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Exciting Career Opprtunities in Social Media

If you are too social in the technical world and your liking to social media is tremendous, then you can opt for careers in this field. Companies today are hiring 'social media specialists' who can work on the social site's product launches, communicating with the consumer, and research.

Increasing Craze for the Social Media

Today nearly 50 percent of the world's population is under the age of 30, most of which spend their precious time on social networking sites daily.

LinkedIn is the option

More than 5 million users on LinkedIn have said themselves as social media experts in their profiles, whereas since 2010, there has been a tremendous growth in the social media-related jobs. This can give you an idea of ​​how much career and jobs are in this direction.

Who is Social Media Manager?

A social media manager works to do communication. He looks for the right channel for it, then presents his product in front of people with a meaningful plan. Social Media Manager comes under New Media. It is linked to web journalism.

Social Media Manager's job is to effectively present a brand and educate the Internet users on brand value. The utility of this job does not end there. Social Media Manager is also helpful in Solving Crisis of the brand better, meaning that the work of social media manager is to establish better contacts between the customer and the client.

Social media strategist

Its work is to use the program of social media, through which the marketing campaign can be made more effective. Its job is to monitor website traffic so that it can see the success of the social media campaign. Apart from this, the social media account of the company has to be handled.

Social Media Sales Representative

Its job is to prepare all the clients for the purpose of promoting their product and advertising through social media. This means that they need to be involved in business related to social media marketing business. This is the job of bringing revenues for them. They also have to persuade their clients about the impact of their sales on marketing and advertising on social media, or how many people have recognized their brand with the promotion of social media.


There are three types of jobs in the field of social media in the country now. For these three types of jobs, you must have different abilities and special abilities. In particular, you can work well on sites like Facebook and Twitter so that the company can work better for g brand promotions, product launches and so on. Since this area is quite new, the studies related to this are in very few institutes. Let us know what educational qualification is necessary according to which post.

 Courses running

Given the increasing demand for jobs in the field of social media, many institutes have started courses separately for this purpose. Recently, the Internet and Mobile Association of India, along with VAT Media Pvt. Ltd. has launched India's first social media course. The presentation of a brand on any social networking site can leave both the positive and negative effects on the social media users’ mind. In such a situation, the correct presentation is important for the positive impact of a brand, which can properly present an accomplished and experienced social media manager on that site.

 IIMs and ISBs

Looking at the growing demand of social media specialist in the market, business schools such as IIMs and ISB are preparing courses on social media. At the same time, NIIT Empirea has launched an advanced program on social media marketing.

Find you brand

The name of social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, lives in everyone's mind. In addition, LinkedIn is considered to be better than a business standpoint. Most of the brands will be seen if you go to any of these sites. Social media managers are the most important ones behind the promotion of brands and brands on the social sites, in the effective and formal way of promoting them.

 The job opportunities

As the speed of the use of social media is increasing, the demand for its experts is also increasing. Many new careers have evolved, from which people are still unaware of the large level. In addition to Google, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter for the staff specializing in social media, there are good opportunities for working in different mobile and electronics companies and IT sector.
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Adieu to a playboy

The death of Hugh Hefner is the death of eroticism. His iconic Playboy, that hit the news stands in 1953, completely glorified sexuality. We tend to look at things from the prism of false morality and the Grundyism of our age can never accept the in-your-face nudity. He ridiculed our collective and indoctrinated ethical values and elevated a female figure in its full naked splendour. Detractors may say that he objectified women and relegated them to commodities.

It's an outright mistaken perception. Hefner showed that a woman could be an object of lust and wonder simultaneously. A woman's body is nature's most beautiful creation. Hefner eulogised that creation and tried that we all should also admire this magnificent creation sans the encumbrances of clothes and impediments of faux societal ethos. 

The difference between raw sexuality and creative eroticism is often a bit nebulous. Hefner made no attempt to deify a woman's body because a naked woman needs appreciation of men as well as women, not their deification. His playmates, right from Marilyn Monroe to Erica Simpson, demanded the same spontaneously forcecful admiration from predominantly male gaze. 

