Friday, 18 August 2017

Why Distance Learning Education has become the need of the hour?

Distance learning education is a system of education in which the teacher and the apprentice are not required to be present at the location-specific or time-specific. This system is also generous in relation to the admission norms without compromising the requirements of teaching and teaching, as well as quality requirements along with quality requirements.

Distance learning education system includes open universities, education institutions and universities, and it includes dual system of correspondence courses of traditional universities. This system is extremely important for the quality of rational education for continuous education, capacity-upgradation of serving personnel and in the educationally disadvantaged areas, for the living apprentices.

Characteristics of Distance Learning Education:
• In the distance learning, the student does not have to study regularly in any institute
• The number of classes is fixed for all courses and they are studied at many centers across the country
• Remote education has become easy and relevant due to the Information Revolution and the Internet
• Students can study at home living in any state of the country through visual classroom learning, interactive onsite learning and video conferencing
• Students can create their reading schedule as per their requirements
• Less expensive - fees for distance education are quite low
• Absolute - no limit to the number of students
• You can even pursue the course while doing you job
• Even after getting low marks, admission in the desired course is available
• There is no age barrier for any course
• The most important work in remote education is 'preparation of text'. Teachers do not appear in this. That's why text content itself works as a teacher
• Vocational course and professional courses can also be done through distance education along with the usual course
• Nowadays, through distance learning education, students can pursue courses such as Graduate, MPhil, PhD, Diploma and Certificate
• Recognition: The recognition of the courses done by correspondence is not considered low. These are equally important as the regular course

Role of Distance Learning Education
Sociologists say that the education system is a system of social order. Therefore, it is inevitable that the impact of change in social economic systems is on the education system. Therefore, there are changing environments and requirements in the society in the wake of the emergence of distance learning, especially the free education system. In these requirements, due to globalization, there is a need to provide training, skill development and technical development in education sector. More than this, an alternative was needed in most developed and developing countries, in which the gap between the demand and fulfillment of the learners could be reduced.

Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU)
The establishment of the Indira Gandhi National Open University also resulted in the changing needs of the country and the need to provide higher education in the form of  distance learning system. When Parliamentary Act was passed in 1985 for this, it was intended to promote higher education and promote quality education through techniques. Providing opportunities to the people so that there is no confrontation in education earning was the main motive of establishment of the university. So, in essence, the purpose of IGNOU has been "the democratization of education".

Having a learner-centric and technical system became the key feature and this is the reason that it has achieved world-class status in a few decades. IGNOU is presenting more than 228 programs today, starting in 1987 with only two programs, Diploma in Management and Distance Education. Currently, around 2.8 lakh people are benefitting from higher education through the network of around 3,000 study centers.

Excellence has become a special mark of IGNOU, in which self-made study materials received Excellence Award by the Common Wealth of Learning in 2013 on the basis of quality. In the same way, it is Mega University status based on the prevalence and quality. It has a regional center number of 67 and many centers are also abroad.

Due to experimental and research, IGNOU has executed many programs every effort to achieve many successes. Several related programs are being run in collaboration with Agriculture Universities, Fashion Academy, etc.


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