Monday, 24 July 2017

China Issues War Threat to India

China is constantly trying to put pressure on India in the midst of a military strike with India in Doklam in Sikkim region. For the first time after the Chinese government, the Chinese army has threatened for Doklam. In his statement issued by the Chinese army, the warning has said that if India's army does not go back from Dolaam, then we will increase our numbers. Significantly, tension is continuing for many days in India and China over Doklam. In the recent past, the Chinese government continues to threaten, but this is the first time that the Chinese army has issued a jingle fame by issuing the statement. The Chinese army has said that they will do anything to protect its sovereignty. The People's Liberation Army has told India that sovereignty will be protected at any cost.

Chinese Defense Ministry spokeswoman Wu Qian said in a press briefing, "It is easy to move a mountain, but it is very difficult to shake the People's Liberation Army." He further said that China is 'continuously strengthening its capacity' to protect its territory and sovereignty.

In a special briefing before the PLA's 90th anniversary on August 1, the PLA has given a strong message on Doklam. Apart from PLA, it has been said that deployment of Doklam will also be increased. Senior Colonel Woo Qian, spokesman of the National Defense Ministry, said that in the last 90 years, the history of PLA proves our determination, ability to protect sovereignty and regional integrity.

The PLA also said that in response to this incident, an "emergency response" could bring more Chinese army to the region. At the same time, senior Colonel Wu Kian also made a defense spokesman for China's road construction on the Dokalm Plateau. Let us tell you that Dokalam is referred to as Donglaung.

Qian said, "In the middle of June, the Chinese army took responsibility for building a road, Dongling is China's territory, and the construction of roads in China is a common occurrence, it is the work of sovereignty of China and is valid."
He further said, "India has a serious violation of internationally recognized international border by penetrating into China's territory and it is against international law. We will protect our sovereignty at any cost."

Senior Colonel Wu said, "We strongly urge India to recall its troops from the borders of both countries, this is the basis for settling the problem. Peace of security and border areas is in the interest of both Chinese and Indian people. "

He further said, "We firmly urge that India should correct its mistakes and end its incitement and jointly work together with the Chinese side to maintain peace and stability in border areas.”


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