When Sherlyn Chopra of India shed her clothes for Playboy's centrespread a couple of years ago, she admitted that she felt an overwhelming sense of freedom and acceptance from the readers, nay viewers. 

Hefner was not a manipulator or an exploiter of women. He was their catalyst to catapult to stardom. Many Playboy playmates went on to become famous models. In other words, he provided a launching pad to them. To judge a feminine figure, one doesn't just need a pair of eyes, but also an inner sense of aesthetic evaluation. He assessed a woman with that innate aestheticism and that's the reason, even bawdier magazines like Penthouseand Hustler couldn't present their women with such naked aplomb. 

This was his greatest legacy and the best quality that Hefner had. His own undiminished sexuality and indefatigable virility lent a dash of sexual adventurism to the magazine which's still read and viewed by innumerable connoisseurs. 

Mind you, his magazine was not all about female sexuality. There're other features as well which are far removed from sex and so-called 'vulgarity.'

Who can forget Playboy's famous and most perspicuous interviews which enthralled cerebral readers over the years? In December 1966, Playboy'syearly issue carried American non-white novelist James Baldwin's long and perceptive interview which's considered to be one of the finest creative interviews of all time.

There were also famous Playboy jokes, which're racy, raunchy and readable every time they appeared in its jokes section. 

Alas, the Indians could never find this magazines in this country but people like yours truly still managed to get smuggled copies of it. 

We, the lovers of feminine beauty, will always remember the man with respect and doff our hats to his gumption for being an unabashed admirer of explosive female form.

Au revoir, Hugh Hefner. We'll sorely miss you.
                                                                                     ---Sumit Paulpaul

Career in Aircraft Engineering

The aviation industry is the fastest growing sector in the world. There are wide scope of employment in aircraft maintenance. At present, around five lakh passenger and cargo aircraft, apart from 40 lakh small private aircraft used for business and personal work, are being used worldwide.

In this case India is also involved in rapidly developing neighbors, where there has been a tremendous increase in the field of citizen aviation. The aviation industry consists of two major branches: Flying Branch and Maintenance Branch. The responsibility of the maintenance of the aircraft is the responsibility of the engineer of the aircraft department.

Nature of Work

Aircraft Maintenance Engineer has a large role in keeping an aircraft flying. Responsibility for the repair, maintenance and control of the instrumentation and other related parts of the aircraft depends on the person entrusted with the responsibility for aircraft maintenance. He also examines aircraft engines and continuous working spares. Apart from this, in the field of aircraft engineering, designing, construction of aircraft and their maintenance, apart from Navigational Guidance, Instrumentation, Hydraulic and Notification, Engine and Fuel System, Control and Communication System. Aircraft mechanic has to work in a variety of different planes. The training of electrical systems, inspections and air conditioning mechanisms is also given to these mechanics to increase the capacity of aircraft. Aircraft mechanics work under two types of operation.

Line maintenance mechanics

- Line maintenance mechanics can work on any related parts of aircraft.
- Emergency or repairing work at the airport at the time of need
- Flight 'take-off time' inspection work as per the engineer's instructions

Overhaul mechanics

- After the flight of the aircraft is over, their routine maintenance work is done in supervision of mechanics.
- Aircraft airframe mechanic is responsible for the airframe and repair of aircraft.
- While working on the engine of the aircraft power plant mechanic aircraft.


After studying with science stream (with physics, chemistry and mathematics) in XII, the candidates can sit in its entrance exam. Candidates can get a job in this area after admission to the four-year Aerospace Engineer Course. To get entry-level jobs, work can be done from Bachelor Engineering (BE) degree, whereas it is mandatory to master or doctoral degree to reach higher positions.

Eligibility for admission to AME course

- In the 12th, the total aggregate of physics, chemistry and math should be 50 percent
- Or a 3-year diploma from any engineering department
- After graduating with B.Sc in Pharmacy, Chemistry and Mathematics after 12th standard, it is necessary to get a license from the Civil Aviation Director General (DGCA) to get jobs in any post in the field of aircrafts

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering License

It is very necessary to obtain a license from the DGCA to come to India in the field of Aircraft Maintenance Engineering. In this direction, the Associate Membership Examination issued by the Aeronautical Society of India has to be present in the certification. After successfully passing the exam, the candidates can enroll in any institute certified by the DGCA. This is just because training is given for the most important membership exam in those same institutions. DGCA will issue you AME license after passing in the International Examination section A and B. Age limit has been fixed for 23 years, but graduates in engineering and science can get some discounts.

