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Exciting Career Opprtunities in Social Media

If you are too social in the technical world and your liking to social media is tremendous, then you can opt for careers in this field. Companies today are hiring 'social media specialists' who can work on the social site's product launches, communicating with the consumer, and research.

Increasing Craze for the Social Media

Today nearly 50 percent of the world's population is under the age of 30, most of which spend their precious time on social networking sites daily.

LinkedIn is the option

More than 5 million users on LinkedIn have said themselves as social media experts in their profiles, whereas since 2010, there has been a tremendous growth in the social media-related jobs. This can give you an idea of ​​how much career and jobs are in this direction.

Who is Social Media Manager?

A social media manager works to do communication. He looks for the right channel for it, then presents his product in front of people with a meaningful plan. Social Media Manager comes under New Media. It is linked to web journalism.

Social Media Manager's job is to effectively present a brand and educate the Internet users on brand value. The utility of this job does not end there. Social Media Manager is also helpful in Solving Crisis of the brand better, meaning that the work of social media manager is to establish better contacts between the customer and the client.

Social media strategist

Its work is to use the program of social media, through which the marketing campaign can be made more effective. Its job is to monitor website traffic so that it can see the success of the social media campaign. Apart from this, the social media account of the company has to be handled.

Social Media Sales Representative

Its job is to prepare all the clients for the purpose of promoting their product and advertising through social media. This means that they need to be involved in business related to social media marketing business. This is the job of bringing revenues for them. They also have to persuade their clients about the impact of their sales on marketing and advertising on social media, or how many people have recognized their brand with the promotion of social media.


There are three types of jobs in the field of social media in the country now. For these three types of jobs, you must have different abilities and special abilities. In particular, you can work well on sites like Facebook and Twitter so that the company can work better for g brand promotions, product launches and so on. Since this area is quite new, the studies related to this are in very few institutes. Let us know what educational qualification is necessary according to which post.

 Courses running

Given the increasing demand for jobs in the field of social media, many institutes have started courses separately for this purpose. Recently, the Internet and Mobile Association of India, along with VAT Media Pvt. Ltd. has launched India's first social media course. The presentation of a brand on any social networking site can leave both the positive and negative effects on the social media users’ mind. In such a situation, the correct presentation is important for the positive impact of a brand, which can properly present an accomplished and experienced social media manager on that site.

 IIMs and ISBs

Looking at the growing demand of social media specialist in the market, business schools such as IIMs and ISB are preparing courses on social media. At the same time, NIIT Empirea has launched an advanced program on social media marketing.

Find you brand

The name of social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, lives in everyone's mind. In addition, LinkedIn is considered to be better than a business standpoint. Most of the brands will be seen if you go to any of these sites. Social media managers are the most important ones behind the promotion of brands and brands on the social sites, in the effective and formal way of promoting them.

 The job opportunities

As the speed of the use of social media is increasing, the demand for its experts is also increasing. Many new careers have evolved, from which people are still unaware of the large level. In addition to Google, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter for the staff specializing in social media, there are good opportunities for working in different mobile and electronics companies and IT sector.
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