Tuesday, 1 August 2017

All that you may want to know about Distance Education

Today every person wants to make his future bright and meaningful. Keeping in mind these needs of career and education, arrangements of alternative or distance education are being developed all over India today. Thanks to this, both earnings and studies have become possible.

In the era of today's competition and inflation, it is very necessary for everyone to earn livelihood and to constantly develop their educational qualifications. Studying in regular classes while making a job becomes almost not possible. There are two means attaining education—formal education and non-formal education. As a means of informal education, today's modern scenario has emerged as a viable alternative to attaining distance education.

Today every person wants to make his future bright and meaningful. Keeping in mind these needs of career and education, arrangements of alternative or distance education are being developed all over India today. With the courses being run by various universities today, both earning and studying have become possible. For correspondence education or distance learning, the learner does not have to take regular classes, and so he can pursue both his career and class simultaneously.

 Today there is no difference in distance learning, Correspondence or Open Learning. In today's era, distance learning is not restricted to postal or course by post only, but it is easily sent online for personal contact, audio-video aids to study materials studied. Today, in many study centers, the candidates learn/solve their queries through conferencing. Apart, tele-counselling is also provided.

In the present age, distance learning is an easy way to increase academic ability. Many times there are some students who can not get regular education due to financial difficulties or for their family reasons. Distance education is a dominant tool for all those students. Through this mode of education, they can complete degree course, diploma, certificate course so on and so forth.

Today the State Education Board and Education Department are going forward to get thousands of students to get the opportunity of distance education through the State Open School on the lines of National Open School. The existence of institutions that have a remote course is also flourishing. Therefore, the information should be sought from institutions providing distance education. Those programs which are filling in the form, if the program is not recognized by the Distance Education Council (DEC), it is useless to enter. In such a conscious manner, get complete knowledge about the recognition of institutes and should do any courses from related universities.

 Therefore, accurate information about these institutions should be obtained in the past. In the field of education, along with regular education centers are now being opened, there is a need to identify institutions that meet the conditions of reliability. The first Open University in India started in Andhra Pradesh in 1982. IGNOU was constituted by the Parliament in 1985. It is the largest open university in the country. At present, there are 11 Open Universities in the country. 64 Universities are proving the meaning of distance education by getting them through different courses through distance learning.


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