Prominent AME Colleges in India

- Indian Institute of Aircraft Engineering, Delhi
- Rajiv Gandhi Aviation Academy, Bowenpally, Secunderabad
- Hyderabad (AP) Institute of Aircraft Maintenance Engineering, Gautam Nagar, Secunderabad
- Bengaluru Hindustan Aviation Academy, Chinnappanahalli, Bengaluru
- Center of Civil Aviation Training, Delhi
- Hindustan Institute of Engineering Technology, GST Road, St. Thomas Mount, Chennai
- Aeronautical Training Institute, Lucknow

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Career in Film Making

The cinema is considered to be one of the finest arts of this time. Its area of ​​influence is very large. Today, the cinema is performing its role as a career for social and cultural change. It has tremendous strength to change the lives of the people associated with it.

Film making is the art of telling story by a picture. It is often seen in film making that even people without training are working better. James Cameron, who made a great film like Titanic, never went to the film school. Imtiaz Ali did not take any training in film making in India. He was a fashion designer by profession. Madhur Bhandarkar used to run a video library. Boman Irani did not take any training for acting. He was a photographer in Chennai. At the age of 42, he started his film career.

Film-making is in fact an art. If you have this training, then your technical side can be very strong. There are plenty of possibilities in the film industry in terms of career.

What is film making?

There is a camera that shoots the film. There is a script in the film making, there are characters, there is a story, every story has a language.  Every film has its own countryside, there are scenes, sounds are matched with scenes, there are special effects. And there is song-music. Creativity and technology is a unique combination of films. Today, new techniques are being used in the films. There are many types of films in today's industry, such as digital film, 3D movie etc. Every movie is tested before it is released. After this the viewers gives their feedback. There is a special thing with movies, feedback like the different media of communication does not always determine the quality of the film.


Most postgraduate courses are taught in film making. Many institutes also offer courses at the Bachelor level. The minimum qualification for enrolling in the Bachelor course is twelfth. At the same time, it is necessary to have a graduate degree with minimum 40 per cent marks for a postgraduate course. To get admission in sound editing and some other technical courses, graduate from science background is a must.

Here are the opportunities


Screenplay is the phase after the idea and the development of the story. Based on this, the film goes. The script of the story is prepared by the screenwriter / director. Actually the script is not one, many, in which scripts are prepared according to the requirements of all the necessary people, including camera personalities and actors.

The script of a film tends to change as and when the situation of the circumstance necessitates it. Director happens to be the captain of a film-making. He enjoys the discretion to make as many alterations in the script as he thinks will do the justice to the film. He is the one who is entrusted with the responsibility of taking best out of his crew members, put songs between the scenes, create visual effects as and when necessary, make best use of the talents of the actors and create a film that could prove to be fresh, amusing and amazing for the target audiences.


Directing in films is a multitasking. From a film script to the presentation of the dialogues and the combination of the camera, a director has to decide each and every thing that comes in the process of film making. In order to make a career in film direction, skill is achieved in all the genres of films with a degree.


The work associated with the film shot is called cinematography. Cinematography consists of three shots and two movements fundamentally. The shot is close up, mid and long, while movement pan and tilt. These shots and movements are grammar of the film. They have a very strong role in generating meaning. Cinematographer's professional course is done in many prestigious institutions including FTII. You can give your career a new place by taking a degree from there.


There is a combination of different types of people in music. In the film music, the lyricist, musician or music director, singer, record manager (sound manager), is the main role of the sound editor. The song makes a good combination of all of these. The first musician or music director used to record the singer with the orchestral, but now the process has changed completely. Now the singer sings RAW Song (raw song), Music Recordist, Musician / Music Director and Sound Editor composing the song together. There is a lot of demand for creative and multitalented people in this field.


