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Why Tiger Woods is the most successful Golf Player of the World?

Eldrick Tont "Tiger Woods" (born December 30, 1975) is an American professional golfer whose achievements till date make him the most successful golf player of all time. He is the former world number 1 and the world's highest paid professional player, who, according to an estimate, earned $ 9.05 crores in 2010 from wins and advertisements.

Competitions and Achievements

Woods has won 14 major professional golf competitions, the second highest achievement of any male player (Jack Nicklaus is ahead of him with 18 wins) and he is the third player in the world to win 71 PGA Tour events. He won more career PGA Tours than any other active golfer in the account. He is the youngest player to get a career Grand Slam and the youngest and fastest player to win 50 tournaments. Additionally, Woods is the second golfer after Jack Nicklaus, who has achieved the Career Grand Slam three times. Woods has won 16 world golf championships and won one of them each year in the first 11 years after starting in 1999.

American Jr. Golf Association, Player of the Year, 1991-92; Rolex, First Team All American, 1991-92; Golfweek/Titleist, Jr. Golfer of the Year, 1991; named Sportsman of the Year, Sports Illustrated, 1996.
Numero Uno Position in World Ranking
Woods has kept the number one place in the world rankings for the most consecutive weeks and for most of the total weeks. He has been awarded the PGA Player of the Year award ten times. He is the record holder for the minimum adjusted scoring average, and the Byron Nelson Prize in the list of nine different seasons. 

Charges of Infidelity
On December 11, 2009, Woods announced after accepting his infidelity that he would take an indefinite leave from professional golf to focus on his marriage. More than a dozen women have highlighted many of their infidelity through media sources around the world.  After a 20-week break Woods returned to the competition for the 2010 Masters on April 8, 2010.

Woods—The Richest Player
In July 2010 Forbes declared Tiger Woods as the richest player in the world. According to him, his income was $ 10.5 million and according to Sports Illustrated, it was 9.05 million dollars.

On October 31, 2010, Woods lost his No. 1 ranking to Lee Westwood.


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