Monday, 7 August 2017

81 year old lady develops app

Octogenarian Masako Wakamiya surely knew better than your grandmother as to how to operate computer. Her better understanding of computer is what could have triggered building an app for the iPhone. Yes, at the age of 81 she has developed an App.
Talking to the mediapersons she said, “ at this age you become without job, your husband leaves you, for your family you become outdated and the only thing that remains with you is the negative thinking that makes your life hell and makes living worse with each passing day. But, if you have the juggernaut to create something, you love to get engaged in your own world, you can keep so many negativities at the bay. I was lucky I could invent an app exclusively for the aged”.

Last week, the 81-year-old woman has launched her first mobile app. At the age of 60, she started using computers. She has worked 43 years in a Leading Bank and she was leading an insular life.

In order to honor Hinamatsuri's centuries-old tradition, Wakamiya has created this app for iOS, which will teach people how to prepare and display their traditional dolls for festivals. This app was created with the aim of honoring the centuries-old tradition of Hanamatsuri. This app teaches to prepare the traditional dell display properly for the festival.

The name of this app is Hinadan which is made up of 2 words, hina and dier. Hina means the doll and dan means category or queue. This is a type of game in which the player must place 12 different doles in their respective posts. There will be 4 different categories to keep these dolls. And this game will be completed when you put these dolls in the right place.

For the crafting of this app, this woman has also created a blog which is in both Japanese and English. And in this blog, this lady has shared some clips of this successful journey round and taught people how art can be made with the help of Excel.

You can download this app from the App Store. And if you are curious to know about Wakamiya you can see their TEDx talk, as to how they break the bounds of their age and coordinate with the digital world.


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