Choreography is of particular importance in Bollywood movies. Traditionally, the skillful people of different types of classical dance were choreographers, but after the arrival of Western dance arts, aerobics, the films expanded its form. Nowadays, artists who combine different types of dance styles together are successful in this. There is always a challenge to do something new in this area.

Video Editing

There is work related to video editing multimedia. Nowadays, science fiction has increased the trend of movies, cartoon films. It has worked to add aspects like graphic designing, cartoonist, art direction in video editing. Now the practice of making films without the help of cartoons of cast has increased. There is also a lot of demand for multi-talented and creative people in this field. You can make a career in this field by taking training in multimedia and video editing.

Background sound

Background sound and dubbing are part of background score. The movie promo often shows a background score. It is purely part of film editing. The task of connecting lateral sounds, dialogues and various types of sound effects is called dubbing. The dialogues are made by a dub actor, actress or voice over artist. The print of the movie is prepared after the dubbing and background score, it is called a meridial print. You can get employment as a bankroll scorer, dubbing or voice over artist in movies.

Distribution and promotion

Movies in India are sold without sight. This does not happen in any industry around the world. Films are sold on the basis of synopsis and casting. Film financiers (producers) and distributors, after considering these above things, decide how many songs will be in the film. The role of these two often affects the director's hypothesis. There is also a need to manipulate the selection of actors several times. After the production of films, the second big expenditure is on their promotion. Promotion of films is an advertisement of films in a way. The Ad which is advertised for promotion is called a movie promo. For the work of distribution and promotion, a lot of money is needed. There is also a lot of risk in this work. It's a business like this. If you have a better understanding of the economics of films then the film can make a career as a Strategist, Counselor, Analyst, etc.

Film Reviews

In the review, the story of the film is summarized briefly. This prevents the original curiosity of the film from the viewer. This is the same way, as if you meet a stranger for the first time only after asking the name and start talking to him. The essence of technique and imagination is to create movies. Film review gives information about film production. As a film critic, you can get a job in production company, media institutions and the likes.


Different areas get different salaries for this work. At the beginning level, salary for any work associated with the film is 15 to 20 thousand rupees. Once in this area, if you are established, then there is no limit to income.

Available course

- Post Graduate Program in Cinema
- Post Graduate Diploma in Direction
- Post Graduate Diploma in Cinematography
- Post Graduate Diploma in Sound Recording and Sound Design
- Post Graduate Diploma in Editing
- Post Graduate Diploma in Art Direction and Production Design
- Certificate Course in Screenplay Writing
- Diploma in video production
- Bachelor of Film Technology, etc.

Available institutions

- Film and Television Institute of India (FTII), Pune
- Satyajit Ray Film and Television Institute, Kolkata
- Whistling Woods International, Mumbai
- Asian Academy of Film and Television, Noida
- SRM Shivaji Ganesan Film Institute, Chennai

- G Institute of Media Arts, Mumbai

Significance of Diwali in Today's Time

All festivals, esp. the festivals of Hindus, have an underlying symbolical meaning and connotation. Though it sounds pretty frivolous to associate festivals with specific man-made faiths, there's no denying the fact that Hindu festivals have deeper emblematic ramifications and manifestations. Dr Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan called this, ' Positive hydra-headed moments of joy and mirth.' Every festival has this streak and spirit of merriment embedded in its bowels. 

Two festivals of Hindus that vindicate the spirit of boundless happiness and auspicious aura are Holi and Deepavali.

Deepavali carries even more significance in the sense that it's a crystal clear symbol of light/brightness/goodness triumphing over the Stygian darkness of evil:

Prakasham parabhootam timiraachhanam iti devanaam vadanti (When light eclipses darkness, divine effulgence spreads in all directions).

Deepavali is goodness triumphing over all that's bad, undesirable and negative. A section of readers may be aware or some may even be astonished to know that the earliest 'Diwali', in its other avatar/s, predating symbolical connotation of present-day Deepavali, came into being even before Vedic Hinduism.

There're hoary old texts in Prakrit, a language some opine existed before Sanskrit, available at Poona's BORI (Bhandarkar Oriental Research Institute) which suggest that Mahavir's enlightenment (deepam mandam jwalant pragya rit, prakasham chahun disham) made the world rejoice in enlightened brightness. Classical Jainagams (Jain texts) call Deepavali, a festival of individual enlightenment and associate it with teerthankars or evolved souls; so it has a Jain origin!!

