Saturday, 22 July 2017

Bughdadi Survived due to New York Times--Trump

Washington: America's President Donald Trump has lashed out the head of the New York Times, for the Baghdadi's escape. Trump said on Saturday that due to a report from the New York Times, the US terrorist organization's organization failed to kill Baghdadi. The U.S. President has tweeted, "The New York Times has failed the American effort to kill al-Baghdadi, the most wanted terrorists. This is a dangerous agenda for national security. ' Trump, however, has not said that what the newspaper report had planned to catch Bagdadi was quartered. In response, the New York Times has sought clarification on the tweet from the White House.

Defense Minister also said, Baghdadi is alive
Washington, Pretor: US Defense Secretary James Matisse has dismissed claims of the death of militant outfit Islamic State (IS) gangster Abu Bakar al-Baghdadi in the air strikes. Matisse told reporters on Friday, "I will believe only if he is killed when it comes to know that we have killed him. We are looking for him. ' Last month the Russian army had claimed that an air strikes were carried out on May 28 in Rakka, Syria. There was a meeting of top ISIS terrorists there. Baghdadi was killed in this. Recent reports also said that Baghdadi was killed in Syria or Iraq. Baghdadi had publicly appeared three years ago in 2014. Since then, he has never been seen again. Pentagon officials say that Baghdadi is not involved in daily activities of ISS. In contrast, Matisse said that Baghdadi is still playing some role in the IS.

Afghan policy review
In response to another question by Defense Minister Matisse, the review of the Afghan policy has not been completed yet. They have not used the right to get the president from the President to increase the number of soldiers in the war-affected country to four thousand.


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