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May Day: Why and How it is Celebrated?

International Labor Day (May Day)
Official Name: International Labor Day

International Labor Day is also known as International Labor Day and May Day, which is celebrated internationally for the promotion of the International Labor Association. It is celebrated all over the world on 1st May, which has been declared as a traditional summer holiday in Europe.
It has also been declared as a national holiday in almost 80 countries of the world, whereas in many countries it is celebrated unofficially. This is the US and Canada, it is celebrated as the annual holiday to commemorate the great achievements of the workers working in different fields on the first Monday of September month (Labor Day).

International Labor Day 2017

International Workers' Day 2017 (Socialist and Labor Union) by the people of the whole world will be celebrated on May 1, Monday.

History and Origins of International Labor Day

International Labor Day is a big celebration of the world class and it is celebrated on May 4, 1886, to remember the hairmarket incident in Chicago (hairmarket massacre). It was a big event of that year when the workers were on a general strike for their eight-hour workday and the police was doing their job to disperse the crowd to the common people. Suddenly, a bomb was thrown over the crowd by an unidentified person and the police started firing, in which four demonstrators were killed.

Here is the real statement about the program: "Trustworthy witnesses have said that all the guns have shone from the middle of the road, where the police were standing, and there was no one from the crowd. In addition, reports of the initial paper is not described any talk of firing by the civilians. At the scene a pole pillar was filled with bullets, all coming from the direction of the police. "
It was decided on the anniversary of the day of May Day in the meeting of the Paris (1889) through a proposal by Raymond Levigne that it was necessary to celebrate the anniversary of the revolt of the Shiqing rebellion and require an international demonstration. In the year 1891, to commemorate the annual event, the second international Congress received official approval on May Day.

However, in the May Day riot in 1894 and again in 1904, the following statement was given at the International Socialist Conference of Amsterdam: "For the establishment of an eight-hour-day legal establishment, on May 1st, all the Social Democratic Party Organization and trade unions, for the graded demand of the working class, and for global peace, and to prevent the work on May 1. Binding up the trade unions wife countries, it has been announced. "

Why is May Day celebrated?

International Labor Day or May Day is celebrated to end the struggle for promotion of an eight-hour car-day requirement. In the past, the working conditions of the workers were very painful and there was also a working day of 10 to 16 hours in the unsafe situation. During the 1860s, deaths, injuries and other horrific situations were very common for workers, and the people working during the whole working day were very unhappy until the eight-hour workday was declared.

In many industries, there was a need to raise voice for the safety of people of the working group by decreasing the working hours of the working class people (men, women and children), decreasing their working hours in the industries. After a lot of efforts by the workers and the socialists, in the 1884 national congressional work of the workers at the National Convention of Shikogo, eight hours were declared as legal time for the workers.
During Heymarket massacre, a lot of people sacrificed their lives, which took place during the workers' strike in Chicago. In order to promote the social and economic achievements of the working group people, the May Day is celebrated to recall the occurrence of Heymarket Massacre.

How International Labor Day is celebrated

In order to celebrate the achievements of the workers, international labor day is celebrated annually as an official holiday throughout the world. People celebrate May Day or Labor Day happily by managing big party and various programs and decorating the banner of colors and flags.

In order to increase social awareness about Labor Day, various newspapers and messages are spread through TV channels and radio channels, while congratulating the workers' day among the people. To celebrate this day, there  are also held a variety of programs by the International Labor Organization. The theme of the Labor Day party festival is any cartoon character, western culture show, sports, TV show, movie, leisure activities, fun-filled fun activities etc. Other Workers' Day activities include class puzzles, word change puzzles, word search puzzles, code cracker puzzles, word giddy puzzles, words match puzzle, etc.

The festival is celebrated by labor unions across maintains a historical importance in the world and all over the world. Various types of Working Group under the safety management to prevent violence demonstration, speech, rebellion procession.

Preparation of 'last' war against Naxalites; Dobhal to take care of meeting

Jagdalpur: After the martyrdom of 25 CRPF personnel in the Maoist attack in Sukma, the government has decided to enter the den of the Naxalites and teach them a lesson that they will probably never forget.In this regard, a meeting of top state officials has been called on May 2, which will be addressed by National Security Advisor Ajit Doval through video conferencing. IG Vivekanand Sinha of Bastar division said, "A meeting of top officials has been called in capital Raipur on May 2 for counterattacking the Naxalites and for the new strategy. National security adviser Ajit Doval will also be present in this meeting through video conferencing.

It is said that the government has decided to create a strategic preparation to root out the menace of Naxalism . That is why Ajit Doval, who played a key role in the surgical strike, has been given the command to make a strategy. Bastar IG Sinha said on the phone from Bijapur, "The force deployed in Bastar has been removed from road construction and sent to the naxal areas. Force will not do the road opening now. It will only fight against the Maoists. The Force is continuously patrolling the inner areas. Operation Clean is being carried out on the strategy of making the area clean of any dirt of naxalism.

