Sunday, 6 August 2017

Raksha Bandhan Gift Ideas this year

Raksha Bandhan is the celebration of boundless bond of affinity, affection and bonhomies. The very festival of Rakhi is the testament of protection and to be protected. Sister ties Rakhi on her brother providing the protection for brother. The brother in turn vows to provide protection to his sister.

Though the very ceremony of Raksha bandhan is tying thread only, but this ceremony does follow gift from brother to his beloved sister. Given below are some of the Raksha Bandhan Gifts Ideas that will help you select the one that is best suited for the occasion:

Ø Jewellery: Jewellery happens to be the first love of women, no matter as to in which age group she belongs to. So, if in this year Raksha Bandhan you want to see all-pervading smile on your sister’s face, the surest way is to bring jewellery for her. Mind, jewellery does not necessarily mean hole in your pocket. You can have nice one at pocket-friendly price. Jewelleries are certainly one of the most fabulous Raksha Bandhan gift ideas.

Ø Hand bag: The girls like to have ample collection of handbags. You will never notice a girl telling hand bad is not needed, if you come up with the one that gets her eyes. No matter how rich is her collection of handbags, the one that looks trendy and is visually delectable, will certainly give her a wow feeling! So, getting a hand bag, probably of pink colour or the colour of the choice of your sister may be a sure-fire way to make her cheerful with joy.

Ø Footwear: Footwear also falls in the same category. You may get bored purchasing it too frequently, but you sister may display same degree of happiness each and every time. If you can vividly remember, just try not to repeat the colour or the design she already has in her collection. Anything fresh and fabulous will certainly make her feel ecstatic with joy.

Ø Dress: Yes, imagine the feeling that you will have when you see you sis clad in the dress you had given. The pleasure will be immeasurable, I think. However, the dress for your sis could be a saree, suit, suit peace, kurti, etc. based on that which she wears or loves to wear. You may say to her that you would be happy if she ties you rakhi in the dress that you have given.

The above-mentioned gift ideas include but not limited to the Raksha Bandhan gift ideas.
                                                                           ----Sushmita Jha


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