Indian Army during a speech on campus . Menon was  invited by the JNVU’s English department to deliver a lecture on the topic, ‘History reinterpreted: nation, individual and culture’. Although she has brushed aside the allegation saying her views were not  anti-national but anti-RSS and Hindutva. Her remarks left me thinking as to why  she thought her view as anti-RSS . 

Is that RSS doing something which is against or disturbing the harmony of our country? Next time when you hear some more liberal thoughts and slogans on how badly  the majority community of this country behaving and how shameful one should feel about their deity as how a goddess turned into a sex worker who tricked Mahishasura into marriage and killed him, you can realize as from where you can expect such noble thoughts!!

Do we require only majority community of india to be more tolerant?? Can not we expect some mindful thoughts from our educationsits to help in shaping a better future for  india , instead of poisioning their young minds and keeping politics out from the educational system??

                              ---Deepa bisht


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