Monday, 24 July 2017

Ramnath Kovind to be sworn in today as 14th president of India

New Delhi. Today, the newly elected President Ramnath Kovind will be sworn in as the 14th President of India at the 12.15 pm swearing ceremony. The Central Hall of Parliament House has been bedecked like a bride. To attend this function, the Chairman of the Rajya Sabha, the Prime Minister, the Chief Justice of India, the Speaker of the Lok Sabha, the Council of Ministers, the Governor of the Chief Minister, Chief Minister of Diplomatic Missions, the Members of Parliament and Chief Civilian and Military Officers of the Government of India Central Will be gathered in the hall. 

President and newly elected President will be in Central Hall with dignitaries
After taking oath in front of Chief Justice of India, newly elected President will be given a 21-gun salute. After this, the President will deliver the speech. The President will leave for Rashtrapati Bhavan when the ceremony is held at the Presidential Central Hall, where he will be given the guard of honor by all the three organs of the army in the courtyard and the cordial courtesy of the retired President will also be provided.

The President's swearing-in ceremony is as follows:

10:30 am: New President Ramnath Kovind will visit Rajghat from his residence and pay homage to the Father of the Nation, Mahatma Gandhi.
At 11:15 am: Kovind will meet Rajghat directly at the Rashtrapati Bhavan and meet Pranab Mukherjee in the study room, the program will be held at Darbar Hall.
11:45 am: Ramnath Kovind and Pranab Mukherjee, will reach Parliament House via Rajpath.
12:00 pm: The swearing-in program will start.
At 12:05 pm: The Central Hall of Parliament House, Konvind and Pranab Mukherjee will sit on the chair in an adjoining chair.
12:15 pm: Swearing ceremony will be.
12.30 pm: After the swearing, there will be the speech of the new President Kovind at the Central Hall.
01:00 pm: Both Pranab Mukherjee and Kovand will be back from Parliament for the Rashtrapati Bhavan. A grand guard of honor will be held in the Courtyard for Court, under the leadership of President Body.
At 2:15 pm: Ramnath Kovind will leave Pranab Mukherjee along with Finance Minister Arun Jaitley for 10 Rajaji Marg, where the position of both of the two sitting in the car will change. From there, Kovind will return to the Rashtrapati Bhavan.


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