Monday, 24 July 2017

India conveys its concerns to the world leaders

New Delhi: On the issue of military dispute between India and China in the Triangamam area of ​​India-China and Bhutan, which is part of Sikkim, Indian Foreign Secretary S. Jashankar has given full information to the ambassadors of more than 20 major countries here. It is noteworthy that after giving information to the foreign ambassadors in Beijing about this by the Chinese Foreign Ministry, the Indian Foreign Ministry has also taken steps to get foreign ambassadors into confidence.

National Security Advisor to visit China
It is notable that Ajit Doval will attend China's meeting of National Security Advisers of BRICS countries in Beijing on July 26. Jaishankar is going to China along with him. Diplomatic sources here provided this information. According to a foreign diplomat who was present in this meeting, Jaishankar told the ambassadors that in what circumstances Indian soldiers were sent to Dokalam.

China Breaks Agreement of 2012
According to the diplomat, Jaishankar said that apart from curbing a road construction team of the Chinese army in Dokalm area, India had no choice. In this way, China tried to dissolve the status quo in Trisangam area. In this regard, there was an agreement between the three countries in 2012, but China violated it and tried to ensure its permanent existence by going to Dokmal and to Trisangam area. This move by China creates serious security threats to India, so India has stopped the Chinese troops. The Foreign Secretary also clarified that the Indian Army has gone to protect Bhutan's sovereignty in Bhutan's area. There is a treaty of this effect between India and Bhutan.

Diplomatic negotiations
In a conversation with foreign diplomats, Foreign Secretary expressed confidence that the issue would be resolved with diplomatic dialogue. Foreign diplomats were also told that in the last few years, India China has an atmosphere of peace on the Line of Actual Control and the latest controversy between India and China will also resolve peacefully through talks. Some diplomats also questioned the Dokalm controversy between the two countries. On being asked by Jaishankar that India went to Bhutan's request in Bhutan's area, a diplomat expressed concern about the fact that if China sends its army in the Jammu and Kashmir region on Pakistan’s request, then what would be the situation?

Sushma's Statements Raise many eyebrows

It is notable that in his statement in the Rajya Sabha last week, External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj had claimed that all the countries agree with India's policy on the Dokmal issue. The External Affairs Minister also said in the Parliament that soldiers from both India and China will have to retreat simultaneously from Doklam area. But China had said Sushma's statement as false and said that unless India withdraws its troops unilaterally from Dokalm region, there will be no talks with India.


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