Whatever may have been the reason of Deepavali coming into the lives of our ancestors, one thing must be remembered that the coruscating power of wisdom, the brightness of goodness, the sparkling glory of beauty and the light of all that has been good in human consciousness were enshrined into this magnificent festival that is aptly called 'Festival of lights' (jashn-e-charaaghan/shab-e-charaanghan).

The enlightened Mughal prince Dara Shikoh wrote in his Persian treatise (he later translated that into his impeccable Sanskrit):

Choon adaz iften az-gizaaf ifn-unsiyaat-e-shab roshan 

(Who'll not fall in love with the divine light of lamps embellishing the night of glorious brightness?).

He elsewhere said, 'Shee astam mee nizaaf-e-bahisht/ Goyam mein aftaabam behar na 'eest' (I've not seen the brightness of heaven/But I dare say, it can't be better than the light ensued by scores of lamps on the night ofjashn-e-chaaraghan). Some scholars and historians like Muhammad Mujeeb, Gooch and Collingwood believe that this Hindu-inclined statement angered his fanatic brother Aurangzeb so much that he decided to eliminate Dara, also refer to Askari's 'Mughal Saga', 1953, Patna: Khudabakhsh Library, Ashok Raajpath) 

Let's celebrate this brightness and pure light by evolving ourselves to the point of having no darkness and prejudice even in the hidden crevices of our existence. This is the pledge we must take on the forthcoming Deepavali and also on subsequent Diwalis.

'Aao karein roshni ki hi baatein/Zulmaat se thak gaya hai insaan'

(Let's talk only about light/Man has had enough of darkness).

Urdu poet Sahir penned Deepavali so beautifully:

'Roshni se roshni badhaein/Taqayamat Diwali manayein'

(Let light enhance lights/May we be able to celebrate Deepavali till the Doomsday)

Diwali greetings and messages for your friends and family:    
·       May the beauty of Deepawali fill your home with abundance of everything that you desire and the very festival of light can prove to be a harbinger of joy and prosperity for the coming year
  • ·       A festival that symbolizes enlightenment

         Paves the Way for Progress
         And makes a heart full of ecstasy
 May this Diwali be the dawn of heyday for the rest of your life
Wishing you and your family A Very Happy Diwali!

  • ·       Diwali is the darling day for all of us

       As we enjoy the entire day with delight from dawn to dusk
        As we know that when the darkness creeps in, we have
        The all pervading illuminating lights that make us ecstatic
        With boundless of joy and the pleasure that is all-pervading and                     contagious

      Happy Diwali to You All

Happy Diwali to all the readers. May they enjoy it to the hilt and spread light of universal bonhomie everywhere. We need this all the more in these benighted times when the whole world is in the throes of pains, sufferings, intolerance and scourge of violence. 
                                                          ---Sumit Paulpaul

Wednesday, 27 September 2017

How to Insure the Safety of our Children?

These days, most of the world's parents, including India, feel concerned about the safety of their children and they are desperate to know as to how to insure the safety of their children. On one side, the 'Blue Whale' is ready to take their children into the lap of death and on the other hand, forget about schools or hostels, children are not completely safe even in their emotional headquarters, i.e.  their house. There they are constantly being exploited. In such a case, the question arises as to what can the poor parents do to ensure the safety and security of their children?

Such incidents are enough to scare the heart of every parent, who are worried on how to insure the safety of children. I do not understand as to in what world we have come in, where the game has become the most dominant source of ending life, thanks to the evil heads to the technology of today, we feel proud of. The gadgets of today have become the most formidable weapons of today for the goons. They use it, program it, to take the lives of the innocent people, the children being the hardest hit. In fact, compassion and empathy have become the words of yore. And for the hapless parents, nothing seems to work out except the knowledge of these gadgets, technologies, the ill use of those can take away the lives of their darling children.

