Sunday, 30 July 2017

US must cut 755 Diplomatic Staff: Putin

Russia's President Vladimir Putin has given a stern warning to the United States. In an interview with Russian television, Putin said that 755 diplomats in America would have to leave Russia. In a warning tone, the Russian President said that there could be no improvement in relations with Washington for a long time.

Russia has taken this step after facing stringent sanctions by the United States. Russia's Foreign Ministry had earlier demanded that Washington should reduce the number of diplomats to 455 in Russia in September. Importantly, there is equal number of Russian Diplomats working in US. Putin said in an interview with Rosia-24 Television that more than a thousand people were working and still working in the embassies and consulates of the US.

He said, 755 people must stop their work in Russia. Putin said that there is no hope of any change in Russia's relations with Washington soon. They said, we waited a lot, we expected that the situation would be better.

Putin said, it seems that if relations change, then it will not happen soon. The US Senate approved a bill on Thursday, which is about to ban Russia for alleged involvement in Russia's 2016 presidential elections and to capture Crimea in 2014.

Iran and North Korea are also the targets in the sanctioned bill.


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