Monday, 3 July 2017

Modi visits Israel, Signals historic shift in Indo-Israel relations

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi is going to Israel on a three-day visit. He will depart from Delhi to Israel for ten in the morning. He will be the first Indian Prime Minister to visit Israel in the last 70 years. During Modi's visit, India will openly keep its relations with Israel in front of the world.

Modi is the first Indian Prime Minister to visit Israel
Prime Minister Narendra Modi's visit to Israel is going to be historic in many ways. This year 25 years of diplomatic relations between India and Israel are being fulfilled. In these 25 years, Narendra Modi is the first Indian Prime Minister to step on Israeli soil.

India recognized Israel for the first time in 1950, but the formal initiation of diplomatic relations between the two countries was initiated by then Prime Minister PV Narasimha Rao in 1992. In 2003, Jaswant Singh was the first foreign minister, who traveled to Israel and then President Pranab Mukherjee in 2015 as the president of India. Now, for the first time an Indian Prime Minister is all slated to get the welcome at par with American President.

This year, US President Donald Trump went on a trip to Israel. At that time Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu himself reached the airport at the reception of the US President. Likewise, when the greatest Christian pope ever goes to Israel, the Israeli Prime Minister is present at the airport for his reception.

Israeli PM to stay at Modi's reception
The same will be welcomed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. When they step on the Israeli land, then Benjamin Netanyahu will be present at the airport for his reception. Not only that Netanyahu has given the responsibility of Modi's visit to 11 ministers of his government.

Netanyahu addressed Modi as 'My Friend'
Benjamin Netanyahu has announced his coming to Israel in his Cabinet meeting, calling Modi as "my friend". "My friend, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is coming to Israel, this is the historic visit of an Indian Prime Minister in 70 years."

Modi's new start of Indo-Israeli relations
Narendra Modi had earlier gone to Israel in 2006 as Chief Minister of Gujarat. As a party, BJP has always been advocating better relations with Israel. But the relationship between India and Israel has been made by keeping Palestine in mind so far. Israel and Palestine are at draggers drawn. India has been supporting Palestine, that is why India's diplomacy has been in sync with the two countries. So far, any leader who went to Israel from India also went to Palestine, but Modi would also break this tradition.

Former diplomat Anil Trigunyat says, "Now everyone came to know that there is no difference between our relationship with Israel and our support for Palestine and wherever we decide to do any of the international institutions or do so, it will depend on the merit, and not the diplomatic compulsions."

India's ambassador to Israel, Pawan Kapoor, said, "There is a lot going on between these two parts of water, agriculture, science and technology between India and Israel. It is intended to focus on this. "

Israel is the Powerhouse of Technology
Former diplomat Anil Thurguniyat said, "Israel is the powerhouse of technology at the moment, in the highest counter terrorism, cyber security, in water conservation. In all these things, Israel is at the forefront of the world, and our country needs a lot of these things. "

According to experts, there could be a problem for Israel from neighboring Pakistan and China. Modi's visit can be called path breaking, apart from the old Nehruvian policy by sending a message to the whole world that India wants to have good relations with all other countries, but wants to forge better relationship with the United States and its neighbouring countries.
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