After all, every time parent can not keep track of their children; nor can they keep their children in captivity in the house by snatching Internet, mobile phones or other such technical gadgets. In today's era these two things can prove to be an obstacle in their personality development. It is thus important that parents keep themselves up-to-date with all the information that is necessary for their children's safety and security. Parents should know as to which sites their children are visiting frequently or are talking about more often. I think it is one of the most important measures on how to insure the safety of children.

So far, 19 cases of suicides have been reported in India due to the deadly Blue Whale game. This game has taken lives of 200 innocent children worldwide. According to cyber experts, teenaged children are being affected mostly by this game. If the opinions of the doctors are to be believed, this game makes prey to those children who are mental, in depression or live lonely.

Government seems to wake up from slumber

In view of the panic and rising issues of the Blue Whale Game, a petition has been filed in the Supreme Court demanding a blanket ban on the use of this deadly game. The petitioner argued before the court that the game is a big threat for the safety and well-being of the next generation and if the use of this game continues, we will not be able to ensure the safety of our children. In view of these petitions, the Union Information and Broadcasting Ministry has requested all social sites like Facebook, What's App, Tweeter to block all types of information and news related to such games on their pages. The CBSE has also issued instructions to all private schools in the country to block such unmanaged sites in their own right. The government has also decided to run a public awareness campaign in this direction and educate parents on how to ensure safety of our children.

Those parents whose children live with them, have started putting more attention on the activities of their children. But, the parents whose children live in boarding schools, lose their sleeps thinking about the safety of their children. What is the reason the renowned schools of the country, claiming to adopt various amenities and security arrangements, are not able to stop themselves from having such incidents taking place too frequently?  After almost every such incident, many guidelines are issued by the CBSE regarding the safety of children studying in these schools. But, the promises of these schools do not go beyond papers.

Some of the must-comply guidelines made by the CBSE for the private schools are given below:

- CCTV cameras will be installed in all the major places, such as Classroom, Gallery, Gate, Rest room etc., which are within the premises of the school
- The police verification of all the teachers and staff in the schools is a must
- List of contact numbers of all the employees, including the school principal and the director, should also be accessible to the parents along with the local police station

-The school guard must have a safety alarm

- There should be at least five gates in each school, two of which should open in general and all the gate in emergencies

- Schools have to be fixed to a certain standard height

- At the time of the school closure, there are at least two guards’ duty in the night
- In addition to displaying every information of the school on the notice board, every guardian should also be informed through an email

- There should be parent-teacher meeting once a month, in which parents will be entitled to know about their children's education and other activities. School administration can not shrug off its responsibility

Guidelines for the School Buses

- On the 'School Bus' and the name of the organization, root number, stoppage name, vehicle model driver and operator's telephone number should be written on buses

- The bus should not stop before the scheduled stoppage, not it should go ahead

- The windows of the buses should be above the heads of children

 - In buses, essentially the first aid box, fire fighting machine, speed governor, window lattice, door lock, CCTV camera, seat bag and emergency exit should be there

-All buses should be licensed, with required permit, motor vehicle tax, insurance, etc.

In spite of all these guidelines, the truth is that they are hardly being followed in any school. There is also no competent institution in our country that can monitor compliance with these instructions. Parents also do not raise any questions even after knowing everything; may be because of the fear that any questioning on the style of functioning of the school, may be detrimental for the career of their children.

Time to Wake Up

For the past several years, we are getting to see, hear or read many such events. If we still do not renounce the tendency to procrastinate, we may have to pay heavy price in the form of the loss of lives for our own children. The time has come to make concerted effort, to raise our voice in cohesion, demand iron-clad guaranty for the safety and security of our children. Mind, preventive action is the best action, if you want to insure the safety of your children.

  Apart from this, parents should also keep an eye on each of their children's activities. Talk to each other openly. Spend more time with them. Keep track of what they are doing, where are they going, what people they are meeting with. Most importantly, listen to them. They may be in some trouble and want to tell you. May be his/her  changing attitude has tried to tell you, but your attention has not gone that way. Remember your alertness and caution is your child's biggest safety major, if you want to insure the safety of your children.

It is important to know here that the above-mentioned measures include, but not limited to the measures on how to insure the safety of children.
                                                              ---Rachna                                                                             Priyadarshini