Sinha said, 'I am in Bijapur now. Internal Security Adviser Vijay Kumar has reached Bastar here. There is a meeting with the Force in the district headquarters with the DG Naxal Operation. Naxalites will be admitted in their own den and replied in a negative manner. IG Sinha said, "Prime Minister Narendra Modi has taken the information of Bastar's latest situation from Home Minister Rajnath Singh and Chief Minister Raman Singh. The Prime Minister has instructed National Security Advisor to handle the Naxal problem. On the instructions of the PM, internal security adviser Vijay Kumar and the DG Naxal Operation DM Awasthi are camping in Bastar. At the same time, the central force and the state police force have been asked to curb the Maoist network in every situation by speeding up attacks on the Maoists and mutual coordination. It is important to note that Vijay Kumar played a key role in the killing of Chandan Taskar Veerappan.
Sinha said, "On 2 May, Ajit Doval will discuss video conferencing from New Delhi in the context of Naxalism from Bastar and top state officials, for which the mobilization of officers will be in the capital. 

In the conference, Bijar's IG, DIG, collector of all 7 districts, SP has been called in Raipur. In addition, the officers of the CRPF and the Indo-Tibetan Border Police (ITBP) will also be attending the meeting. Chief Minister Raman Singh has clarified that the talks with the Maoists will not be a direct fight. After the martyrdom of 25 soldiers, now the preparation is on full swing to make the land free of naxalites.

DM Awasthi is working on the strategy of attacking directly by increasing the morale of the Force with IG, DIG and SP, camping in Bastar. Even senior officials are preparing tactics while making Bastar, a center of special workforce. At the same time, the command of the STF will be handed over to the Central Security Force, in which the top officials of the state will be included.
                                                                         ----Ashish Jha

SSC MTS 2017 Cut off Marks

As the examination for the SSC MTS 2017 is over, all those students who have appeared for the examination, must be waiting for the SSC MTS Cut Off Marks.The reason for the anxious wait is quite obvious. With all the answers of the questions that they have made quite fresh in their minds and the appearing  students have carried with them the question papers, they can very well tally the answers and come to know for sure as to how much marks they are going to get in the just held examination.

If they come to know about the expected cut off marks, they will be getting the benefit from these cut offs in two ways. If they come to know that their marks are in the cut off lists, they can start rejoicing from today itself. The good thing about this examination is that there is no any Mains or interview test. Simply put, if your score comes in the cut off category, you are selected finally.
SSC MTS 2017 Cut off
For the all the students that have appeared for the SSC MTS, it is now Yahoo moment. The SSC MTS expected Cut-off marks is out in the open. Importantly, the cut-off marks is different for the different categories.
For the general students, the expected cut-off marks is 97-102. Those who belong to Other Backward Classes can clear the exam, if they manage to get 83-87 marks. The students belonging to Scheduled Caste can expect to clear the examination if they manage to get 55-56 marks, whereas those belonging to Scheduled Tribe can manage to get an entry in SSC if they manage to get 59-63 marks in the just held examination. Very low cut off is expected for the Ex. Servicemen. They, even after getting 47-52 marks, can clear the exam.

SSC MTS 2017 Exam Highlights

The examination dates of the SSC MTS 2017 are on 30th April 2017, 14th May, 2017 and 28th May, 2017. The total number of vacancies that was advertised in employment news and the official website of SSC is 8300. The name of the post of Multi Tasking Staff or MTS. The number of applicants for this examination was more than 10 lakhs. The mode of examination was offline.
                                          ----Sushmita Jha

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How Much Salary does Sunder Picchai Take?

New Delhi: Ground may slip for you once you hear Google's CEO Sondai Pichai's salaries. Google CEO (chief executive) Sundar Pichai gets a whooping salary of $ 200 million and perks and facilities that is, about 13 billion rupees. Pachai gets a salary of more than 1 billion rupees per month. The special thing is that these salaries have doubled since 2015. In the year 2016, he was given a share of $ 200 million (i.e., 12.85 billion rupees) worth of about 1300 crore shares. In 2016he started getting  a total salary of 12,849,199,632 billion.

Rise of Salary of Sunder

In 2016, 44-year-old Pichai received a salary of $ 650,000, which is marginally lower than $ 6,52,500 in 2015. But Sundar Pichai was appointed CEO, i.e., Chief Executive Officer, during the company's restructuring in August 2015, after which the income of his share increased to Rs 19.87 crore in 2016. It is nearly twice the revenue of $ 9.98 million of the same item for 2015. According to the report, Sunder Pichai has been given such a huge salary for the successful launch of several products as the CEO of the company.

Who Revealed the Salary of the CEO?

