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All that you might like to know about Statue of Liberty

The Statue of Liberty is a symbol of freedom. The French people gifted it to America in 1986. So it is a symbol of America and France's friendship. Originally the Statue of Liberty's statue is made of copper. It is located on the Liberty Island in New York City of New York Harbor in the US. There is a magnificent garden all around this statue.

How did the Statue of Liberty Came into Existence ?
America was celebrating its century of independence. In that celebration, the representatives of his friendly country offered to gift the Statue of Liberty. It was the symbol of freedom. But it is said that the US did not say yes completely to take it.  At that time it was likely to cost nearly one million dollars. France was making it and giving it to America. It was made by French sculptor Frederick Auguste Bartholny. Eventually, he started to build it, but in the meantime he had to stop making it. And the construction was stopped for a long time. Probably it was stopped due to lack of money. The New York Governor also frightened in France. Many newspapers had made many comments on it. Many advised to earn money by selling pieces made by them. For some time, the statue made of this statue remained unchanged. Some excerpts were kept in the mails and exhibitions that were being held here.

But then, a magazine New York World publisher Joseph Pulitzer introduced a new initiative to complete this incomplete construction. He established a public fund. Any person could deposit money in this fund. Within a few days many millions of dollars got accumulated. After this the construction work was started. And the milling was completed. At that time, about two and a half million dollars had been spent in this construction. When it was ready, it was brought from France to America in 1885. The station was brought in ISRO ship in 214 boxes in its parts. In America, it was established on an island named Bedlodge. The name of this Bedlodge Island was changed to the 4 July 1886, on the Liberty Island.

Description of the Statue of Liberty
The Statue of Liberty is the statue of a striking woman. This woman represents the Roman goddess Libertus. She has a torch in one hand and a book in the other hand. This book is called Tabula Anas, the book calling for the law. This book explains the independence of America on July 4, 1976. There is a broken chain in the Peru Pero. And there is a spearheaded crown on its head.

The Statue of Liberty's statue is 151 feet tall. It is 305 feet long with its base. Its weight is 4.5 million pounds. This whole statue is made of copper pearl cloth. The thickness of this copper sheet is three and a half inches. This statue has 354 stairs. The length of the right hand raised in the statue is 42 ft. The length of torch caught by this hand is 29.2 ft. There is a book in the left hand of the Statue of Liberty, whose length is 23 ft.

How to go to Statue of Liberty
New York is a state of the United States. The Statue of Liberty is located on the Liberty Island in New York City, New York Harbor. The distance from Liberty Island to New York City is 1. 2 miles. From the nearby cities you can go to the Statue of Liberty by car. If needed, just look at the given map at the end of the page. Take a roadmap of the Statue of Liberty from your city in the map. Print it  and go straight by looking at that printed map. You can also go to the Statue of Liberty from NJ's Liberty State Park. Liberty State Park is on the right side of New York Airport.

By bus, many new cities of America come directly to New York.  This just takes you to a different station. From there you will be able to come by bus, taxi, etc. and then sit in the boat and go to the destination. Hy ship is the nearest Newark Liberty International Airport. Taxi (cab) etc. comes from here. There is a Kempegovda International Airport in Bangalore. Newark airport near the airport is the railroad station named Railroad Station. From there the direct train goes to the World Trade Center and to the Battery Park. You will have to go from the battery park to the boat. It is appropriate for international and foreign tourists to come from the airplane. There is Betrayer and World Trade Center Rail Station by Rail here. Trains are available daily from these railway stations to New York and nearby cities.

Staying arrangement
There are countless hotels available in the vicinity of the Statue of Liberty. These hotels have different rooms with different facilities for different duties. There are also advanced booking arrangements. Just pick the right place to stay.


Be careful, stay in a hotel after full information. And take care of yourself and your belongings at the new place.


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