Monday, 17 July 2017

China is Ready for any Kind of Confrontation: Chinese Media

Tensions created in China and India are increasing due to the border problem. China's media has clearly written in a threatening tone that China is ready for any kind of confrontation. China will not shy away even from going for a war if the situation of the circumstance necessitates it. And India will have to pay the price for this conflict.

What does the Global Times Say
China's official newspaper Global Times said in the article that after 1962, India has been accused of persistent inciting. It has been written that China should be prepared for all kinds of conflicts in the future. China should go ahead and fight the LAC, if India is facing difficulties in many places, then it will face confrontation on LAC.

The article says that China should feel free to build up the construction in the Docamal area, along with the number of its army should also be increased there. Being a sovereign country, it is the right of China. China is not afraid of any kind of confrontation with India, in the same way China is not afraid of any kind of war and prepares itself for it.

It is noteworthy that since the beginning of June 16, Chinese media has been continuously using this kind of language. Recently, the video was also been released by the Chinese media practising the firing of Chinese army.

China’s Sovereignty is Under Threat
 The newspaper has written that this kind of action is a challenge to China's sovereignty, as the tension is building continuously between these two neighboring countries. China should be well prepared for a conflict, though it should also be watchful. There is a consistent voice in China that the Indian Army should be removed from the Docmal sector, while the people of India also think that India is fighting for war with China. By forgetting all these things, the two countries need to maintain restraint.

Diplomatic Negotions are going on
It has been written in the newspaper that diplomatic negotiations are still going on in both the countries, but all kinds of relations have been poisoned by India. If India strengthens its army on the border then China will do the same. If India wants to end the ongoing border dispute, it should immediately withdraw its troops from Docmal sector. China is an emerging force, it can use its source on any kind of border problem. China has built in Tibet area which is near the border of India, Bhutan and Nepal. It is a contest of the strength of an army, as well as the competition of economic growth.


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