American news channel CNN has revealed the annual earnings of Google CEO Sundar Pichai in its new report. According to the channel's report Sundar Pichai had earlier led the team of Google's popular browser Chrome and Google Android launch team. In the year 2016, Google made a huge profit after launching products such as Google's Smartphones, Virtual Reality Headset, Voice Controlled Smart Speaker. As a result of this, the company has given a huge salary to Sunder Pichai.

Who is Sunder Pichai?

The full name of Sundar Pichai is Sundarajan Pichai and he was born on July 12, 1972 in Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India. Having passed MS from BITEC and Stanford University from IIT Kharagpur in India, he obtained an MBA degree from the University of Pennsylvania of the United States. Sunder Pichai has been working as a Google employee for a long time and in the year 2015, he took over the position of CEO of Google.

                                            ---Ashish Jha

Missile Test of North Korea Disrespected China: Trump

The US has given a strong reaction to North Korea's missile test on Saturday.

Washington (IANS). The US has given a strong reaction to North Korea's missile test on Saturday. US President Donald Trump said that North Korea has again disrespected the wishes of China by testing missile. After North Korea's failed missile test, Trump tweeted that North Korea disrespected the missions of China and the wishes of China and his highly respected President. It is quite bad. However this trial has not been successful.

It is noteworthy that China had talked about finding an alternative to tension in the region, on which the US had favored China. The Trump Administration praised Pyongyang for agreeing to not conduct missile and nuclear tests. PACOM spokesman Dave Benham said in a statement that the US Pacific Command detected it and we estimate that North Korea did a missile test on April 28 at 3.30 am on the morning of Hawaii. Ballistic missile test was done near Pukchang Airfield.

India Overtakes UK in Economy

India overtook the UK and became the sixth largest economy in the world. For the first time India has overtaken Britain in terms of GDP. This journey of India will continue.
According to Forbes Magazine, "In 2016, the UK GDP was $ 1870 billion, while India's GDP was $ 2,300 billion." This is the first time 150 years after the Indian economy left Britain behind. It was first estimated that India would retreat to Britain by 2020. But due to the breakage this year, the British economy got a lot of money. Pound drowned. India's growth rate remained steady and it reached number six.

According to the report, in the year 2017, the British economy will face a lot of difficulties. The pace of economic growth will drop from 1.8 per cent to 1.1 per cent. The Indian economy's growth rate is estimated to be 6 to 8 percent. In the case of GDP, India may have gone ahead of Britain, but the country is far behind in per capita income.

India is ahead of America, China, Japan, Germany and France. Forbes gave credit for this economic development to economic reforms made in 1991. In 1991, Manmohan Singh was the finance minister of the country. Manmohan Singh adopted liberal policies to correct the Indian economy. He made the Indian market competitive and opened it to international companies. Later, the Vajpayee Government and then Prime Minister Manmohan Singh made these improvements forward.

More than half of India's population is under 35 years of age. China and other developed countries are battling the problem of aging populations. It is estimated that India will leave Japan, Germany and France behind 2022 due to huge human resources.

How to Prepare for SBI Bank PO?

The Exam Date of SBI Bank PO is 4th June, 2017The recruitment is advertised from time to time for the post of bank PO(Probationary Officers) by several banks. Advertisements for these jobs come in employment news and all-India level newspapers. There is a craze of doing bank job among the youths of today.

With experience and efficiency, young banks can reach top management from PO. Many youths want to make a career in the form of PO but they cannot join due to lack of guidance and correct information. Let's know as to what is required for the post of bank PO? What should be the qualification? How is the format of the exam? How are the question papers? How To Prepare For Success In The Bank Po Examination? So on and so forth.

1. Age limit:  Age limit of 18 to 30 years is fixed for the post of Probationary Officer in nationalized and public banks.

2. The minimum academic qualification: The minimum academic qualification for Bank PO is a bachelor's degree. In addition to BA, BCom, and BSc, Managing Agriculture and Engineering Graduates can also join its large number of examinations.

3. Bank Probationary Officer (P.O.) Examination and selection process: The selection process for the bank PO exam is in two stages. The first step is written examination and its question papers are in Hindi and English. In this examination, questions related to general knowledge and Hindi-English are asked.

4. Second Phase of Exam: After passing this examination, in the second phase, the participants have to answer 200 questions of general knowledge, Hindi, English and Mathematics subjects, for which two hours and fifteen minutes are given. After passing both the examinations, the successful candifates are called for an interview.

5. Should I Attempt all questions? The questions in the paper are of objective types. But, many questions are given in the middle of the paper, that is too lengthy and thus time consuming. It may take the time of solving 10 of the comparatively easier questions. You have to solve the questions that you are comfortable with, and not all. Try to solve difficult questions in the remaining time. The questions of Maths from Class 6-10 appear in the exam.

