Monday, 17 July 2017

China should be cooperative and competitive with India: Chinese Media

There is now another statement of Chinese media between China and India that has been going on for some time now. Chinese media say that because foreign investment is constantly getting higher and higher from India, it will be tactful and helpful if Chinese administration be in the mode of competition and cooperation with India. At the same time, China should carefully focus on this issue and work on its new development model.
What does the Global Times Say
According to China's official newspaper Global Times, the continued foreign investment in India shows its progress. China should quietly look forward to India's progress and be prepared to compete with it. China should consider the new policy of its development. The article says that through foreign investment, India is removing its problems and it is also successful.

The newspaper wrote that China had also adopted such a policy earlier, now India is also successful in it. If India is untouched by infrastructure first, then it is ending its shortcomings through foreign investment. The Government of India is also making it successful through Make in India. Chinese media has also mentioned the list of all the companies which are investing in India, including some manufacturing companies in China are doing well and getting good response from India. According to the article, it should be noted that what has happened in India and China for the past two decades.

The Standoff for Docmol
Significantly, there is an atmosphere of conflict between India and China on the issue of Docmal. In the meantime, continuous provocative statements from China are coming. Earlier, a government official in China had written directly threatening that before the situation worsened and India had to suffer severe consequences, it should withdraw its troops from Dokalmal. The newspaper writes that Beijing will not make any kind of compromise on its regional sovereignty.

What does the People’s daily Say
People's Daily, considered to be the Chinese government's main paper, has also re-published an editorial on September 22, 1962, on its editorial page. In this article, it has warned India about 'regional provocation'. While China is claiming itself on the dome of India, China and Bhutan, India and Bhutan say that this is part of Bhutan and is disputed.

China interrupting Kashmir

The Chinese Foreign Ministry, while making a mark on Kashmir issue, said that the situation here has drawn attention from the international community. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Jeng Shuang said, "India and Pakistan are important countries of South Asia. Conflicts continue in Kashmir near the Line of Control. This will harm the peace and stability of both the countries. '


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