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Life Journey of the showman of the millennium

Raj Kapoor, who is called Showman of Indian Cinema, was a well-known actor, producer and director of Hindi cinema. He has won 3 National Film Awards and 11 Filmfare Awards in his life. Let's get you the biography of the great show Men Rajakpur Sahab.

Early life and background
Raj Kapoor Raj Kappur was born into a Hindu Punjabi family in Pakki Munawwar Shah, Peshawar, presently in Pakistan. Peshawar was a part of India at the time of Raj Kapoor's birth. Raj Kapoor's father's name was Prithviraj Kapoor and the mother's name was Ramasarani Devi. Rajkapura's father Prithviraj Kapoor was also a great actor who is considered as the father of Hindi cinema. Prithviraj Kapoor's father Deewan Baseshwarath Kapoor and grandfather Keshavmal Kapoor were also actors. Kapoor clan that starts with Prithviraj Kapoor, is currently the biggest movie family in Hindi cinema.

Prithviraj Kapoor acted as assistant actor in India's first speaking film, Alam Ara. Prior to this, Prithviraj Kapoor also worked in nine silent films of India. Prithviraj Kapoor's best acting "Sikandar" is considered in the film 1941. In 1944, he founded the Prithvi Theater and in the last days of his life, he had acted in great films such as Mughle-Azam and "Kal Aaj aur Kal". Prithviraj Kapoor had six children, Rajkapura was the eldest. Apart from this, two children died in childhood and three were left alive, namelyShammi Kapoor, Shashi Kapoor and a daughter Urmila. Like Raj Kapoor, Shammi Kapoor and Shashi Kapoor also made their presence felt in films.

Prithvi Raj Kapoor came to India after partition and in 1930, he received his early education from Colonel Brown Cambridge School and St Xavier's Collegiate School in Dehradun. Raj Kapoor had learned Pashto language from his childhood as a child.

Rajkapoor as Child Artist
Raj Kapoor had acted in a play "Mruchatik" at the age of five. At the age of 10, "Inkalab" came to the screen in 1935. This film was the main actor, his father Prithviraj Kapoor and actress Durga Khote. After this, Raj Kapoor also acted in films such as "Gauri" and "After the Earthquake" as a child artist. His father did not want to see him as a child artist, because he feared that in the beginning, due to his acting, he would not get work in films.

Raj Kapoor used to spend most of his time with his father at school, from which he used to work as Clipper Boy or Trolley Puller. Raj Kapoor's father had explained the importance of hard work to his children from the beginning, so he used to behave like a crew member of the film and used to teach him life. Raj Kapoor also worked as a helper with Kedar Sharma. Raj Kapoor also worked as an assistant director for many films of Bombay Talkies, and in this way he started working for both his father's earth theater and Bombay Talkies.

Rajkapoor as Film Assistant
Prithviraj Kapoor used to give his son Raj Kapoor a sum of Rs 201 a month as the assistant. Raj Kapoor has a story behind getting a lead role in his debut film. Raj Kapoor used to do Clapper Boy's work for Kedar Sharma, and Kedar Sharma was making "Vish Kanya" film. In the evening, filming the scene of this film, Rajkpur delayed in reaching it. At that time he had a habit of seeing himself in the glass as soon as he went to the theater and then used to enter the house. On that day Raj Kapoor was delayed due to this act, Kedar Sharma got angry and slapped him. Rajakpur did not react and did not utter a single word.

Kedar Sharma felt very bad about this work and went to Raj Kapoor the next morning and promised him the role of hero in his next film "Nilkamal". When Raj Kapoor offered Raj Kapoor the role of Hero, he cried a lot. When Sharma asked him why he had slapped him at night, why is he weeping now? Rajkapura responded that it was because of crying that a director gave him work, therefore he has no grudge against him. Raj Kapoor played Kedar Sharma's "Neel Kamal" as hero in 1947, in which he had worked with Madhubala. In the same year, he also starred in four films, "Chittoor" Dil Ki Rani and Jail Yatra, which also had his co-star Madhubala.

R.K. Studios Establishment & Films

After this, he founded his own studio R. K. Film in 1948. Whatever he had learned from the Prithvi Theater, he had put all the knowledge in the studio of R. K. Film. Under the banner of R. K. Film, he made his debut film and became the youngest film director from that point of time. The producer of this film, along with direction, he also played the main actor's character. In this film, his co-stars were Nargis, Kamini Kaushal and Premnath. This movie was very successful. After this, in 1949, he had acted in Mehboob Khan's film Andaz, which was his first successful film as an actor. At the end of the year, he released his first successful film Barsaat as producer, director and actor.


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