6. Mode of Preparation: Proper preparation is necessary for operational exams, group discussions and interviews for success in the Bank Probationary Officer Examination. Good advice for preparing for the Bank PO exam include  solving various types of questions, taking help from previous years' Solved Question Papers and reading Monthly Magazine of Competitive Examinations. Read regular newspapers to prepare for general knowledge. Read Grammar Books for the preparation of English. Reading NCERT's books  of Mathematics  from class 6th to 10th can prove to be of great help and benefit.

                                                   ---Sushmita Jha

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Will North Korea Go Nuclear?

The tension between USA and North Korea is increasing day by day.
The Trump Administration says it will tighten financial sanctions against Pyongyang, and Kim Jong will activate the missile defense system with the aim of curbing its nuclear weapons programs and ballistic missile tests.
North Korea has decided to conduct further missile and nuclear tests.
This situation has raised many questions.

What will be the effect of stopping economic sanctions on North Korea?

Although there are wide restrictions against North Korea but they are not implemented effectively. A recent study by the United Nations found that parts of North Korea's missile tests revealed that its electronic source is connected to China's industry.

Therefore, China can do a lot to enforce the special restrictions of the missile, as well as to make economic pressure on Korea.The problem of Beijing is that they do not want the collapse of North Korea rule. But the rule of existing restrictions can be very difficult and many additional financial steps can be taken to make North Korea's life even more difficult.
The problem is that with a detailed restriction there may be a famine in North Korea, no one would want to see North Korea in this condition.

North Korea and China have proposed that the program of Pyongyang nuclear development could potentially end if the US stopped the activities threatening the country's territories. Why is not this being done?

For a long time, the purpose of the American policy is to stop North Korea's nuclear program, but it could not be possible and it seems that now the emphasis is on controlling it. There is no indication that it seems that North Korea has a desire to close its nuclear weapons.

China is eager to move forward in a diplomatic way, and its path is also there. For example, North Korea's nuclear weapon programs can be limited in exchange for different concessions. But this failed attempt has already been done.

What is the treaty of the countries of the Korea Peninsula?

What are the treaties around the Korean Peninsula, is anyone obliged to be involved and is there any response to it?
South Korea has long been a mutual defense treaty with the United States since 1953, and if it is threatened, then Washington will come for help.
In South Korea, 28,500 American soldiers and warships are regularly stationed in the country.
There is also a treaty in 1961 for mutual aid and cooperation between China and North Korea, but there is talk about defense, but it is clear that if war happens then China will help North Korea.

What are the measures that North Korea has to avoid the US invasion?

If North Korea does a nuclear test then what will it do to prevent the attacks of America and its allies?
If North Korea goes to war, then its worst impact will be on South Korea, because South Korea's capital Seoul is in the range of weapons of North Korea.
Certainly North Korea could initially be ahead in the war, but it would be difficult to tie US technology and modern US military machines. North Korea will definitely end up completely. But along with it there will be a great destruction in South Korea.

What will be China's role in the war between America and North Korea?

If North Korea submerges the US ship and America retaliates, then what would be the role of China? Will it invoke a global nuclear war?
China is aware of this growing tension. It is in a difficult situation. He does not like the rule of Pyongyang and its unstable behavior. But it also does not want North Korea's rule to be removed because it will not be happy with the unified Korea tilted towards the United States. Apart from this, the decline of North Korea's rule can lead to millions of refugees in China.

If North Korea attacks, then what will be the impact on Europe?

If North Korea, South Korea and the United States attack nuclear attacks, what will it have on Europe?
North Korea does not possess any firearms to Europe. It is difficult to say how much the nuclear attack will have on the environment. It will depend on its scale and atmospheric conditions.

What do the North Korean people think?

What does the North Korean know about the US preparation for security against North Korea?
North Korea is a country where people know only what their government tells. This is a rule that can make missiles, and sometimes it is difficult to provide food to the people of their country.
North Korea is said to be surrounded by its enemies equipped with nuclear weapons, so the reaction of Pyongyang is to create such a high military capability by keeping such weapons for itself.

                                                            ----Ashish Jha

North Korea Test fires Ballistic Missiles

America has warned North Korea of stern action. Since Donald Trump came into power in US, North Korea has done missile testing nine times so far. Pentagon has also confirmed the North Korea's missile test on Saturday. CNN told the US officials that North Korea launched the KN-17 ballistic missile capable of hitting medium-range from the mobile, which could not reach the Japan Sea.

U.S. Army's Pacific Command spokesman Dave Benham said the North Korean ballistic missile was launched Saturday at 10:33 p.m. However, no response has been received by North Korea on this. Between the growing tension with America, the ballistic missile test conducted by North Korea has raised the global concern.

