Sunday, 20 August 2017

Online Degree to be the Norm in Education

The onslaught of online has penetrated almost every section of the society and education is of course not an exception. And why there should be any exception? In fact, the education sector can benefit substantially with the worldwide digitalization.  It seems the world stage is all set to welcome the era that is known as the online degree.
This is a big news for students who want to do online BA, MA. Recently, the UGC has issued guidelines for starting online degree, diploma. It is also being reacted to the general public. With a changing time, a large group reading this type of courses will be able to get benefit. It will be the perfect opportunity for the working people. The good thing is that from the admission to the exam, everything will be online.

NAC should have good grading
The guidelines issued by the UGC say that at least five years old universities will be able to run the online courses. The concerned university should get good grades from NAAC. The big thing here is that universities can start the same curriculum online, which they are running through Regular Class. Before starting the course, the permission from the UGC has to be obtained. It has been said in the draft that its studies will be completely online.

The whole education system will be Hi tech
Under the new system, studies will be done through audio visual medium. Students will need just one computer and internet connection to do the online course. Thus students can sit anywhere and study through audio-visual lectures. The examination of these courses will also be fully online. Students will have to reach the prescribed examination centers in the higher education center to take the exams.

Will get enrolled through registration basis
Online courses will be done through registration basis. Not only this, the students' return will also be matched on the basis of examination. Confirmation from the base will be easy and accurate. Online courses will be conducted in non-technical subjects. Although there is no disturbance in the operation of the course, the UGC will develop a monitoring mechanism.

Boon for the working population
If you are working and wish to do a degree, diploma, then this new system will best serve your purpose. According to the new rules, the University will be able to design and develop the course itself for online programs. Whether they want to do the job for a job or just for the knowledge, both will get the facility. Counseling and fees will also be in online mode.

Online Degree in developed nation

The developed nation of the world has already adopted the mode of online degree and the response of the citizens there has been phenomenal. This course gives the concept of death of distance education, flexibility of time, no less value of the degree in comparison with the degree that is obtained in conventional or offline mode, comparative lower course fee structure and the convenience to pursue the course along with job. If the opinions expressed by the educationists of today are to be believed, online degree will surpass the conventional degree and it will be the only mode of getting degree in the decades to come.
                                                                             ----Ashish Jha


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