Saturday, 15 July 2017

Nitish Calls meeting of the JDU Legislatures amid unbridgeable crack in Grand Alliance

Nitish Kumar has convened a meeting of the JDU legislature party today at 4 pm at his residence. Though the meeting is said to be about the presidential election, but speculation is rife that he may take a decision on his tainted deputy, Tejashvi.

New Delhi: The feud between the ongoing general elections in Bihar has reached its final round. According to the exclusive information given to a news channel, Lalu and Nitish are no longer in talking term. In such a case, the alliance of the coalition is in the hands of the Congress.

Nitish Kumar may decide today
Nitish Kumar today convened a meeting of the JDU legislature party. However, the meeting is about the presidential election tomorrow, but speculation is being made that Nitish can take a decision on the fate of his deputy in this meeting too.

Nitish's ultimatum is over tomorrow
In fact, on Tuesday, a 4-day ultimatum was given to RJD to decide on the brightness of the JDU. The ultimatum ended only yesterday, but RJD did not give any public clean-up on the stunning nor did they resign. ULTA Lalu Yadav stuck at the resignation of Tejashvi, but according to sources, Nitish Kumar wants his deputy resign.

Congress in the role of referee
According to the sources, Nitish Kumar has conveyed this to the Congress that either Tejashvi should resign or be ready to be axed. That is, the Congress is in the role of the referee and the responsibility of saving the alliance on the shoulders of Congress has come to the fore. Last night, JD-U president Sharad Yadav met Congress President Sonia Gandhi in Delhi. The discussions were held between them for 40 minutes to keep the coalition alive. It is believed that Congress will pursuade Lalu Yadav for the resignation of Tejashvi Yadav. Prior to his resignation, Congress wants Nitish to assure that he should not quit the coalition.

Communicatio Gap between Lalu and Nitish
Due to thetainted Tejashvi, distances between JDU and RJD have increased manifold. According to sources, the direct talk between Lalu and Nitish Kumar has stopped. In a government program yesterday, Tejashvi Yadav had to share the stage with Nitish Kumar, but in the last moment he refused to turn up for the event.

Why the crack in the Grand Alliance
The major reason for the crack in the grand alliance is the allegation of corruption against Laloo Yadav and his entire family. CBI had raided Laloo Yadav's 12 bases on July 7. Lalu, Rabri, Ravi, 8 people including fraud, booked for criminal conspiracy. The matter is related to the railway tender scam. Since Tejashvi Yadav is a minister in the Nitish government and FIR has also been lodged against him, the resignation is being sought.


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