According to the South Korean army chief, the missile was launched from a test site in Pyongan province, north of Pyongyong, north of the capital on Saturday. Earlier, North Korea tested a missile about 12 days ago. He also threatened in the UN that he would be conducting missile tests every week. At the same time, the White House reported that information about North Korea's missile test has been given to American President Donald Trump.

North Korea insulted China: Trump

U.S. President Donald Trump tweeted that North Korea insulted China by testing missile. This is very bad. Actually, China had asked North Korea to stop the missile test and nuclear program. In such a situation, Trump is trying to bring China in its favor. His statement is believed to be proving against China against North Korea.

North Korea's Missile Test Failed

US government sources say North Korea's missile test has failed. At the current time in the Korean Peninsular, the United States can take military action against North Korea's move in deeper tension. American President Donald Trump has also warned in the open words that treating the world's cancerous eunuch dictator Kim Jong, who is cancerous for the world, is essential.

US Military Action

These words can not be taken lightly by the president of the world's most powerful country. Trump has also cleared that there will be fierce conflicts with North Korea. In addition, US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has also said that the United States wants to take military action against North Korea. In such a situation, North Korea can take military action against North Korea's missile test. At the same time, North Korea has warned of a nuclear attack on America.
                                                   ----Sonal Sharma

Dawood on Death Bed

New Delhi The 1993 Mumbai blasts accused and underworld don Dawood Ibrahim is taking the last breath in Pakistan. According to media reports, Dawood had a heart attack, after which he has been kept on the ventilator and his condition is very fragile. Indian intelligence agencies are constantly monitoring the condition. A news channel has quoted media reports that Dawood has been placed on a ventilator in an ambulance in Karachi. It has been said in the reports that Dawood's brain tumor was operated on the previous day.

Dawood is a mastermind of the 1993 Mumbai bomb blast. 250 people were killed in these blasts. To escape the law, Dawood fled to Pakistan after these blasts. From here on, he is currently running his D company business. Although Pakistan has always denied the news of Dawood being there. In 2003, the UN Security Council also included David on the ban list.

According to the reports in the media, he has been kept on the ventilator. Apart from this, some media reports have said that some time ago, his brain tumor was operated in Karachi, which has not been successful. Because of this, the right part of his body has stopped working altogether.

However, the official confirmation of this news has not been confirmed so far. On the other hand, Dawood's family has described it as a rumor. His family says that Dawood is a healthy person. According to the family, Dawood went to the hospital meet a relative of his wife.
                                                             ---Ashish Jha

US shouuld Take on the Terrorist Groups without Pakistan

Washington. American experts say that while dealing with Pakistan, America should review its options. He told the American administration that if Pakistan continues to support terrorist groups attacking neighbors like India, then America should take a one-sided action on these terrorist hideouts itself. America should cut off funding to PAK.

Sath Jie Jones, director of RAND Corporation, International Security and Defense Policy Center, said in a statement before the Foreign Affairs Committee, "Congress has cut down military aid to Pakistan during the last few years. It has also truncated the foreign military finance to Pakistan.
- "But, despite this deduction, the US should also cut the aid given to Pakistan, the economic sanctions should be implemented against special organizations and people, and the United States should take similar steps to other countries.”
PAK should not allow its soil for Terrorist Groups
- Jones said, "America should review relations with Pakistan. It should  crack down on Taliban hideouts, with or without the help of Pakistan. US should forge a good tie with Pakistan if and only if the later severs its ties with the terrorist groups that target the neighbouring India and Afghanistan. Achieving favourable result is very important for the US.
No Let up in the Behaviour of Paksitan in a Decade
- Senior Fellow in Center for 21st Century and Intelligence in the Foreign Policy Program, Wanda Felbab Browne said, "Pakistan's inability to stop supporting the Taliban clearly shows its inherent and internal limits. The decade is passing, but Pakistan's Military Intelligence is still upset about the progress of India. At a time when Pakistan itself is facing obstruction and terrorism "

PAK is afraid of India's Diplomatic Fencing

- Brown said, "fearing the siege of India, Pakistan is refusing to eliminate the Afghan militant groups who use their land as hideouts. Despite the pressure from UN and NATO, Pakistan is supporting these groups. It shows that Pakistan's Military Intelligence believes that the friendly country of India on the western border to deal with any threat from Afghanistan The Jehadi group is extremely important. "

                                                        ---Sushmita Jha

Bahubali or Bahut Bada Hit?

 After two years of waiting, it is now revealed why Katappa killed Bahubali. Well, the audience wait to know this for two years waiting to know this question. Everyone were willing to see the movie so anxiously that despite the working day, the first show in all cinemas was the house-full.

Such a craze in Hindi-speaking audience is usually seen only by the Khan Trio. Seeing the enthusiasm of the audience, no one could say that it is a film that has no strong star in the North Belt. For the people who did not even recognize the preoccupation two years ago, they were taking tickets by putting the line and playing the whistles.

