Saturday, 5 August 2017

Security Council to vote on strict sanctions against North Korea

United Nations: Today the United Nations Security Council will vote on the draft of that proposal in the United States, in which North Korea has been asked to impose strict sanctions. Ambassadors say that this proposed restriction on the export of certain things may result in loss of one billion dollars in annual revenue to North Korea. After a few months of talks with the US, the US has reached an agreement with China to put pressure on North Korea to stop its missile and nuclear tests. China is the main trading partner and affiliate of North Korea.

The ambassadors confirmed that the new restrictions in the Security Council are to be held today at three o'clock in the local time. According to information received from AFP, the proposal calls for a ban on export of fish, seafood and cash, iron, iron ore along with cash-dependent country.

According to an ambassador attached to the talks, if all countries implement this ban, then one-third of the income will be reduced (by $ 3 billion) to North Korea every year. The Ambassador told reporters about the draft that he has "complete confidence" in this matter that China and Russia will support the proposed sanctions.

With the support of its European allies Japan and South Korea, the US is pushing for the United Nations to impose more stringent restrictions in response to the test of its intercontinental ballistic missile on July 4 in North Korea. Upon the passage of this proposal, North Korea will not be able to increase the number of its workers abroad, which will lead to the establishment of new industries and new investments in existing joint ventures.

It has been said in the draft proposal that North Korea is responsible for developing its rare resources in the development of nuclear weapons and for making expensive ballistic missiles. These new restrictions will be the restrictions imposed by the United Nations on North Korea for the first time since the first nuclear test in 2006, for the seventh time so far. However, there was no change in North Korea's behavior with these restrictions.

Under the new proposal, the ships of North Korea who are found to be violating the UN proposals will be barred from entering the ports of all countries. Like China, Russia, who has veto power in the United States, has warned that it will not support such sanctions, which will harm the humanitarian crisis of North Korea.

The US and its allies argue that stringent restrictions are necessary to force North Korea to negotiate for its ban on military programs. Meanwhile, China and Russia said that only restrictions will not change the behavior of North Korea and negotiations are necessary to deal with this problem. On reaching the final stage of the talks in the United States, US Secretary of State Rex Tyleron announced that America does not want the government to change in North Korea and she is keen to negotiate with North Korea.


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