Friday, 14 July 2017

Tejashvi will not Resign-Lalu

Patna: The 'Gump' created for the Presidential election in the Maha coalition of Bihar Government has become more difficult over the resignation of Deputy Chief Minister Tejashvi Prasad Yadav, against whom an FIR has been lodged by the Central Bureau of Investigation.

Meanwhile, RJD supremo Lalu Prasad Yadav, while speaking to the media, said clearly that his son Tejashvi will not resign, as his name has been dragged in trumped-up charges. He further added that as far as the properties of my and my children are concerned, all the information is already in the public domain.

War of Words between RJD & JDU
On Friday, JDU said that if RJD shows its muscles for having 80 MLAs, it should also recall the number of seats that it had in 2010 election. The number of seats is of the coalition, and not the party. We all asked vote for every single constituency and the number is the sum total of the efforts of all the ruling coalition. The spokesman of JDU also said that we have not come to power to rule, rather to serve the people. It will not take more than 5  minutes to resign, we have a long history that shows our conviction, not the greed to remain in power, by any possible means.

What the Charges are
 The case against Lalu and his family is of the year 2004, when he was the railway minister. It is alleged that he was given a license to build two railway hotels for a private company and for this he was given three acres of land in Patna. While JD (U) is determined of 'zero tolerance' on corruption and hence asks resignation of Tejashvi Yadav, RJD keeps on harping on the more number of MLAs that it has.
Nitish Kumar's image is Spotless
Niraj Kumar, spokesperson of JD (U), says, "The image of party president Nitish Kumar is unimaginable due to Zero Tolerance's policy on morality and corruption. There can be no compromise regarding this." He clarified that JD (U) is demanding only the allegations leveled against his colleague for corruption. In such a situation, it is not right to show the fear of 'Babbar Lion' of the numerical group. The mandate has been received on the face of Nitish itself.

By the way, the political image of Nitish is spotless, whereas his family has been paramount in the political decisions of RJD President Lalu Prasad. Nitish has also given an example of the resignation of himself on the Gaisal Rail Accident when he was the central railway minister. He had also asked resignation from Jitan Ram Manjhi and Ramanand Singh.

Anything possible in politics

Political savvy and senior journalist of Patna Surendra Kishore also believes that the 'knot' has become stronger in the ruling coalition, but nothing is impossible in politics. He however said that in today's situation everyone's eyes rest on Nitish Kumar. He said that in the present circumstances, many leaders of the coalition partners of the main coalition are considered as unbreakable, but the situation has reached to a very delicate period.
                                                                                    --Ashish Jha


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