Salman Khan is like Bahubali Prabhas ....
Bahu's entry started with applause
When Bahubali Prabhas was signed to complete his mother's worship in the first scene of the movie, the audience welcomed with a lot of applause. When South's star got such a response, it was felt that now Prabhas should take Bollywood movies to sign.

As far as the film is concerned, not only the entry, but in the beginning Bahubali comedy along with Katappa also witnessed a huge applause. Mama-Bhangi met Devasena Anushka Shetty in the same form. Meanwhile, the scenes that have been thrown with technical expertise, the fans of Bahubali have also appreciated them.

Poignant Moments

If there are laughing scenes in the movie, the other part of Bahubali has its Poignant Part. The eyes of the spectators were dampened several times. Mother of Lord Shiva's son Bahu was wiping his eyes from the castle, and with a heavy heart, dipping the sword in the back of a lovely nectar, made many eyes mist.

And the rest of the audience

There are also many scenes in the films that surprise the audience. And even if you blink for a moment , something will be missed. Climax is very very impressive. Seeing this film, I can say with absolute certainty that it will make Hollywood movies a run for money. Bahubali has given a stern answer to those who dub Bollywood movies as superficial and just praise foreign films.

A special connection from the movie is also felt when its posters see you live on the screen. Climbing on the trunk of the elephant of the Bahubali, the majestic form of DevSena, Bahoo and Devasena together targeting with bow and arrow together all these scenes set a different connection.

                                       ----Sushmita Jha

Thursday, 27 April 2017

America and China in a Confrontational Situation

America and China are constantly looking at each other in a confrontational situation. Both the countries are face-to-face about the tension in the Korean Peninsula. In response to the Terminal High Area Altitude Defense (THAAD) anti-missile system deployed by the US in South Korea, China has now announced to conduct live-fire military exercises. Apart, China has also been asked to test some new weapons. It is known that Live-Fire Drill (LFX) is a military operation, in which practice is done in real situations like war. It is used to demonstrate its military strength and to pressurize the anti-nation.

 Deployment of THAAD a very Sensational Issue

China's National Security Ministry spokesman Yang Yujun said in a press briefing Thursday that deploying THAAD by the US is a very sensational issue. He said that this move by the US has created a lot of stressful conditions in the Korean Peninsula. Yang said that in view of these conditions, the Chinese army will continue to do live-fire military exercises. At the same time, new arms will also be demonstrated with the intention of maintaining China's security and regional stability.

 Plan to Deal with the Threat of THAAD 

According to an expert, this military exercise will mainly include China's air force and rocket force. Also, to deal with the threat of THAAD, practice will be done on different strategies of counter action. Earlier, South Korea's Defense Minister had said on Wednesday that some parts of THAAD have been sent to the place of deployment. South Korea also confirmed the deployment of this highly developed anti-missile system. It is known that China and Russia have expressed their opposition to the deployment of THAAD by the United States in South Korea. In response to this, the US said that it has taken this step only to deal with the increasing risks of North Korea's growing efforts to develop nuclear weapons and its use.

THAAD: A Threat to National Security

China and Russia say that the powerful radar of THAAD can also get the information of their locality and this is likely to threaten their national security. On Wednesday, China and Russia organized their third joint anti-missile press conference. It was said from both countries that behind the deployment of THAAD, there is a motive to weaken the Beijing and Beijing's strategic capabilities. Both the countries also talked about dealing with this threat together.
                                            ---Ashish Jha

Robert Vadra Got Profit of Rs 50.5 crore Illegally:Dhingara Commission

According to an English newspaper, the son-in-law of Congress President Sonia Gandhi had illegally got a profit of Rs 50.5 crore from a land deal.
New Delhi: The report of Dhingra Commission, formed by the Manohar Lal Khattar government of Haryana in 2015, has revealed that Robert Vadra, son-in-law of son-in-law of Congress President Sonia Gandhi, had made a profit of Rs 50.5 crore illegally from a land deal in Haryana in 2008, while he did not spend a single penny in that deal.

According to the English newspaper Economic Times, Vadra was negotiated to benefit the company. The Dhingra Commission was asked to investigate the license to change land use in four villages of Gurgaon. It also included a screening of the license given to Vadra's company Sky Light Hospitality Private Limited. The Commission submitted its report on August 31, 2016. The report of the commission was presented to the Supreme Court last week by the state government in a sealed envelope.
Replying to ET's questions in an e-mail, Vadra and lawyer of Skylight Hospitality, Suman Khetan said that Vadra and Skylight had not done any wrongdoing and did not violate any law. He also said that the entire price of land has been paid according to the market value and its income tax has also been given.

