Friday, 21 July 2017

PM Invites Nitish for Dinner, Political heat rises in Bihar

Patna: In celebration of President Pranab Mukherjee's farewell on Saturday, Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar will also attend the dinner organized by Prime Minister Narendra Modi at Hyderabad House in Delhi. The newly elected President Ramnath Kovind, PM Modi's minister and leaders of NDA allies will also be present in this dinner.

In the dinner, leaders of other parties such as BJD and AIADMK have also been invited who have joined Ramnath Kovind in the presidential election. Counting of votes under Thursday's presidential election, in which Kovind won.

Nitish Kumar, who has decided to support former Bihar Governor Ramnath Kovind, has already confirmed that he will be present at his oath-taking ceremony on Tuesday. During these three-days’ stay in Delhi, Nitish Kumar will also meet Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi. The Congress is also a partner in the coalition government in Bihar.

In the presidential election, Nitish Kumar, by supporting the BJP's candidate Ramnath Kovind, instead of Meera Kumar, the candidate of the Opposition, has put an end to its partnership with Congress and its allies RJD.

Nitish Kumar is feeling uneasy with the allegations of corruption against his ally Lalu Yadav's in the Bihar government. The tension is about the major alliance. In the matter of corruption, the Chief Minister has asked Tejashvi Yadav, son of accused Lalu Yadav, to resign from the post of Deputy Chief Minister. Yadav is unhappy with this suggestion. Congress wants to mediate to end the tension in this matter, but the air is not so.

In the current stand of Nitish Kumar, his close associate BJP and Modi are increasingly becoming close to him. Last year, Modi stopped big notes to end corruption. Only Nitish Kumar supported the opposition's move. If Nitish breaks relations with his current colleagues, then BJP has already been offered outside support to Bihar Government from outside.

Nitish Kumar has stressed that his support to Ramnath Kovind is only due to the credibility of this 71-year-old leader. The undisputed neutrality of Kovind was seen as Governor of Bihar during his tenure. Nitish's party has promised to support opposition candidate Gopal Gandhi in the next vice presidential election next month.


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