Tuesday, 4 July 2017

China Bullies India on Border Dispute

In an ongoing dispute between India and China on the Sikkim border, China, bypassing any agreement, said on Tuesday that resolving the dispute is dependent on India.

Putting full responsibility on India, China said in a threatening tone that the military option is dependent on India's policy. India has to resolve the dispute.

China's Ambassador Luo Zhaohui clearly said that the ball is now in India's court. India has to think as to which options are there to overcome the deadlock. He said that the Chinese government is clear about resolving the issue peacefully. But, for this, removing India's own army will be the first condition. The Chinese Ambassador answered this on a question about the possibility of war on not resolving the boundary dispute in a proper manner.

Lua Zhaohui said, "The first priority is that the Indian army goes into the Indian border unconditionally. This is the condition before any meaningful conversation between India and China. '
What is the dispute?
This dispute is going on at the reconciliation point of the Indian border in China, Bhutan and Sikkim. China had tried to build roads on the Doka La area, which is coming here in Bhutan. Bhutan expressed objection on this. At the same time, the Indian army and the Chinese army which came to help the Bhutanese army have now come face-to-face. This area is also strategically important for India.

Doka La is the Indian name of this area, which is called Bhutan Dokalam and China claims to be part of its own Dongland area. Between Bhutan and China, there has been negotiations regarding the solution of this region. Bhutan has no diplomatic relations with China and it receives military and diplomatic cooperation from India.

However, China is repeatedly accusing India of violating the border. At the same time, India has been saying that it is dependent on China. This is a case of Bhutan and China and India is just helping Bhutan.
                                                                                 ---Ashish Jha


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