Thursday, 2 February 2017

Sachin Tendulkar vs Virat Kohli

Lots of other answers have mentioned about Virat's anger and aggression etc. Do I need to remind you that even Sachin was very much aggressive during his early years (~1990s)? Although, during that time, sledging wasn't the general norm and most of the conversation happened eye-to-eye or the more well known language of bat-to-ball. Just look at any (non-australlian) player during the 80s or 90s. If anyone was called aggressive, it wasn't because of sledging or using words. It was because of the way they treated the other team while working the 22-yards.

I am not that big a fan of Virat and even though an atheist, I understand that the only god in cricket can be Sachin, no matter what. That being said, Virat can always meet or break the records that Sachin made. Just as Sehwag and later on Rohit Sharma went on to make 200+ scores in ODIs. There will be a lot many enthusiasts who would be seeing Virat scoring 100+ centuries as well. But no matter what he does, he will be just breaking a record. While Sachin on the other hand, made the record. He made fans look for something where there wasn't anything at all.

I remember a quote by him that there is no such statistics or record such as 100 centuries in ODI and tests combined. Both are different plays of game and you can't combine the numbers, just like lemons and strawberries. Even after that, that little man, with a number 10 printed on his back, made 120 crore population from India and at least half the population from the our green neighbour pray for that 100th century. I doubt Virat could unite India and Pakistan in similar fashion.

Looking from a match-winner point of view, I see that Sachin and Virat have similar characteristics. There have been numerous instances of Virat scoring 50+ or a century while the wickets at other end are dropping like administrative regime in Pakistan. As Sachin was considered for captainship during late 90s while the seniors (aka Srinath, Kumble, Azhar etc.) were ignored is very similar to Virat's instance. Today, Sehwag, Gambhir, Zaheer have been officially or unofficially retired from ODIs and Virat is the assumed heir to the captaincy. Maybe because of his flamboyant play. May be not. But don't tell me you don't see a similarity.

Remember the good old days, when we used to come after school and ask our dad has Sachin got out or is he still playing? If he was, there was a hope, no matter the target. If he wasn't, we started working on our homework. Now tell me, this Sunday, India Vs SA. How many of you thought that India has lost it when you saw Virat returning to the pavillion? Didn't Raina's short inning remind you of the terrible collapse? Those jokes based on India's short innings?

Shivam Mishra


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