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Music World Remembers Mukesh on his Birthday

Singer Mukesh, also called the voice of legendary Raj Kapoor, was a singer whose songs can never be forgotten. Mukesh's name is accompanied with the all time great singers such as M. Rafi, Manna Dey and Kishore Kumar of the Golden Age of Hindi music, who sang many melodious songs. Mukesh was not only known as a singer but also a good man. Here is the biography of the great singer Mukesh.

Early life of Mukesh

Mukesh was born on 22 July, 1923 in a wealthy Mathur family of Delhi. The full name of Mukesh was Mukesh Chandra Mathur whose father's name was Jolar Chandra Mathur and mother's name was Chand Rani. Mukesh was the sixth child of his parents. Mukesh had a passion for music since childhood, so when a music teacher came to his home to teach his sister to music, he used to learn music from the nearby room. After passing 10th, Mukesh left school and in a few days started working in the Public Works Department.

Acting Career of Mukesh

Mukesh came to Mumbai in 1940 to become an actor at the age of seventeen. At that time in Mumbai, his acquaintance was with Motilal and singer Moti Sagar were. In 1941,  with the recommendation of Motilal, Mukesh got the chance to work in the first film "Nirodsh" but the film was not successful. In the film, he sang one song, "Dil Hi Bujha Hua Ho To", which was his first song. But this film did not recognize him as a singer. After this, Mukesh kept acting for three years in Movietone, but in those films, some never got completed and some could not reach at the theatre.

After this he worked in "Dukh Sukho" in 1942, which was his second film, but this was not too successful. After that, in 1943, he played the role of "Aadab Arjun", a female character of a rich family, but this film was also beaten like earlier films. Now he started to realize that he could not be successful as an actor, so he started showing interest in music.

Singing career of Mukesh

Mukesh got an opportunity to enter the world of music in 1945. In the film "Pahli Nazar", he got the opportunity to sing as a playback singer for the first time. In this film, he sang "Dil Jalta Hain To Jalne De", which is still on the lips of the old people. Because of the insistence of Motilal, the hero of this film, Mukesh got a chance to sing, which proved to be a milestone for him. His singing was influenced by Kundanlal Sehgal as prior to Mukesh, Sehgal and Pankaj Malik were the emperors of singing.
Mukesh was a very big fan of singer K. L. Saigal whom he considered his ideal. When K. L. Saigal heard his song, he liked him as a singer. After this, he met Mukesh and welcomed him in the music world. Now musician Naushad Ali helped Mukesh sing singing in his own way so that he could get out of the Sehgal style and make a different image of himself. In 1945, in film Murthy, Mukesh sang a poignant song "Badriya Baras Gayee", which became quite popular. In the beginning, Mukesh sang for Dilip Kumar but later Dilip Kumar chose Mo. Rafi for his voice and Rajakpur chose Mukesh for his voice.

The songs which Mukesh sang for Raj Kapoor, became resounding hits. Raj Kapoor now started giving credit to Mukesh for the success of his films and used to say "Mukesh is my voice and Hasrat Jayapuri and Shankar Jayakishan is my two hands and my unit is my foot, with whom I am here in this world of arts. ". In 1974, Mukesh received the Best Male Playback Singer National Film Award for the first time to sing "Kai bar ye khuda". Mukesh sang about 1300 songs because he believed in quality more than Quantity.

In addition to film and non-film songs, he also sang Urdu, Punjabi and Marathi songs. In the songs of Mukesh, the voices of pain and anguish are seen more. Though in some songs, he has sung the songs of glee too. Mukesh's songs were popular not only in India but also in the whole world. Listeners of Russia heard songs like "Mera Joota hai Japani" and "Awara Hoon" because they were big fans of Raj Kapur.

Personal life & Death

Mukesh commanded domestic felicity in his married life. He was married to Sarlaben in a temple on July 22, 1946 in which Actor Motilal helped them. Mukesh's five sons are Rita, Nitin, Nalini, Mohnish and Namrata, of which Nitin Mukesh is also a good singer and Nitin Mukesh's son Neel Nitin Mukesh is an actor. He died on August 27, 1976 due to a heart attack in the US.  When Mukesh's death reached Rajakpur, he heard this news and went to Chowk. He remained silent for two days and later said "My voice went along with Mukesh." Even after Mukesh's death, songs of some of his films were released.
                                                                                   ----Ashish Jha

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