Monday, 17 July 2017

Netaji did not die in Air Crash-French Media

Paris: So far it was believed that the secret of the death of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose has risen. The way the Indian government made public all documents related to Netaji and it was almost confirmed in that Netaji lost his life in the air crash. But, now the French intelligence report has surprised one and all.

A French intelligence report claimed that Netaji's death had not happened in Plane Crash. Paris historian JBP Moore claims that Netaji has not been killed in the plane crash of Taiwan, but did not know about Netaji's whereabouts until December 1947. After Moore's claim, once again it is clear that France is not ready to accept the claim of being killed in August 18, 1945 in Netaji's plane crash. Tell you that Moore is a professor at the prestigious academic institution of Paris.

Moore says that the French intelligence department believes that Bose did not go to that plane, but he managed to escape from Indo-China. No one knew about their whereabouts until December 11, 1947. It is clear from this that he was somewhere alive till 1947.

Indian Government not Speaking the Truth

Any one claim can be correct—either the French Report is distorted, or the Indian Government has something to hide. Some historians also believe that it was then USSR that gave Netaji capital punishment and informed then Prime Minister, Mr Jawahar Lal Nehru. But, the information did not come to the public domain, due to its perceived repercussions.

Whatever may be the reason of Netaji’s demise, one thing that has become evidently clear is that the new revelation with raise many eyebrows in India.


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