Constitutional Challenge to the Commission 

 Former Haryana Chief Minister Bhupinder Singh Hooda had given constitutional challenge to the formation of Dhingra Commission. Hooda had filed an application in the High Court alleging that some officials of the Haryana government leaked the Dhingra Commission report. The Punjab and Haryana High Courts have recorded the assurance that the report will not be published. Those who give information about the case say that a Haryana government official had testified before the Commission. He testified in the context of Skylight's real estate capabilities. The officer had said that Vadra is a very special person and in this connection he has the ability to make colony.

Irregularity in License 

According to the Economic Times, Dhingra report has given information of more than 20 properties which Vadra and his companies had purchased. One of these properties was purchased from Vadra's Skylite Hospitality Private Limited from Omkareshwar Properties. Later, its land use was changed and sold to DLF and thus got a profit of Rs 50.5 crore. The Commission has expressed doubts that the second land was bought from this profit. 
According to ET, after reviewing several land deals, it has been recommended in the report that land use licenses issued by the then Hooda government should be audited by an independent agency and cancellation of licenses given illegally.

Referring to the sources, ET said that after the deal was done by Omkareshwar Properties in favor of Skylight Hospitality, the company of Vadra made only Rs 50.5 crore on the basis of their name and no money was spent on it.
                                                     ---Ashish Jha

Tension with North Korea may Deepen: Donald Trump

US President Donald Trump has made a big statement about North Korea. Trump said on Thursday that tensions with North Korea can deepen on missile and nuclear testing issues. However, Trump also said that we would try to adopt a diplomatic approach on this issue.

Donald Trump said in an interview given to Reuters on his 100th day in the White Office that there is a great possibility that the ongoing dispute with North Korea can deepen deeply. Although Trump said that we will try to resolve this issue peacefully. Although given the current situation, it seems to be quite difficult.

Donald Trump praised the cooperation of Chinese Prime Minister Shi Jinping on the issue of North Korea. Trump said that he is a good man; he is constantly trying to create a war situation.

Let us know that the Donald Trump Administration on Wednesday described North Korea as a deadly country for safety. He said that he would try to put economic and diplomatic pressure on North Korea. According to US officials, using the army will always be an option.

Significantly, the issue of North Korea has increased over the last few days, Donald Trump also informed the US Senate on the issue.

                                      ---Ashish Jha

Air Travel for Just 2500 Rs?

Prime Minister Narendra Modi started the cheap flight in Himachal Pradesh. In addition to showing the first flight flight between Shimla and Delhi, PM Modi has given two more flags clearance. On this occasion Modi said that King Maharaj used to travel only in the first airline. Country's poor wears thin slippers, I wanted a person with slipper to sit in the airplane. That thing is coming true today. Modi said that there is considerable opportunity for the expansion of air services in India. He said that only then all travelers will be able to avail of this if the air circular route becomes operational.

10 Great Things of Flight Scheme

1) Under flyovers, the cost of travel for a 500 km or one hour journey has been kept at a maximum of Rs 2,500. On this basis, rent has been fixed for other routes too.

2) Under the Flying Scheme, 128 routes and 5 operators have been included in the flight scheme. These flights will be operated under Air India's regional unit Alliance Air.

3) 45 such airports that are not in service under the flying scheme have been connected to the air network.

4) Small airports of Tier 2 and Tier-3, where more flights were not run; there would be more flights now. People of these cities can get the benefit of the flying scheme.

5) Under the flight, five operators have been selected which are Air India subsidiary Allied Services, SpiceJet, Air Deccan, Air Odisha, Turbo Megha.

6) The services of SpiceJet for Kanpur to Delhi will start in August, while the flights from Kanpur to Varanasi and Delhi will fly in Air Odisha in September.

7) Alliance Air will start flying from Agra to Jaipur in June, while in August, Deccan has been preparing to start the flight service between Agra and Delhi.

8) Both the Alliance Air and Air Deccan have targeted to start service next month, from Delhi to Shimla.

9) Madhya Pradesh-Chhattisgarh will start its services from Ambikapur in Bilaspur to Bilaspur between Raipur and Odisha in September. Services will start from Jagdalpur between Raipur and Visakhapatnam in September itself.

10) The flight of the National Civil Aviation Policy, which started on June 15, 2016, is an important part.
                                                        Ashish Jha

JEE Main: Deepank of Mujaffarpur is the Topper of Bihar

Kota / Muzaffarpur: CBSE has released the results of JEE Main on Thursday. Udaipur's Kalpit Virwal topped the entire nation in JEE Main by scoring Perfect 100%. On the other hand, Deepank Agarwal of Muzaffarpur has achieved the distinction of being East Zone Topper along with getting the 15th (All India rank) place across the country. Deepank, who got success in her first attempt, has given her 12th examination this year. He scored 335 out of 360 points.

On the other hand, Kalpit who got 360 points out of 360 got 120 marks out of 120 in Physics, Chemistry and Maths. This is a record in itself. None of the students were able to score 100% score in this examination that is held for admission in major engineering colleges across the country including the IIT. It was the assumption of Kalpit that in spite of negative marking, he attempted all questions and all the answers were correct.

