Tuesday, 1 August 2017

How to Recognise Arthritis?

Joint pain disease is quite common across the world. People have less awareness for this. The majority of Indians are in the grip of this disease. From the village to the city, from the illiterate to literate, there is not a single section of the society that is not in its grip.

Modern lifestyle, no work time, working day in and day out, not paying much attention on physical work, eating unhealthy diet, all these contribute to Arthritis.

Symptoms of Arthritis

About 200 types of arthritis are considered by the doctors. Swelling occurs in joints in any form of arthritis. Due to this inflammation, pain, stiffness and swelling occurs in the joints. If the disease progresses, then it also starts troubles in walking or moving.

In this disease, the joints of body organs begin to grow old as well as grow old. It happens in every person's joints. In this disease, the disorders of cartilages i.e. the tissues that cover the ends of the bones are present. This causes inflammation in them and cartilage of the bones begin to rub together. This happens in the bones of knees, buttocks, fingers and spinal cord. Well, the combination of the cervix, elbows, shoulders and ankles can also be affected by this. These conditions affect the joints in the injury or more work.

Occasionally the pain of body or joints occurs to everyone. In such asituation, the question arises how to identify arthritis. In fact, this disease gradually takes the person in his grip.


How to recognize

Initially there are such pain after doing physical work or exercising. But sometimes there is pain due to arthritis without any reason. Further, there is pain in the joints at some intervals or there is always pain and swelling in them. Then the joints begin to stiffen. Rubbing of bones in the affected joints also brings trash-like sounds.

Initially, treatment of arthritis is completely possible

The lifestyle can be managed by bringing some changes in lifestyle. But when the problem aggravates, then there is a choice of medicines. But when medicines are not talked, then surgery might be the only solution. When the disease progresses at much more advanced stage, the choice of joint replacement can be avoided. Due to lack of awareness about the disease in the country at the initial stage, proper treatment is not possible, as the cases of surgery are increasing rapidly.


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