Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Army Gets more Financial Muscle

In the wake of increasing dual challenges on the border, both from Pakistan and China, the government has started its preparations to compete with if and when the limited war conditions become imminent. In a quest to make army more equipped and capable, the Government has given the chief of the army the financial right to procure the military equipments of up to 40 thousand crores directly. With this financial might, now the army headquarters will be able to purchase weapons and ammunition of 40 thousand crore for its military preparedness, whenever needed, without the approval of the defense minister and cabinet.

According to sources, in the past few years, the Central Government has improved the condition of the minimum War Wastage Reserve. Emphasis has been laid out on the availability of necessary weapons and ammunition for at least 40-day battle at a time.
According to defense sources, since the surgical strike in September 2016, the army has purchased arms and ammunition of nearly 12 thousand crores so far. Sources reveal that the notification has alsready been issued in this regard.

 After the terrorist attack in Dartsal, Uri, the issue of preparedness was a big issue in the high level talk between the Government and military top  brass. After this, the government had given emergency power of the sub-heads to 12 thousand crores to buy important weapons and ammunition. By March this year, the Army spent 19 million rupees and made 19 defense deals and purchased important gunpowder. Out of these, 11 deals were made for ammunition.

Army has about 46 types of important weapons. There are 10 types of weapon parts. While there are 20 types of ammunition and mines. It contains ammunition attached to the artillery and tank. The army prepares for 40 days of battle in any situation at all times.

In 2012, the then Army Chief General VK Singh had written letter to then Prime Minister Manmohan Singh expressing concern for not having a 40-day war reserve. However, there was so much hullabaloo as the letter leaked.


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