Saturday, 12 August 2017

Kim Jong will Repent: Trump

North American leader Kim Jong has warned him after US President Donald Trump warned after an attack on the American island Guam in the Pacific Ocean in North Korea. He has said that if he takes any adverse action in any part of the US or any of his associate countries then he will have to truly repent.

 Meanwhile, a top American commander has said that India, North Korea can play a role in ending the crisis. It can help North Korean leadership to explain the severity of the danger being generated from its nuclear programs. Donald Trump warned, "If he (Kim Jong-un) threatens to open it as he and his family have been giving for years, America will take action against Kim Kim," the US said in a statement on missile and nuclear weapons programs. The US had recently proposed to impose economic sanctions on North Korea. After this Kim had threatened a missile attack in Guam this week. Trump warned after Kim's threat.

Trump said, "If Kim does something against Kim or Guam or any other US territory or any ally in America, then he will have to actually regret and will have to repent for the rest of his life." He said that if North Korea takes silly action then nuclear enrichment. The military option is ready against the country. Trump wrote in a tweet, "If North Korea is acting silly, military solutions are completely ready. I hope (North Korean leader Kim Jong will find those other ways. '


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