You can also become a Topper; Learn Tips of Kalpit

Holding on timings from the Mock Test: Accuracy and timing are the most important in men. I have never studied by seeing the time. Topic wise routinely made a routine reading of six to seven hours. Never took stress for studying. Holding the timing from the Mock Test Papers and finished the paper just a few minutes before the end.

Took Risk and he Succeed: Despite having negative marking, he took a big risk of answering all the questions. Have done simple questions first. After that, there are some difficult and difficult questions. Even after being 75 percent confident, I attempted questions.

19 point drop cutoff, physical handicapped cutoff is just 1 point

This year JEE Advanced Qualifying Cutoff dropped by 19 points. Last year, 100 students of General category had qualified for Advance. This year it has come to cutoff 81. According to the cutoff score, the cutoff score of the physical handicap category is a score. The cut off of the second category also declined.

10.2 Lakh Students Gave Test

On April 2, 8, 10.2 million students were sitting in the examination held on 1,781 centers across the country. Top 2.20 lakh students of JE Mains will now sit in JEE Advanced Examination, 2017.

                                                                  ---Ashish Jha

Kalpit of Udaipur is the Topper of IIT JEE; first time someone gets 100% marks

Jaipur: CBSE announced the results of Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) Mains 2017 on Thursday. Udaipur's legendary Veeraval has achieved 1st rank. He is the first  candidate that has got 360 out of 360 numbers. He has secured 120 out of 120 in Physics, Chemistry and Maths. Despite negative marking, the hypothetical all questions were included. Previously, the legendary Indian Junior Science Olympiad and the National Talent Search Exam has topped the list. 

- Offline Based JEE Main Examination was done on April 2, 2017, and online exams 8 and 9 April 2017. More than one million students took part in this. 1781 centers were created throughout the country. Of these, 2.20 lakh students have passed the exam, which can now join JEE Advanced, which will be held on May 21.

- Candidates with JEE Main Clearing will be able to take part in JEE Advanced 2017. Admission is done through IITs, NITs, IITs and other Government Engineering colleges through JEE Exam.
Print the score card
- Result JEE official website has been announced on While checking the result, keep your Admit Card in hand.
- Make sure to print your score card. If you find yourself qualified for JEE advance, mobilize all the information related to it. If you are unable to qualify, then on the basis of All India ranking, see where admission can be received.
19 point cutoff fall
- On the other hand, the cutoff of JEE Advance Qualifier has fallen this year. Last year, 100 students of General Catagari had qualified for Advance. This year it has come to cut off 81. According to cut off scores, the cut off score of physically handicapped category has been declined by one point. The cut off of the second category has also declined.

Five Years' Cutoff
Year General OBC SC ST
2017 81 49 3 27
2016 100 70 52 48
2015 105 70 50 44
2014 115 74 53 47
2013 113 70 50 45

The institutes and Number of Seats
Institutes                                   number of seats
NITs                                         31, 1,8013
IIITs                                             20 2,526
GFTIs                                         18, 3, 784
Total                                             69 24,323

The Original Heartthrob of Bollywood Vinod Khanna Passes Away

Mumbai: Famous Bollywood actor Vinod Khanna passed away. 70-year-old Khanna was suffering from cancer. Recently, one of his photographs was also viral, in which he looked very weak. Apart from Vinod Khanna Acting, he was also active in politics. Vinod Khanna, a MP from Gurdaspur, breathed his last at the Reliance Foundation Hospital in Mumbai.

Khanna was admitted to the Sir HN Reliance Foundation Hospital in Mumbai on March 31. However, it was said on behalf of the hospital that Khanna's body has reduced water. Vinod Khanna has two sons Akshaye Khanna and Rahul Khanna, who are active in Bollywood.
Khanna made the acting debut in 1968 with the film 'Man ki Meet'. In addition to this, he has given his name as 'Mere Aapne', 'Mera Gaon Mera Desh,', 'Imtihan', 'Inkar', 'Amar Akbar Anthony', 'Lahoo ke Do Rang', 'Kurbani', 'Dayavan' and 'Jurm'. Known for his acting in the movies, he was last seen in Shahrukh Khan's film Dilwale in 2015.

Vinod Khanna was counted among the most successful actors of his time. He worked in several blockbuster films. He was born in Peshawar in Pakistan in 1946. He started his career with negative characters. He later became the mainstream hero. He played Villain in Sunil Dutt's 1968 film 'Man ki Meet'. In the early days, he appeared in the role of co-actor or villain. These films were Poorav aur Paschim, Saccha Jhootha, Aan Milo Sajana, Mastana, Mera Gaon Mera Desh, Elan, etc.
                                                     ---Ashish Jha